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Giveaway: iHealth Meter (but not a bird).

A few weeks ago, a couple of iHealth glucometers showed up in the mail, courtesy of the marketing team at iHealth Labs.  I have not tried this meter out yet, and I have no clue how it performs against my current glucose meter … but I’m curious.  It’s a teeny little meter and it plugs into the headphone jack on my phone, so it definitely gets points for subtlety and discretion, but since I haven’t bled on the thing yet, I am clueless.

Which is why I’m giving away two iHealth glucometers, so you we can figure this thing out together.  Would you like to try one out?  Enter below by leaving a comment, answering the age-old question of “Which finger is your go-to one for blood glucose checks?”

But there’s a bit of a catch – if you win the iHealth glucometer, I would really appreciate it if you would share your feedback with me, so I can share it with my brain (and also include it in a review post).  Would that be okay with you?  Two winners will receive one iHealth glucometer and a box of 50 test strips.  Again, I have absolutely no idea how this meter performs and FOR CRYING OUT LOUD remember that nothing you read on this blog is medical advice, so be sure to check with your medical team if you have questions or concerns or an itchy rash.  (Especially if you have an itchy rash.)

iHealth glucometer and test strips

(bird added for … just for fun, actually)

The giveaway runs until tomorrow night at 10 pm EST and is for US residents only.  The bird does not come with the giveaway, nor do the scratches on my coffee table.

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  1. Heather #

    I am very curious about this little bitty meter and would be happy to share my trail of it with you.
    Lately, my go to finger seems to be left middle (%*+} you, diabetes?). When I have trouble getting a drop, either pinkie seems to come through for me.

    07/29/14; 10:31 am
  2. 1. Why DON’T you want to give away the scratches from your coffee table?
    2. Pinkie, almost always. It makes it easier to hold everything else, especially if I’m busy in the car, running, shopping, etc. (I don’t use a case for my schtuff, so I have to hold it all)

    07/29/14; 10:32 am
  3. Sarah Kopczyk #

    Oddly enough… my left hand ring finger. No clue why either. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! 🙂

    07/29/14; 10:32 am
  4. Christine #

    It’s definitely worth a try!

    07/29/14; 10:33 am
  5. Sarah C. #

    I always go for the pinkie finger! This meter sounds really awesome I’d love to share a review of it with your readers.

    07/29/14; 10:34 am
  6. Heather M #

    My go-to finger (since 1987) has always been a pinky. Lots of blood and no pain. I HATE all the pics that show the index finger being used – I’ve always avoided that like crazy.

    07/29/14; 10:36 am
  7. I usually use my ring fingers, either hand, either side.

    07/29/14; 10:36 am
  8. Wendy Swerdlow Pederson #

    Left hand ring finger. I have to consciously remind myself to use other fingers or that would be the only one that got stuck.

    07/29/14; 10:37 am
  9. What is your go-to finger for blood sugar checks?
    I use One Touch, minis. I have them in my purse, nightstand, kitchen drawer, where ever I may need them. It would be neat to plug it into my phone!

    07/29/14; 10:37 am
  10. Deanna #

    I almost always use my left hand ring finger, but either ring or middle finger works.

    07/29/14; 10:38 am
  11. Jennifer #

    This meter looks interesting. I’d be happy to share my feedback with you. I usually use my left index finger. After 20 years, as a diabetic I finally started using my pinkies this year and I have no idea why I avoided this finger for so long. It doesn’t feel any different than any of the others.

    07/29/14; 10:38 am
  12. My boys use any finger but the thumb, although my 12 year old’s go-to is the pinky!

    And we accept all conditions!

    This looks rad!

    07/29/14; 10:39 am
  13. Dana #

    Left pinkie. So much so that you can see all the pin pricks

    07/29/14; 10:40 am
  14. Amanda #

    Always the ring finger!

    07/29/14; 10:40 am
  15. I entered in the box above but somehow couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment…

    Anyway, my go to finger is actually my right pinky. The only fingers I never use ar emy index fingers, they hurt so badly!

    I’d be so happy to try one of these babies out, and give a thorough review. I’ll even pay for the shipping for it! 🙂

    07/29/14; 10:41 am
  16. Jenney #

    Pinky and ring finger on my right hand. I always think to use a different finger… after I’ve already poked one of those two.

    07/29/14; 10:41 am
  17. Meredith Eads #

    My go-to finger is my right ring finger. Always has been. I use that one until it hurts, and switch to my right middle finger, then switch to my left hand. Rarely use index finger b/c it hurts to write if I hit the wrong spot, and pinkie and thumb are also rare just b/c it takes an extra half second for me to align the lancet device on them. Sooo inconvenient. 😉

    I am very curious about this wee little meter. I wanted to try the iStar, but it looks like they only made that for the iPhone 4 platform, and you can’t find it now. I would definitely be willing to share my results if I am a lucky winner!

    07/29/14; 10:42 am
  18. Shannon #

    My go to is usually my ring finger. But I’m an equal opportunity poker.

    07/29/14; 10:44 am
  19. Brenda Moore #

    I would be more than happy to try this meter out. I typically use the middle finger of my right hand….seems to bleed the best.

