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Itch, Please.

I’m allergic to this poison sumac stuff.  Highly.  While Chris can walk around in the woods out back and pick bouquets of poison sumac without issue, I end up with an itchy plague just thinking about it.  Even if I have a full hazmat suit on, I can’t go near the stuff without catching hell.

So I can’t remove it from our yard, but I can’t entirely avoid it because it’s invaded our way-backyard to the point of no return.

I have to approach it with care.

It’s not a huge deal unless I forget it’s there.  When I ignore it or forget about it, I end up covered in the oozing, itchy hives that last for days and cause significant discomfort.  If I go into the woods without thinking ahead, I don’t regret it right away, but a few hours later, I’m riddled with a rash of regret.

… kind of like diabetes.

Which would make my endocrinologist or certified diabetes educator kind of like a landscaper.  They’ve really grown on me, though.  They do so mulch for me, especially when diabetes burnout is in full bloom.  I really dig them.


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  1. ria #

    growing up in N Cal. we had poison oak.
    I took anti poison oak medication and injections for years. I once ended up hospitalized at age 8 so I could be sedated enough so I wouldn’t scratch violently making the sores worse.
    I think the medication may have helped me as well as maybe “outgrowing” the severity of it.
    I am still very careful outdoors living in NE Wis. and actually have a photo magnet held on my fridge with leaves of poison oak, ivy, and sumac.

    08/21/14; 12:38 pm
  2. They sound just wonderful (the endo, the CDE, and Chris. Not the poison sumac).

    I hope they never leaf you.

    08/21/14; 2:01 pm
  3. Jillian #

    Thank you for so many wonderful puns. SO MANY!

    08/21/14; 8:06 pm
  4. Jim #

    OMG – No fair. No leaves of three. How can something so innocuous-looking, be so harmful….Thanks for the heads up!!


    08/21/14; 9:58 pm
  5. Charity #

    As soon as possible after exposure, change clothes and wash with cool water and laundry soap. The sooner you get the “poisonous” oil off your skin – the better. The cool water prevents your pores from opening up and letting the oil in further. It may not completely prevent a reaction but it might help! And let Chris toss your clothes into the washer – the oil is easily transferred!

    08/21/14; 10:26 pm

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