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I’m That Type.

Last night closed out a long week+ of travel, and it closed out with style at the JDRF TypeOneNation Texas event, where I was honored to be a presenter at the conference (talking about balancing diabetesHEY-O! – and getting the most out of your medical appointments).  More on those sessions once I dive into this basin of coffee, but I did want to share one of my favorite visuals from the conference:  this board –>

This was a board where people could write who they were at the conference in support of, and they could share their thoughts on the theme of the conference, which was “I’m the ______ type.”  Fill-in-the-blank sorts of things used to remind me of school, but now they remind me of some of my favorite #dsma chat nights, so watching this board fill up was eye-opening.

Perspectives (and hand writing) varied, but common threads were support and determination.

Mine was, “I’m the never let it define me type.”  But I could have filled that little blue circle out a dozen times with a dozen different answers.  What type are you?



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  1. I’m the “not going to let it get me down” type.
    sometimes I’m the “just gotta keep moving forward” type.

    Like you, I could fill that space with so many different answers.

    06/23/14; 5:34 pm
  2. I’m the “my normal pie crusts are god-awful so I make low-carb ones instead because those are the only ones that are remotely edible” type.

    06/23/14; 10:38 pm
  3. anxious

    06/23/14; 11:18 pm
  4. Joan #

    Strong gramma

    06/24/14; 8:48 pm
  5. Matt Wellwood #


    06/24/14; 8:55 pm
  6. Mary #

    I’m the, “freaking tired of diabetes” type lol!!

    06/24/14; 9:00 pm
  7. Caitlyn #

    I’m the “yes it’s got sugar in it and yes I can eat it type”

    06/24/14; 9:30 pm
  8. June Kelley #

    I’m the Former Type I Type. I had a pancreas transplant 10 years ago which took my diabetes away. Being a diabetic wasn’t so, so bad. However, NOT being a diabetic is amazing.

    06/24/14; 10:03 pm
  9. Sara J #

    I’m the ‘I will own this, It will never own me’ type! 23 years strong 🙂

    06/24/14; 10:03 pm
  10. Jen #

    I’m the “Go with the flow” mother of a 16 year old son with the ‘beetus.

    06/24/14; 10:30 pm
  11. Jess #

    I’m the ” I got this” type. 29 yrs w/ diabetes of 30 yrs.

    06/24/14; 10:53 pm
  12. Thanks for sharing your time, knowledge, and experience with those of us at the conference. My sister is a long-time follower and fan of yours, and it meant a lot to her to see you and meet you!

    I’m the “wish I could do something more” type … I support my sister however I can, but just wish I could take the pain away for a day to give her a BREAK!

    06/25/14; 10:42 am

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