    07/29/14; 10:44 am
  20. 1. I am not US/UK so I hope I will understand properly your question. My to-go finger is the one that you point something. My glucose meter is Accu Check Performa Nano.

    In Poland (in my country) it doesn’t exist any system that you can plug in to iphone or any other mobile phone. I would love to try it our. What is more, I have a fan page on facebook about diabetes ( Ja Cukrzyk – which means Me Diabetic) so you can be sure that I will provide not only you with the news about this glucose meter you offer, but also my fans. I hope I would win in:)
    Thanks in advance:)))

    07/29/14; 10:44 am
  21. Fiona #

    Left pinky…I think the fingerprint is worn off due to all the holes from pokers…and I will gladly provide feedback.

    07/29/14; 10:45 am
  22. Emilee Fairchild #

    Always the right hand forefinger and ring finger…. in 10 years now those fingers are nearly hard as brick and don’t hurt when I use a brand new lancet…. although my mom sneaks and pokes my left hand while doing the 3am blood sugar checks while I’m sleeping. 🙂 I’ll be happy to do a review with you on the meter. -Emilee

    07/29/14; 10:45 am
  23. Erika #

    I am curious to try this meter.
    I usually use my ring finger,more than any other finger. I have trouble a lot getting too small of a drop out of my middle finger (maybe it’s used up).
    Sometimes my pinky finger works too if I have used my ring finger too much.

    07/29/14; 10:46 am
  24. Nicole #

    My left thumb is my go-to finger for blood.

    07/29/14; 10:47 am
  25. Clare #

    Totally interested in trying this.

    I usually go for my left ring finger, but there’s no reason as to why. Although one of my New Years resolutions this year was to test more on my right hand because I usually go straight for the left hand because I’m a righty. #righthandedproblems

    07/29/14; 10:47 am
  26. emily #

    I usually test with my middle or ring finger but if I need blood and can’t get any I do my pointer finger and pinky.
    Testing is always hard though especially after 21 years of diabetes. Its my anniversary in August.

    07/29/14; 10:48 am
  27. Christy #

    I use my middle finger WAY TOO MUCH! That’s what I think about Diabetes! The ring finger next to it would be the popular back up!

    Looks like a cool meter!

    07/29/14; 10:49 am
  28. chris Dyer #

    My go to finger is my little ones as i don’t need to put so much pressure on them but any way you shouldn’t just leave it to one finger as an insulin dependant diabetic i also know you can’t use the same spot all the time for injections i like the idea of this tester making it easier to do readings without something that clearly looks like a test unit and people looking at one with weird looks i welcome when this becomes available and affordable

    07/29/14; 10:49 am
  29. Cindy PIttman #

    When I check my son (7) he always gives out his pointer finger, I always go to a pinkie, funny, that we have a ‘favorite’. We are all for diabetes technology and things that will tell us more provide great info, would love to try.

    07/29/14; 10:50 am
  30. Elizabeth #

    My middle finger on my right hand!

    This looks cool I would love to try it!

    07/29/14; 10:51 am
  31. Lately, I have been doing my left ring finger a lot. I generally do my left hand almost exclusively because I need the right fingers in good shape for palpating veins, etc. at work… can’t lose sensation in my dominant vein-feeling fingers!
    I would love to give this nifty little glucometer a try and share any and all thoughts about it with you.
    This would be super fun to win too since Labor Day weekend is my 20th diaversary and I’m always looking for some kind of D-related fun for my diaversaries!

    07/29/14; 10:52 am
  32. I do NOT use my thumbs or pinkies and usually not my pointer fingers. My left index finger has the biggest scab/callus but the left middle and the right middle and index fingers are all tied for second.

    I have this method of holding my meter with test strip in my left hand and poker in the right, leaving my left index finger poised to be poked. Works like a charm.

    07/29/14; 10:53 am
  33. Jason #

    I normally use my FU finger, because well, FU diabetes!

    I’d love to try out the device, I’m pretty attached to my iPhone, but I do live in Canada, so not sure that it’s applicable here.


    07/29/14; 10:53 am
  34. Erin #

    Pointer finger on my right hand and I’m right handed! Weird, you say? I know, it just feels natural!

    07/29/14; 10:56 am
  35. Ellen #

    I either use my pinkie (because I figure it’s more expendable than the other fingers?) or my middle finger, for when diabetes really needs to get the middle finger.

    07/29/14; 10:57 am
  36. I’d love to test this out and review it on my site! I currently use my left pinky as my go-to. It bleeds the best for some reason.

    07/29/14; 10:57 am
  37. David Stewart #

    Hi Kerri!
    I would LOVE to try it and give you feedback.
    I test 4+ times a day… My index fingers. I also have a CGM, does it talk to it?
    I am right down the street here in RI!

    Thank you very much!

    07/29/14; 10:58 am
  38. Emily #

    My go to finger is my ring finger; usually my right one. Just seems to get the best drop each time. I do not use the thumbs

    07/29/14; 10:59 am
  39. Pinky!!! 🙂 I have no clue why!!

