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If I Were Ever …

If I were ever Gretel, finding home would be a snap
A trail of bloody test strips mark my way across a map.

If I were ever Batman and in need of a grappling hook,
The most-used lancet in my bag would do the trick to catch the crook.

If I were ever Superman, and lows my kryptonite,
A jar of cherry Glucolift would save me from my plight.

If I were ever Katniss, my District would go “Whoa,”
Because The Hunger Games have nothing on a meter reading “LOW.”

If I were ever Mario, I’d find all my 1 Ups
At the bottom of a juicebox or a kid’s juice sippy cup.

If I were ever Vader, I’d embrace the ol’ Dark Side
Because in robes like that it’s easy to make my Dexcom sensor hide.

If I were ever Walter White, I’d wear diabetic socks
So only my feet would have the ‘betes while I’d be the one who knocks.

If I were ever Pinkie Pie, there’d be lows and I’d be in it
Because that little tweaky pony can’t sit still for a hot minute.

If I were ever Legolas, and had a midnight hypo fright,
I’d wake up with food in my bed. “Crumbs have been spilled this night.”

If I were ever Aquaman, I’d still workout in ocean gyms
Because my insulin pump is waterproof, and still works while I swim.

If I were ever Dumbledore, I’d be at peace with D
Because it matters not my pancreas, but “what I grow to be.”

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  1. Kim #

    I love you. 🙂

    08/6/14; 10:24 am
  2. LOVE this! (you should collaborate with the Room on the Broom writer sometime 😉 )

    08/6/14; 10:24 am
  3. I would love to see this illustrated 😉

    08/6/14; 10:34 am
  4. This is so great! You’re awesome!

    08/6/14; 10:38 am
  5. Briley #

    This needs to be your next book. Each phrase a page with illustrations and geared towards kids. Alright Spry, get on that!

    08/6/14; 10:58 am
  6. Katie S. #

    Love this!

    08/6/14; 11:10 am
  7. Ditto what Bri says… 🙂

    08/6/14; 11:23 am
  8. Wow. I’m pretty sure THIS proves, yet again, why you are in the correct field! Really incredible creativity.

    08/6/14; 7:16 pm
  9. Kerri,
    Many thanks, I got a good laugh from your delightful poem.

    08/6/14; 11:01 pm
  10. My favorite is the first “If I were ever Gretel, finding home would be a snap
    A trail of bloody test strips mark my way across a map.” because this is my daughter. Those strips are everywhere!

    08/7/14; 1:06 pm
  11. Man your good with poems! Favorite line was about Legolas! And no fair, I don’t have a waterproof pump! 🙁

    08/8/14; 10:40 pm

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