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Friends for Life: Madcap Recap.

A bulleted list because that’s what bloggers do.

  • My personal schedule had me running around like a chicken with its head (and pancreas?) cut off, and while I felt really lucky to be so busy, I didn’t have enough quality time with people I love.  It’s a nice problem to have, but it was frustrating because now that I’m home, I wish there had been long coffee chats with so many different people.
  • Coffee tastes best out of my new favorite mug –>
  • One of my favorite moments was during the Parenting with Type 1 Diabetes session, when Marissa Town and Melissa Lee started singing the Dexcom “ATTENTIVE” low alarm song, complete with facial grimaces and in perfect harmony.
  • It’s weird how therapeutic it can be to cry in a room full of “strangers.”
  • Even odder still is putting the word “strangers” into quotation marks because anyone living with diabetes has intimate knowledge of moments in my life that even my closest family members can’t quite wrap their head around.
  • It was so nice to meet the team from Kedz Covers, and yet so odd to meet them in Florida, seeing as how they live here in Rhode Island.  Only in the diabetes community do you meet your actual neighbors at a conference 1300 miles from home.
  • (And yes, that’s the “Don’t Mess with Rhode Island, Either” t-shirt, but I negated its awesome message by wearing my bag cross-body style, covering the little Rhody and making it look like I’m on the welcoming committee for Texas.  Whoops.)
  • The “Reducing Social Stigma from Diabetes: A Patient Perspective” session with Richard Wood, Kelly Close, and Adam Brown was one that I wish I had been able to attend, because the stigma related to (and nestled around) diabetes of all kinds is a topic that is very top-of-mind for me.  I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more about this survey and have been stalking the #dstigma hashtag for feedback.
  • Watching Melissa pass the diaversary torch (so to speak) to Briley in the bar at midnight was a moment that made me laugh, but also gave me goosebumps because marking a diaversary can be intense, but doing it a room full of people who love you is fucking empowering.
  • It was an absolute honor (and wicked fun!) to partner with Dexcom last week, sharing stories and giving away copies of Balancing Diabetes. A huge thank you to Dexcom for their support, and also to the diabetes community for stopping by to say hello at the booth.
  • And thanks to Scott for lending me a pen to use at the book signings, which just so happened to be a pen from George’s office, making me feel like a little bit of George was at Friends for Life, too.  Full circle, there.
  • I loved being part of a session for parents of children with diabetes aiming to answer the questions they might not be asking their own kids, and it was an honor to partner with Adam Brown (of Close Concerns) for this session.  The discussions were intense, but productive, and for anyone in attendance who didn’t end up watching The LEGO Movie that night, here’s a link to what the hell I was talking about.
  • I learned that Scott, aka “Pockets,” keeps an army of diabetes (and non-diabetes related) supplies in his pocket.  The man is half kangaroo.
  • (Happy belated birthday, Pettus!)
  • After Friends for Life was over, Chris and Birdzone flew down to Florida to meet me and we spent a few days at Disney.  Getting ready to head out to the park the next morning, Chris asked why I still had my conference bracelet on.  “I like it,” was my response, because it’s hard to articulate what the green bracelet really means to me, or how the orange bracelets keep me going.
  • I still have my green bracelet on.  We walked through the Magic Kingdom and I found myself glancing at wrists around the park to see if anyone from the conference was there.  I didn’t see any green bracelets.  But I kept mine on in case someone was looking, too.
  • I still have it on now, only I don’t think the cats give a shit.
  • (Total sidebar:  It was Loopy‘s birthday two days ago, and Birdy and I will be making her a “cake,” which equals out to Birdy wanting to eat cake and this is her excuse.)
  • Attending Friends for Life is a place where I can wear my emotions on my sleeve and my pump on my hip.  It’s somewhere I can feel safe admitting the things that weigh heavily on my mind but also celebrate something as simple as a 100 mg/dL on my glucose meter.  And nothing reminded me of this more than when I was walking towards my next session and I saw Briley outside of it, tears streaming down her face.  “I just had my eyes checked.  And they’re totally fine!!  After twenty-five years, they are still fine.”  I couldn’t hug her fast enough, or hard enough, because that’s what you do.  You celebrate the things others would never think to celebrate, and you appreciate the people who understand.


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  1. You were really fantastic in that parents’ session. I liked your partner very much too.

    07/9/14; 11:12 am
  2. Monica Kinney #

    Reading the last bullet absolutely got me. I had my eyes checked 6/30 – after 24 years with diabetes. My Dr. says “you’re eyes are perfect! for someone with diabetes >15 year, I haven’t seen this!” Blind as a bat without my contacts, but my eyes are GOOD! Insert phone call to mom in Louisiana with screaming and crying. 🙂 June 30th was a damn good day!

    07/9/14; 11:37 am
  3. Think Birdy would want to entertain my two cuties next year so I can come to FFL? 😉

    07/9/14; 11:41 am
  4. Thanks for making me cry and walk away to stop crying. Only to come back and cry some more. Twenty-five was a damn good day for me 🙂

    07/9/14; 1:10 pm
  5. Those pens are awesome and you are awesome and Scott is awesome, and Friends for Life is super awesome.

    Well…that’s pretty awesome!

    07/9/14; 2:18 pm
  6. Sue #

    Kerri, I will forever remember you, Kim, and Rachel on the shuttle to the hotel yelling out “SUE!” as I approached the van. Thank you for kicking off an amazing experience!

    07/9/14; 4:51 pm
  7. Great recap! Sorry we didn’t get the chance to say more than hello. Wish I had known you were at a booth in the exhibit hall… I would’ve brought my own copy for an autograph. Enjoy the rest that you truly deserve now and which I hope will come soon.

    07/9/14; 4:56 pm
  8. Two things:

    -I totally thought your shirt said “Don’t Mess With Texas” when you were in the parent’s session and

    -I told Isabella she was “The Special” and she said “What ARE you talking about, Mom??? That makes no sense.” See, 3 going 16. Told ya.

    Third bonus thing…it was great to finally meet you;)

    07/9/14; 5:30 pm
  9. I’m sorry I missed it this year, but I couldn’t work out the annual leave so soon after finding out about this. Maybe next year.

    07/9/14; 9:53 pm
  10. I’m still going through major FFL withdrawal. Let’s have a good long coffee chat and cry time very very soon, okay??

    07/15/14; 1:14 pm

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