    07/29/14; 10:59 am
  40. Stef #

    Ring finger or pinky are my go-to fingers. They’re least likely to have any food residue to contaminate my test.

    07/29/14; 11:02 am
  41. Right ring finger!

    I saw a post about this before and was curious how the tracking app would perform.

    07/29/14; 11:05 am
  42. Kealie #

    My nine year old daughter always seems to want to use her middle finger when she checks herself so when I check her I go for her pinkies. Try to keep things moving around! Would live to try something new and agree to all conditions!

    07/29/14; 11:06 am
  43. Ashish #

    My lancing device goes straight to my middle finger or my pinkies.

    07/29/14; 11:06 am
  44. Nikki #

    My go to finger right now is my ring finger on my left hand. It looks terrible and I desperately need to switch to a different finger. Maybe a new meter would be the change I need. =)

    07/29/14; 11:07 am
  45. Jenn #

    Good ol’ fashion right pinky.

    07/29/14; 11:07 am
  46. I’d LOVE to try this for all of my running between classes–seems so convenient! Go to finger is definitely left first finger. It’s so beat up, the poor thing!

    07/29/14; 11:07 am
  47. Tabetha #

    I’d love to try one out! As a pharmacist I love trying new diabetic gadgets and being able to share the info with my patients! My go to finger is left middle 🙂

    07/29/14; 11:09 am
  48. Nicole #

    I share the responsibility with all my fingers equally, but if there are any stubborn fingers, I always go to my pinky. It’s usually a sure thing.

    I would love to try this out and compare it to my current meter.

    07/29/14; 11:10 am
  49. Whenever I need to be guaranteed a good sample size for checking my daughter (2 yo), I have to go for a thumb. On tiny hands it’s the only finger with enough surface area where I don’t necessarily hit another spot where I poked it the previous day (or the day before…or the day before that…) Since regulating BG is such a roller coaster in a tiny body, we are always looking for better ways/devices to help us test and correct.

    07/29/14; 11:13 am
  50. Allison #

    I have been very interested about this little guy, would make tracking a lot easier it seems. Typically I go for my left index or my right middle finger, no particular reason, blood is blood right?

    07/29/14; 11:14 am
  51. KayLeigh #

    My right ring finger is my go to finger

    07/29/14; 11:20 am
  52. Cari #

    My go to finger is usually my thumb. I usually forget what finger is suppose to be next in the countdown, but I can always count on my thumb for some cushion!!

    07/29/14; 11:20 am
  53. Gretchen #

    My brain tells me left middle, but when I look at the calluses on my fingers I must say the one I use the most is left pointer!

    07/29/14; 11:22 am
  54. Caitlyn #

    My go to finger is the left ring finger, dont know why! This looks amazing! I love testing new technology, especially for diabetes!

    07/29/14; 11:23 am
  55. Angela #

    My son’s favorite finger is his pointer finger. I guess it doesn’t hurt as much???

    07/29/14; 11:25 am
  56. Lindsay Panczak #

    Kerri, are you a mind reader?! Just this morning I said to my husband “Can you please search online and buy me that new phone-meter thingy?” (such a tech savvy vocabulary I have, I know).

    While I’m a bit disappointed that you’re not giving away the little wooden bird, I’d still be quite ecstatic to receive the new iHealth glucometer, a.k.a. “phone-meter thingy.” Is it sad to get exited over the thought of winning a glucose meter?!?! Hmmm……

    OK, in order to have any chance of winning I better answer your question:

    My middle finger is my go-to finger for blood sugar checks (it’s also my go-to finger for people who say “Should you be eating that?” Just kidding…..sort of!)

    07/29/14; 11:27 am
  57. Courtney #

    Right hand ring finger- since age 9 it’s my favorite finger to use!

    07/29/14; 11:27 am
  58. Meghann Tinker #

    I always check my left middle finger. It’s so calloused, I could literally chew it off.
    I’m interested in trying this meter; I am always looking for smaller, more discreet and convenient meters. We’ll see what happens! 😉

    07/29/14; 11:30 am
  59. Jenn Healey #

    I have been watching this meter for a while now. Technology is advancing so fast anymore. I’m a young 29 year old female with diabetes for 17 years now. Thinking back to when i was diagnosed and the size of the meter, amount of blood needed on strip count down time to the reading… and then looking at something like this- it’s just simply amazing. I would love to try this out and give detailed information about my experience with it. And if I HAVE to be accountable for reviewing the product I will have to be more accountable for checking my sugar levels more often… which most of us know how easy it is to slack in that area sometimes. So really it’s a win win 🙂

    My go to finger is almost always my left middle finger 🙂

    07/29/14; 11:31 am
  60. Aliza #

    I love this adorable meter! I tend to use my right pointer finger as my go-to finger for bg checks. Or my right index finger. One of those two fingers.

    07/29/14; 11:34 am
  61. Sara #

    My right hand pointer finger! I would be very happy for share my feedback with you. 🙂

    07/29/14; 11:37 am
  62. Deb #

    count me in—–I am partial to the little fingers.

