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Advocacy: Do It with Flair.

From @sixuntilme, after watching some of DarthSkeptic’s Tweets correcting diabetes misinformation fly by in my feed (thanks to @txtingmypancreas for highlighting):  “Why did you decide to take this wickedly funny high road?”

From @darthskeptic:  “It was partially based on frustration and partially based on ‘TheoryFail’ and ‘TakeThatDarwin‘ addressing and mocking people ignorant about basic science.”

Whatever the reason, I love seeing people who are tagging their desserts as #diabetes on Twitter being served up some education by @darthskeptic. Some examples:

And my favorite:

Carry on, @darthskeptic. Carry on.

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  1. darthskeptic #

    The carb counts are guesses based on a nearlifetime experience of type 1. They may be inaccurate.

    08/17/14; 5:44 pm
  2. I feel the need to enjoy some cupcakes and share my enjoyment on social media with hashtag power (and dose accordingly, of course).

    08/18/14; 9:11 am
  3. elsiroomom #

    rushing to follow darthskeptic. He/she has taken on a mission that I have long considered for myself. #offthehook #godarth!

    08/18/14; 6:00 pm

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