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BOLUS: Beware Of Loose, Unsupervised Snacks.

I graze.  I’m a grazer.  Visually speaking, my food choices are spread out over a gigantic field and I run through, grabbing bites here and there and never properly taking amounts or serving sizes into account.

“How many grapes did I just eat,” is a common, whispered question.  “Did I bolus for that protein bar?” is another one.  “Hey, I only had eggs and not toast – how many carbs did I bolus for, and what needs to be consumed now so I don’t hit the deck?”

I am good at going through the motions of diabetes management, but I have been slacking on minding the minutiae of late.  I don’t sit down to formal meals throughout the day (schedules are nonexistent at the moment), so keeping track of the food I’m eating has been a challenge.  Grazing makes for dodgy carb counting.

I need to mind my B.O.L.U.S:

Must Beware of Loose, Unsupervised Snacks!  When carbs are roaming around unsupervised and unbolused-for (terrible grammar, worse when spellcheck changes it to “unbloused-for”), blood sugars go high and stay there because I’m chasing my insulin-tail or I go low because I’m over-estimating.  Insulin is potent stuff, and SWAG’ing it makes for Ms and Ws on my Dexcom graph.  If I can just pay-the-fuck-attention to what I’m eating, I’ll have fewer frustrating results.  Right? RIGHT??

The more I mind what I’m eating, the more even my blood sugars will be.

Now let’s see how that theory shakes out, as I attempt it for the 10,000th time since diagnosis.

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  1. Chris #

    You defnintely are not alone in this!

    08/22/14; 10:00 am
  2. Ohhh…I need to print that out and stick it to the fridge and the pantry and wherever there’s food…I’m also a grazer and that makes it so difficult to hand out my meal “schedule” to my CDE

    08/22/14; 10:14 am
  3. This is such a great post, Kerri! I’ve been slacking on this for so long, and it’s one of my biggest challenges. Big reason my nighttime, and morning BGs are so often all over the map. I’ve started trying to go more low-carb, in part just to get away from the swings — but I feel a little like I’m trying to sidestep the discipline of BOLUS. Totally a work in progress, like everything. 🙂

    08/22/14; 11:15 am
  4. Katie S #

    I hear you! It’s so simple if you just pay attention right? Lol or not…

    08/22/14; 1:12 pm
  5. Honestly, I don’t know how you do as much as you do without this being a problem all the time. Good reminder for all of us, regardless of how busy we are.

    08/22/14; 2:06 pm
  6. ria #

    I am part of the “grabbing bites here and there” club
    My choice is still MDI’s for various reasons
    it stretches and challenges the imagination to stay low carb, and lots of finger poke testing in between grazing

    08/22/14; 2:37 pm
  7. For the past year I’ve made myself keep a journal where I write down every bg test result, insulin injection (MDI) and every bite that I eat. I write it as I do it because I don’t trust my memory anymore. It’s been very eye opening to read a day later, a week later and much easier for me to connect the dots between test results, what I’ve eaten and when. After 59 years of a lot of guessing, I now have a better understanding of what works for me. BTW, I’m very busy with my own small business but I’ve found this is worth taking the time to do.

    08/22/14; 9:16 pm
  8. “How many grapes did I just eat.” That made me laugh out loud. I am with you in this club. I even got an insulin pump to make bolusing for snacks easier. Who wants to pull out a syringe and give themselves a shot for 19 grams of carbs? But, I still forget to bolus for snacks. I’m printing out your acronym and posting it in the house. BOLUS. Thank you!

    08/25/14; 12:31 pm
  9. Martha #

    The snack thing gets so tricky. I feel like even when I bolus exactly what the stated carb amount is for everything I eat, there’s often a point at which it all catches up with me blood sugar wise and I have no idea what’s going on and how to avoid the crazy highs or lows next time. But being a robot and eating the same thing every day is not all that fun either.

    08/25/14; 2:43 pm
  10. Friggen Brilliant. Now if I can tattoo the acronym to my kids wrists so they see it every time they mindlessly pick up some edible item that would be fabulous.

    10/19/17; 10:16 am

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