    07/29/14; 11:38 am
  63. Matt #

    Right hand (left gets worn down by guitar frets), ring finger.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    07/29/14; 11:42 am
  64. Chris B #

    I rotate fingers daily, but not the thumbs. If I am in a hurry or in the middle of the night I am low and need a finger that I can for sure get a good drop out of without much work I go to one of the pinkie fingers. They are by far the best. I still use my one touch ping meter 99% of the time so I can control my pump but occasionally I will use a mini or something if I am going to be out in the heat or at the lake. I would rather lose or break a $20 meter than my ping. I am very interested in a meter that small that will plug straight into my phone.

    07/29/14; 11:49 am
  65. Katie #

    My thumb and/or ring finger!

    07/29/14; 11:49 am
  66. Lynne #

    My go-to finger is my left hand ring finger. It has more tender skin so it bleeds easily, and has less of a chance of having some sticky food on it. It would be an honor to give feedback on this new meter.

    07/29/14; 12:01 pm
  67. CJ Mercurio Jr #

    For me (T2D for 6 + Years), I go to the “Bird” finger on my left hand.

    For my daughter, I don’t really have a favorite one but i know she does. I try and see which one is less marked up and use that one. She’s 11 and is doing most of the checking on her own now, but my wife and I still do late night checks while she is sleeping. She’s T1D for 8+ years pumping for 7+ years, CGM user for almost 2 years and we just setup the Nightscout for her over the weekend.

    Would love to try this out.



    07/29/14; 12:01 pm
  68. Anne #


    I have taken to using my left ring finger. I don’t know why, but it is my go-to finger now!


    P.S. I have taken to clicking my finger poker (not the actual name) each time I open my kit to test. I assume this is me making sure I have a lancet ready to go….

    07/29/14; 12:02 pm
  69. Allie L #

    Right middle finger! It’s in the perfect position so I never have to remove the monitor or even the pricker from it’s case #lazy

    * also I have read a lot on ihealth, the really amazing thing is that the test strips are CHEAP. Like really cheap and don’t need any insurance. Seems like a really great substitute monitor to use when running (try jamming my honking Bayer meter into a running fanny pack) or when I want to use a clutch instead of a massive bag.

    07/29/14; 12:02 pm
  70. Madison M. #

    My favorite is my left hand ring finger, the left side specifically. That finger has like 3 million more little dots on it than the rest of my fingers combined. And pricking anything on my right hand, let’s just fuhgeddaboutit.

    07/29/14; 12:04 pm
  71. Shelby #

    I like my ring or my pinky fingers exclusively!

    07/29/14; 12:04 pm
  72. I’d love to try out this new, tiny meter and it’s also nice that unlike the iBGStar, this can actually work with my Galaxy, rather than just being an iPhone only app. And I totally default to pricking my left ring finger.

    07/29/14; 12:05 pm
  73. Meagan Beatty #

    My ring finger on my right hand!

    07/29/14; 12:07 pm
  74. Michelle #

    Pinky and ring fingers are my most reliable!

    07/29/14; 12:08 pm
  75. Marcie #

    My goto finger is the leftt ring finger. I rarely use it, im right handed and it doesnt hurt muxh anymore!

    07/29/14; 12:12 pm
  76. Alyssa #

    It has to be a tie between my left middle finger and my left ring finger. I’m attempting to count and compare the dotties from previous finger sticks and there’s about the same on each finger, so I’m going to say it’s a tie. This meter looks like it could be fun to try!

    07/29/14; 12:18 pm
  77. Krystle #

    I’d love to help review a new meter! My right hand middle finger is my go to, probably because I want to unconsciously give diabetes the finger everytime I have to test 🙂

    07/29/14; 12:27 pm
  78. Meghan Carnowski #

    I’d love to try out a new meter, and one that will work with my phone! Awesome. And, of course, I’ll share my feedback. My go to finger is my left index, and when my niece checks she always picks the middle finger…..I think she knows what’s up. 🙂

    07/29/14; 12:33 pm
  79. Alison #

    Almost always my right ring finger. Poor finger. 😉

    07/29/14; 12:42 pm
  80. Patricia Focken #

    Ok, my 14 year old daughter uses her palm to check, just below the thumb or occasionally her third finger. Yeah, I know it’s weird…….Also, she is recently the proud owner of an iphone and would be delighted to share her experience. (aka, it’s summer and we need things to do.) She checks often with her Ping meter. She also has a dexcom. Marissa would be proud to help.

    07/29/14; 12:45 pm
  81. Lorrian #

    My right ring finger…no idea why. It’s not lonely…I wear a stack of rings on it.

    I love the idea of i-Tech and would definitely share my experience with you, Kerri.

    07/29/14; 12:46 pm
  82. Chris #

    The side of my left ring finger.

    07/29/14; 12:49 pm
  83. April #

    I want to try this!! I tend to overuse my right hand middle finger on the side closest to my thumb (I’m left handed).

    07/29/14; 12:55 pm
  84. Jacque #

    Left ring finger is always presented to me by Logan so I have to force him to use a different one!

    07/29/14; 1:00 pm
  85. Michelle #

    I have little black pock marks on most of the fingers on my left hand (I’m right-handed), but it looks like the ring finger takes the worst beating. It’s sad; blood sugar checks are so ingrained in my habits, I can’t remember which finger I use the most unless I have evidence to prove it.

