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Mystery of the “Right” Button: SOLVED.

When the “circle” popped off my Dexcom receiver last week, a thread in the discussion on that post highlighted the mystery of the “right button.”  As in, what the hell does it do?

And it’s taken me until today to realize that I use the right button all the time, or at least have the option to use the right button:  when calibrating the sensor.

If I enter the wrong blood sugar number, the right button (affectionately known as “Easterly”) allows me to cancel that calibration and start over.

See, Harry?  It does do something!!!

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  1. This is the 3rd consecutive receiver we have that has trouble differentiating between centerly, westerly, and easterly pushes. Because of this, I often enter incorrect calibration numbers because Dex thinks I’m centerly when I’m TOTALLY CANCEL THAT easterly! Then I enter three rapid-fire correct calibrations in an attempt to overwhelm the incorrect entry.

    06/5/14; 9:58 am
    • Kim #

      Me too! I thought it was just me!

      06/5/14; 4:50 pm
    • Me too! And this receiver is squeaky loud! My favorite is when I hit the right button (which I forgot about the first time I saw Harry’s comment) to cancel a button push I didn’t actually make and it thinks I am hitting “okay.”


      06/8/14; 10:35 pm
  2. I have the exact same problem as Katy! I therefore use the right button all the time. 🙂

    06/5/14; 10:12 am
  3. Michelle #

    I just got the dexcom and found the wheel very stiff. I can see why it can fall off because you have press so hard. Why is there a slide cover for the usb ? Also i noticed that the case that came with it did not fit the button snap. Is there any coupons for tallygear?

    06/5/14; 11:35 am
  4. Evan #

    You can also use the right button when you’re entering dates and times, such as when entering events (carbs, insulin, exercise, etc.). The center button also works there, too.

    06/5/14; 2:04 pm
  5. I’d been wondering about this, and had a huge head-nodding “Ah” moment here… thanks for the update to the mystery.

    06/5/14; 2:06 pm
  6. Larry Here #

    Only one thing better than a good mystery: A mystery solved! I’m all like, of course! And a palm of the hand to my forehead.

    06/5/14; 7:14 pm
  7. Lucy #

    I use a dexcom in the UK where we use mmol/l rather than mg/dl, which means I have a x.y number to input (e.g 5.5 rather than 100). so when I enter the calibration data i need to move from the unit to the other side of the decimal, and i use the right button to do that. like changing the time i suppose.

    06/6/14; 8:15 am

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