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Figwee: An App I Might Actually Use.

At the TCOYD conference in Washington, DC this past weekend, I was tasked with co-leading a session about digital tools for diabetes management (saucily named “There’s An App for That”) alongside Glu’s Anna Floreen.  Building up to the session, she and I talked about apps we use (and don’t use) and how some apps are just filler apps (see also: appholes).

There are apps I use pretty regularly, but only one of them is specific to diabetes (the One Touch Reveal app that works with the Verio Sync).  The others are health-related apps that I tweak for diabetes use.  But at dinner the night before the app session, I found out about an app that might truly help me corral some diabetes stuff (hat tip to Jeremy Pettus):  Figwee.

Figwee is an app with a silly name, but a truly useful purpose because it MAKES PORTIONS MAKE SENSE.  I’m notorious for SWAG’ing a bolus here and there, and that’s mostly because I have trouble measuring and precisely counting the nutritional content of my food.  I’ll eyeball things here and there, but if I don’t regularly refresh my eyes as to what portion sizes should, and actually do, look like, I make a mess of things.

Figwee gives visual representations of portion sizes.  With nutritional information.  And a funky sliding-bar that lets you shrink and grow the portion sizes, which is a trippy thing to play with:

Little bit of pasta?  Got it.  But are you having more?  (Gives a bird’s-eye view and a side-view.)

Add some sauce (where so many extra carbs, etc. sometimes hide):

I love this.  I’ve already used it to help me eyeball portion sizes more accurately for chicken and steak:

And the full nutritional breakdown helps remind me that I am not only keeping an eye on carbs, but also fat and protein and all the other “stuff” in food.

The app even has alcohol:

I have no affiliation with this app and I’m not being compensated to review it (and I paid the $1.99 required to download it), but I wanted to share because it’s worth it.  The photos I’ve posted are a little cropped so they don’t show the slide tool to increase the portion sizes and some of the nutritional information was a little mushed, but on the actual app, it’s all there.

I don’t carry measuring cups and a food scale, so an application like this really helps me make sense of the food on my plate.  You can download and play with Figwee, too, dagnabit.


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  1. Wow, this is really helpful. I already solved last night’s issue with my underbolus for pizza… Thanks Kerri!

    06/9/14; 10:36 am
  2. I am fascinated. I def paid $1.99 for a similar-ish app [mealsnap, which tried to identify your food/calorie counts from pictures.] which was nowhere near as comprehensive. I will now pay the $1.99 for this, too.
    Because nerd fun.
    HOORAY! :] Thanks for sharing!

    06/9/14; 11:11 am
  3. Wow! Super interesting, Kerri! Thanks for sharing!

    06/9/14; 11:37 am
  4. Very cool… This is something even I might try out. Sorry I missed the discussion on Saturday.

    06/9/14; 12:09 pm
  5. k2 #

    You mean I might actually be able to enjoy pasta again?!
    Thanks sister!

    06/9/14; 12:20 pm
  6. It’s probably important to note that Figwee is only available to iDevice users. I’d love to try it out… but can’t.

    06/9/14; 1:10 pm
  7. Holy wow! As someone who used to carry measuring cups around but got tired of that and turned to eyeball-SWAGing, this is awesome. Something I’d totally use — especially when out to eat in new places. Thanks for sharing this, Kerri.

    06/9/14; 1:22 pm
  8. I have an appt with my cde nurse next week and will show this to her. I already know she’ll love it!

    06/9/14; 5:00 pm
  9. The images in this post alone had me ready to fork over the $1.99 (have you ever considered a career in marketing, Kerri?). But much to my chagrin (as to Rachel’s), it’s not available for Android. Bummer.

    06/9/14; 6:38 pm
  10. Leah M #

    When I saw the name of this app, the first thing that popped into my mind was an app that created fictional blood glucose results (’cause fig kind of looks like fudge and I used to totally fudge my numbers, or claim I left my book at home). But I’m pretty sure no one needs help lying! And I’m completely sure no one would pay $1.99 for that. But the real app looks much better than my made-up one. I tried to guess before looking at the carb count, and I was totally wrong. I always misjudge pasta…

    06/9/14; 7:16 pm
  11. Nicholas Lancaster #

    where has this app been all my life?

    06/9/14; 10:42 pm
  12. I remember sitting around a table at one of our conference/meet-ups talking about how we wanted an app where we could put in apple pie, get a picture of apple pie, and then move a slider to match the size of our piece to get the right nutritional information. This is pretty darn close to that!

    06/10/14; 1:58 am
  13. Lucy #

    I have an app which does a similar job and is available for android – “Carbs & Cals” . the photos aren’t quite as helpful as the Figwee ones, but its pretty good. But question – is there really 38g Carbs in 1 cup of spaghetti sauce in the US? Is it made with jam?

    06/10/14; 6:03 am
  14. Sharon #

    I have seen some info lately on tv for a new iphone app for the Dexcom. Terry Gregg was on Jum Cramer talking about it, but cannot find anything else about it! Have you heard anything, Kerri?

    06/10/14; 10:07 am
  15. Ok, so I downloaded it last night. I do like it so far. I don’t know if the pics are as helpful but it gives the info per volume measurement, which is pretty easy for me to estimate. Well, and weight also, but who carries a scale around?

    06/16/14; 10:36 am
  16. Oh, that does look like a nice app! I love that is has pictures of the food because I’m a horrible judge at portion sizes of what I’m eating!

    06/20/14; 2:28 pm
  17. Carol #

    Thank you, I love yu

    02/22/15; 3:27 pm
  18. Dina #

    I used Figwee and LOVED it but that was on my iPhone,,,, I now have a samsung edge and can’t find the App in the Play store ,,, anyone using a similar App or have any suggestions for me? I’m type 1 diabetic since 1976.
    Thank you,
    Dina 🙁

    03/9/17; 11:41 am
    • Tira Gubin #

      Have you found an app yet that will work on a Samsung?

      04/21/17; 1:34 pm

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