    And I’d LOVE to share my feedback with you. This is kinda fun!

    07/29/14; 1:01 pm
  86. Sarah Rodarte #

    Middle finger, side closest to my index finger, right hand!

    07/29/14; 1:02 pm
  87. My go-to finger is my fourth, ring, finger of either hand, but more typically left. No idea why, but it does bleed more quickly than any other finger. I’d LOVE to share feedback on the meter. I’m a relatively new iphone user, so am excited about new ways to streamline my bg meter/phone interactions!

    07/29/14; 1:10 pm
  88. (Okay, so I tried to comment via the entry thingy but I couldn’t figure out how to edit the box to leave my comment, soooo….)
    My go-to finger is my middle and ring- fingers on my right hand, but mostly the ring-finger. And.. you know me, I LOOOOOOVE doing reviews.

    07/29/14; 1:17 pm
  89. Melissa Adamson #

    I almost exclusively use left hand, ring finger. On days where that poor finger gives its best effort and fails then I use left hand middle finger. ( as if to say heck with you finger capillaries! I have other fingers)

    07/29/14; 1:19 pm
  90. Erin Cofran #

    I use all of my fingers except my thumbs. I try to rotate them so I don’t get too callused in one place. I do have a favorite side for each of my fingers, and that is the side of my fingers facing my thumbs, if that makes sense. It seems to hurt less there, for whatever reason.

    07/29/14; 1:19 pm
  91. Aimee #

    I usually use my ring finger on both hands.

    07/29/14; 1:28 pm
  92. My go to finger is always my ring finger which usually ends up with 2 puncture holes bleeding because I use it far too much!

    I would absolutely love to win this meter- I’ve been reading about it online for weeks and think it’s such a fantastic idea! As someone who carries around way too much diabetes paraphernalia this might lessen my load the tiniest bit! And I love doing reviews and sharing my opinion on basically everything haha

    07/29/14; 1:37 pm
  93. Lori #

    My go to finger is my left hand ring finger (the one that wears my wedding band ).

    07/29/14; 1:39 pm
  94. Sarah #

    Always the inside of my left pinky finger. To the point of odd deformity on that side of that finger.

    07/29/14; 1:51 pm
  95. Devin Brown #

    My right middle finger is probably the go-to, but I’m pretty good about switching around. I’ve got so many caluses on all my fingers from testing that I’m pretty sure I can’t be identified by fingerprint.

    07/29/14; 1:59 pm
  96. KatieB #

    My thumb is my go to- these big juicy bits of finger poking real estate never fail!!

    07/29/14; 2:01 pm
  97. I seem to favor my left ring finger….I’m right-handed and always have trouble getting enough blood from my right hand.

    07/29/14; 2:09 pm
  98. Jenifer Griffith #

    My go to fingers are my left middle or ring finger.

    07/29/14; 2:12 pm
  99. Julie #

    First, love your blog!!! Great give away!

    07/29/14; 2:17 pm
  100. Alisha #

    Left hand, pointer or middle man. But my ring finger and pinky get to see some action from time to time as well.

    07/29/14; 2:22 pm
  101. Cecilia #

    Oh, I have been dying to try one of these and I’d be more than excited to try one out and give feedback.
    My go-to finger is my middle finger on my right hand. Take that, diabetes.

    07/29/14; 2:33 pm
  102. Linda S #

    Whatever one looks the juiciest and hasn’t been ravaged by my lancet of late.

    07/29/14; 2:37 pm
  103. Amanda Williams #

    My go to finger is my pinky but after awhile I switch to my ring finger! I would love to try this out!!

    07/29/14; 2:40 pm
  104. Kelly Parr #

    My 8 year old daughter uses her thumb until I have to have to ban it for a few weeks while it heals :). She tests 12-15 times a day so it’s important for her to move her pokes around.

    07/29/14; 2:44 pm
  105. Ian #

    Just recently switched to the pinkies – don’t know if I now like it since I’ve literally never used them before, or because they are actually good fingers to use.

    07/29/14; 2:56 pm
  106. Shelby Druktenis #

    My go to finger is my middle finger and ring finger.
    I feel very little pain in those fingers so I use those the most!!

    07/29/14; 3:02 pm
  107. Kelsey #

    I would love to see how this compares to the iBGstar. I love the iBG, but the strips are hard to get covered and with my new phone (went from iPhone 4S to 5s) it doesn’t work well with the lightning adapter. My favorite finger is my left pointer with the left middle as a close second.

    07/29/14; 3:22 pm
  108. Kelli Brandt #

    My left hand ring finger. Sometimes I feel guilty about how much I stab the little guy up, but we all have our habits that make this diabetic bit seem less out of the ordinary. Fun fact, I have never used either my pinkies or my thumbs, even since I was diagnosed at age 6. They are sacred ground, and not to be scabbed up. No idea why though!

    07/29/14; 3:24 pm
  109. Marissa Smith #

    My go to finger is my left hand ring finger. I’m right handed so those fingers are seldom used because I don’t have any calluses built up. I would love to review the meter!

    07/29/14; 3:25 pm
  110. Allison #

    I love using my left pinky!

    07/29/14; 3:26 pm
  111. Alison #

    My go to finger is my ring finger on either hand!

    07/29/14; 3:27 pm
  112. Sharon #

    When my son checks himself, he goes to the right middle or index. When I check him, I try to rotate to all the fingers, but never the thumbs.

    07/29/14; 3:27 pm
  113. Justin #

    I like to use my ring fingers on the outer sides–I don’t care if its left or right, but I could stand to change up my testing routine a bit!

    07/29/14; 3:27 pm
  114. Christine #

    My poor right-hand pinky finger gets the brunt of the pain, mainly because it’s not really used for anything (typing “p”?) and I’m left-handed, so that one jumps out at me first when I need to test.

    I never use my pointer finger and rarely use my thumb, but I guess I should given that I’ve had diabetes for 24 years and I’ve used 6 fingers to test on…

    07/29/14; 3:45 pm
  115. I try to rotate my fingers, but probably my go to would be my left middle finger. And that sounds crude, but not when you’re diabetic! 🙂

    07/29/14; 4:10 pm
  116. Although I like to tell myself I’m rotating, my go-to finger is my left-hand ring finger. (Second runner-up, left-hand pinky.) Because I’m right-handed, it’s easier to test on my left. Either way, I generally only use pinkies and ring fingers, as my middle fingers are more sensitive, and when I’m typing, can feel the boo-boos more intensely.

    I’d be eager to share my feedback. I’m curious if it works just as well with the iPad as the iPhone.

    07/29/14; 4:56 pm
  117. Jennifer #

    Haha. I love using my left middle finger at work, then my right middle finger at home. Not sure how that happens… Of course I TRY to rotate… Would love to check out this new meter.

    07/29/14; 5:01 pm
  118. Jennifer #

    I like using any finger that doesn’t have a million holes in it at the time! In other words, none of them. 🙂 I try to rotate…

    07/29/14; 5:03 pm
  119. Go to fingers: usually my pointer fingers.

    07/29/14; 5:12 pm
  120. Bre Hemphill #

    My go to finger? Definitely my left ring finger! And usually on the inside top part! Guess it just looks extra juicy or something! Would be cool to try out the iMeter, and help you with feedback!! #duckfiabetes

    07/29/14; 5:16 pm
  121. Holly Jones #

    Hi, I would love to try this new meter with my 9y.o. DWD. We love technology and the novelty of it plugging into my phone is very cool! I will be happy to help you with info about how it works/doesn’t work if you choose us.

    Her go to finger is either her “first finger”/pointer finger or strangely enough her pinky. I think that is wacky b/c her pinky is so small it seems like it would hurt to me but HEY, it’s her finger so we go with it! 🙂

    07/29/14; 5:17 pm
  122. Joan #

    Right middle finger. Never pinkies or thumbs.

    07/29/14; 5:18 pm
  123. My go to finger is my left middle finger – it seems to be the one only tough enough to with-stand the beatings without cuss words.

    07/29/14; 5:24 pm
  124. Nikki #

    My left pointer finger is my go to. But the thumb definitely is the most fruitful.

    07/29/14; 5:25 pm
  125. Nikki #

    My left pointer finger is my go to. Pinky hurts like crazy!

    07/29/14; 5:26 pm
  126. Danielle #

    I am always partial to my pinkies! Every now and again my ring finger.

    07/29/14; 5:32 pm
  127. elisha #

    Thanks for the opportunity to try this out! I have the iHealth blood pressure dock, wrist blood pressure monitor, and their activity tracker already.

    I use my ring fingers. My pointing fingers are sensitive and I need my thumbs to text and tweet. LOL.

    07/29/14; 5:33 pm
  128. Jennifer #

    When my daughter checks – any and all fingers; when I check – the finger that looks the least pricked.

    07/29/14; 5:33 pm
  129. Sarah H. #

    My favorite finger (as evidenced by all the little pinpoint scars) is my left ring finger. Maybe because I’m married to my diabetes? And to my partner who also has diabetes. 🙂

    Can’t wait to try this cute little glucometer!!

    07/29/14; 5:34 pm
  130. Jackie #

    My right pointer finger is my go-to!

    07/29/14; 5:58 pm
  131. Heather #

    My son always goes for the left ring finger. We are all things Apple, so we’re curious about this tiny meter. Thanks for the opportunity.

    07/29/14; 6:21 pm
  132. harmony #

    HI Kerri,
    I’m interested in your giveaway! Go to finger is usually my right hand ring finger. I have to remind myself not to use it sometimes. Now that I’m pregnant and testing 15 times a day, all of my fingers are a little worn out from the constant pokes.

    I would love to help you review this meter! Since I’m pregnant I’ll still be using my omnipod as well but would like to compare the ihealth’s consistency to the omnipod. 🙂 Thanks!!

    (Oh yeah, that rafflecopter link is confusing as all hell! Sorry if I left 4 non-comments on it somehow, couldn’t figure out how to comment on it.)

    07/29/14; 6:34 pm
  133. Schuyler Torney #

    Right ring finger. I can’t wait to try this or at least read about your experiences! 🙂

    07/29/14; 6:48 pm
  134. Angela Purinton #

    When I was very newly diagnosed with T1, I remember asking my mother if thumbs counted as “fingers.” Everything I’d seen showed index, ring, etc. My mom told me she didn’t know and that I needed to call my Grandmother who had T2 for years at that time. She giggled and said yes to her dear granddaughter who overthinks everything.

    Still, right-side ring is my fav. Thumbs make me feel like a daredevil.

    07/29/14; 6:59 pm
  135. Jerry F #

    I’d be happy to be part of your IHealth evaluation. I love IPhone attachments !

    07/29/14; 7:08 pm
  136. Meghan #

    Definitely the right ring finger.

    07/29/14; 7:11 pm
  137. Christine #

    Lately it’s been my left ring finger! It always changes every 6 months or so, though.

    07/29/14; 7:13 pm
  138. Rosie #

    Well, all my fingers are pretty spotted. 😉 I rarely use my pinky and thumb though. My go-to finger is my left pointer, and after that comes my left ring finger. This meter looks so cool! Would be awesome to try out 🙂

    07/29/14; 7:13 pm
  139. Carie B #

    Bella always use her left middle finger. I generally use her left index finger when testing at night. I know she would love to help test this meter out with you. She’s been wanting something more discreet and if it incorporates her phone, that’s a bonus.

    07/29/14; 7:25 pm
  140. Niki #

    Left hand middle middle finger. Also, I preface this with I haven’t read comments but does it work with any phone? I ask just because all the others are iphone only and there’s a picture of one. Obvious logic here.

    07/29/14; 7:48 pm
  141. Molly #

    My boyfriend and youngest nephew (two different people!) always get to choose pick the finger. Otherwise it’s the finger that looks juiciest.

    07/29/14; 8:16 pm
  142. Nick #

    I am right handed , so I use my left pinky, ring finger and middle finger, never the thumb or anything on the dominant hand- yoy use those for more and it hurts more. Nice callus after years (and not changing lancets except when the season changes), but hurts less that way too…
    Love to try new gadgets…

    07/29/14; 8:28 pm
  143. Cody Bartholomew #

    I’d love to try this out and share my experience. My fall back favorites are my pinky fingers, they bleed when no other fingers will!

    07/29/14; 8:37 pm
  144. Linda #

    I use my middle finger on both hands lol. I’ve had diabetes for 50 years, raised 2 kids and have had no major complications. Today, I find diabetes is much easier to control with a Dexcom & Medtronic insulin pump and tracking everything on my iphone. I’m currently using a One Touch Ultra Mini meter but would love to “test drive” something new!

    07/29/14; 8:38 pm
  145. For 23 plus years, any finger on my left hand, since I flat pick using my right hand on the strings, I don’t want to damage their sensitivity.

    07/29/14; 8:51 pm
  146. Emily C. #

    I tend to favor my 2 year old son’s pinky fingers- especially the inside. Less chance that he’s contaminated them with something sticky in the 5 seconds between washing his hands and testing him. 🙂

    07/29/14; 9:08 pm
  147. Deb #

    left small finger!

    07/29/14; 9:13 pm
  148. John #

    Interested in the low cost of strips and device, hoping it has comparable accuracy to major brands

    07/29/14; 9:24 pm
  149. Would love to test drive and provide feedback. My go to finger is my ring finger on my left hand. It holds up to alot of pricks!

    07/29/14; 9:26 pm
  150. John #

    Forgot to mention my usual preferred finger is the side of my thumb

    07/29/14; 9:28 pm
  151. Meghann H #

    My favorite finger to use is my left ring finger

    07/29/14; 10:00 pm
  152. Jim #

    Wow, what a great way to get comment counts up – give something away!!!

    Well, I’ll go for it because I am ALWAYS looking to economize on space in traveling around with all this D crap!!

    Go to finger has to be the left ring finger. It’s definitely most used, though I try to get around the digits…

    Best Wishes,

    07/29/14; 10:16 pm
  153. Nancy #

    Right hand middle finger on the side is the sweet spot for me.

    07/29/14; 10:21 pm
  154. Justine #

    I actually have 2 go to fingers…my right hand middle and ring finger!

    07/29/14; 10:22 pm
  155. Emilie #

    Left pinkie!

    07/29/14; 11:04 pm
  156. Sarah #

    Would love to give this a shot!
    Go to finger…anything but the pinkies. :-/
    Had a nurse get a little overzealous trying to get a drop of blood from a pinkie as a kid. 25 years later, I still HATE using those fingers!

    07/29/14; 11:06 pm
  157. Kira #

    I’ll use any finger on my left hand except my thumb. I’m right handed to a fault, so I’m relatively certain that if I ever tried to test on my right hand the left handed pricking would end badly. And my thumbs bruise whenever I use them. Only using four fingers to check my blood sugar has resulted in some weird calluses over the last fourteen years, but it works for me.

    07/30/14; 12:09 am
  158. Almost always go to the left pinky, unless it’s being stubborn

    07/30/14; 2:23 am
  159. -V- #

    My favorite is my left hand middle finger. I try from time to time to get blood from my right fingers but they never give enough blood 🙁 I’ll be happy to try this new meter.

    07/30/14; 7:27 am
  160. Michelle #

    Typically, I test my blood sugar using my ring finger on my right hand. Oddly enough, I prick myself on the back of my finger and have heard countless comments from other diabetics and my endo about how different it is. What can I say, it hurts me the least! 🙂

    07/30/14; 8:26 am
  161. Jana Stevenson #

    Right hand ring finger. Even though I’m right handed, I use my left to operate the pricker. Unfortunately I have used this finger so much that it is almost solid and I rarely get blood out. This doesn’t stop the habit, it just makes me have to prick again on another finger.

    07/30/14; 9:08 am
  162. Danielle #

    This looks like a very interesting product we would be willing to try! Left hand ring finger is a common go to blood spot in our house.

    07/30/14; 9:20 am
  163. Left ring or left pinky!

    07/30/14; 9:23 am
  164. Leanna #

    ring finger.

    07/30/14; 9:58 am
  165. Hilary Hodgman #

    right hand middle finger. It’s a big *@! to TD1

    07/30/14; 10:40 am
  166. Julie Therkelsen #

    This little meter looks awesome. I’m a Dexcom addict, and love new technology gadgets so would love to give it a try and share my feedback with you! I love relating to your blog so I’m already reading your information obsessively- sharing some data with you would be a fun bonus! 🙂 My current go to finger is my left hand pointer- not sure why, it just always seems to be the first one there to squeeze blood from. I’ve had TI for 29 years- and love how far things have come since then!

    07/30/14; 10:44 am
  167. Caitlyn #

    Question: does this work with Android too or just iPhones?

    07/30/14; 12:16 pm
  168. connie #

    If I’m truly desperate, I go to my left index finger! Otherwise, each day of the week has assigned fingers because i cannot for the life of me remember which finger is relatively unpoked :p

    07/30/14; 12:48 pm
  169. bonnie #

    hello, would love to try a new meter and provide feedback.
    pointer or middle finger…until the poke holes become so obvious that it’s time to give them a break. Thanks for the opportunity!

    07/30/14; 1:12 pm
  170. Eric #

    For whatever reason, I can ALWAYS get a drop of blood from the bottom side of my fingers. Sadly, the tops seem to fight me for every drop of blood there.

    Keep up the great posts!

    07/30/14; 1:25 pm
  171. Michele #

    I hate to admit it but 98% of the time I use either the pinky or next finger on my left hand. I’m right handed and I never use the fingers on that hand.

    07/30/14; 1:27 pm
  172. Jenn #

    The good ole middle finger. I do she’d a little sadness when it is time to use the pinkie. This finger seems too little to have to poke!!!!

    07/30/14; 3:33 pm
  173. Melissa Thorpe #

    Naturally I use my left middle finger. I’m lover of all things tech so I’d love to try out the meter and provide feedback!

    07/30/14; 4:06 pm
  174. Amber #

    Oooh yes please!

    I am an equal opportunity tester. All 4 left fingers get a little love. Never the thumb, though!

    07/30/14; 4:22 pm
  175. Tory #

    Right hand ring finger!

    07/30/14; 4:56 pm
  176. My go to fingers are my middle and ring fingers on my left hand. So convenient!

    07/30/14; 5:43 pm
  177. Maria #

    My ring finger of both hands is my “go to” finger. Least favorite would have to be the pinky. (It’s such a little finger!!) Would love to win 🙂

    07/30/14; 7:08 pm
  178. Chris #


    07/30/14; 7:23 pm
  179. Binay #

    I’d love to try! It was my birthday yesterday, would be a great present =)
    My ring finger”s and pinkys get the most love!

    07/30/14; 7:43 pm
  180. Holly #

    Honestly, it’s whichever finger is the least sticky at the moment…with two small kids ages one and four that’s hard to come by 😉 but usually I prefer left middle, ring or pinky and after that: right middle ring or pinky. I check around 15-20x/day so they’re all pretty callused at this point so it doesn’t really matter.

    I love new technology and am always looking for new and easier ways to manage T1 diabetes. I like how it’s directly connected to your iphone and so small. I’d be thrilled to try it out and give you my thoughts!

    07/30/14; 9:27 pm
  181. Tom Woolworth #

    I just bought the iHealth meter and strips. Interested in hearing opinions about the meter and system

    07/31/14; 10:20 am
  182. Diana #

    Index finger on right hand

    08/1/14; 10:28 pm
  183. Rob #

    Hello all. Yes I was one that was really excited about having a very small meter that could be used with current technology. Had a special that if you bought 100 strips the meter was free. Well I jumped…a little too soon but I jumped. Man I was excited to get this meter and as soon as it arrived I opened the box. It was great, I was so impressed. Until I went to use it and couldn’t get it to work with my MotoX 4.4 android :-(. After looking further I noticed there are only a handful of phone that are compatible and of course mine wasn’t on the list. Didn’t see a spot to look for this before ordering. I do hope that in the near future I can use this type of meter.

    12/20/14; 4:00 pm

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