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Yesterday afternoon, when I went to calibrate my Dexcom, the wheel-o-everything (that wheel on the right hand side of the receiver that is used to calibrate, view the graph, set alarms … everything) made a very soft clicking sound, not unlike the sound my old computer made when I pressed on the F key and then it came loose off the keyboard.  But I refused to accept the implication of the sound, and I calibrated and then patted the receiver on the screen.  “There, there.  You’re fine.  You’re not breaking.  Nope.”

I’d read about broken Dexcom receivers in the past, but this receiver had been in my life (and also my purse, my Spibelt, my car, my suitcase, et to the mega cetera) since November 2012.  It’s held on remarkably well for a device that’s toted around everywhere with me.

But last night, it finally gave up.  And this morning, the wheel, housing, and all plastic accompaniments went kaput.

(Yes, I tried to enter the calibration it was asking for by poking around in the fleshy part of the under-circle.  <— technical term  No dice.)

Now I’m data-free until my replacement receiver arrives, and I’m trying to resist the urge to check my blood sugar every hour on the hour.  Taking a breather from diabetes devices when I choose to is one thing, but having the option removed without a co-sign from me is stressing me right the eff out.

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  1. -V- #

    I was without CGM this weekend and I realized how vulnerable I feel when I’m without it but I managed to do just fine. As for the receiver, I learned quickly to manipulate it very carefully when it’s cold outside. Definitely was built in California and not Boston…

    05/27/14; 10:49 am
    • I’ve never noticed a weather-related difference, but mine has traveled a lot and seen a lot of different climates, and it survived! Until this morning, when it went “Nope.” And yes – vulnerable. That’s exactly it.

      05/27/14; 10:58 am
  2. Harry #

    I’m sorry for your technological loss, but this got me to thinking. Does the right arrow actually do ANYTHING? The left arrow at least lets you back out menus (for example, if you didn’t mean to enter a calibration), but I can’t think of any actual use for the right arrow. Please enlighten me, DOC.

    05/27/14; 11:13 am
    • Ha!! But wait – doesn’t it get used during the “set thresholds” and alarms menus? Otherwise, it’s useless and should only be a triangle.

      05/27/14; 11:16 am
      • Harry #

        Just checked both of those. Negative. I think it’s a placebo button, just like the thermostats in my office.

        05/27/14; 11:30 am
  3. Sheri #

    This happened to me a couple of months ago. I found that you could still calibrate if you take it out of the tallygear case and hit the fleshy under circle at the very edge. You’ll feel a soft click. The middle button should still work fairly well, case or not. Agreed it’s a pain but may help out until you get a new receiver. I’m battling with a cocophany of “???” right now, 10 days in. Unfortunately, this is how I usually figure out that my sensor is kaput. Good luck!

    05/27/14; 11:38 am
  4. That happened to mine only about a few weeks after I got the initial G4 system. Luckily the replacement lasted longer until the usb port slider thing fell off not quite a year later. I just got a new receiver through insurance (the old one wasn’t charging the way it should) and I feel like the wheel feels different than the ones in the past. Maybe they are trying to address this issue if it’s been happening frequently. Hope you get the new one soon!

    05/27/14; 11:45 am
  5. A random question, but does the standalone DexCom actually *require* a calibration when it asks? The reason I ask is that one of the most curious features of the Animas Vibe is the fact that it will keep chucking out data almost no matter what. Out of pure curiosity, I once left it more than 72 hours between calibrations. Not only did it never stop giving me numbers, it didn’t lose accuracy either (although I may have been lucky on that latter point!) I said it was a random question, but your post reminded me of it! Hope the new one is timely in its arrival.

    05/27/14; 12:57 pm
    • It keeps chucking out data, but when it’s simultaneously asking for a calibration, I feel like the data isn’t as solid as it could be. L like to calibrate whenever it asks for it.

      05/27/14; 1:29 pm
      • Me too. It was a one-time-only experiment to see what happened 🙂

        05/27/14; 3:31 pm
        • I am lazy and usually only calibrate after I put the sensor in. The old version of Dexcom, for me, would slowly drift out of sync. But the G4 has always been barely different from the meter.

          05/27/14; 8:33 pm
  6. I hope it’s a VERY short wait.

    05/27/14; 1:02 pm
  7. Something else to make me nervous. Seems like it’s a regularly-consistent issue, and a bummer to hear happening on the quality side of these receivers. I’m most worried that something like this would happen right at the time of traveling when I need it the most. Had that issue with the transmitter battery death issue, too, but luckily got an extra one ahead of time and so if the transmitter dies while traveling, I’m not SOL. Hoping the replacement receiver arrives soon on your end, and stays intact for the long haul!

    05/27/14; 2:18 pm
  8. Natalie A Sera #

    Plastic rim that holds the USB slider broke off, so I can no longer cover the USB port. It seems to me that for an expensive piece of medical equipment, it’s built in a VERY shoddy fashion!!

    05/27/14; 3:29 pm
    • Amy #

      Natalie mine did the same thing after about 4 days. I got a new one straight away and so far, no problems. (I can say this as I got a replacement last week so if this one dies today I’m still okay.)

      05/27/14; 7:21 pm
  9. Danielle #

    Lost my wheel JUST before I was out if warranty. Luckily they sent a replacement. I just lost the USB cover and I’m not too proud to say I have it covered with a band aid right now. I’m not sure how to determine when insurance will cover a new receiver. Mine is just about a year old.

    05/27/14; 9:02 pm
  10. I’ve struggled with getting a CGM. I’ve been told I’m brittle. Blacked out at work, and other various places. Fractured my ankle in 18 places due to a low low.

    But besides the fact that I think all the info would be like watching 24 hour news in my sleep, I’m a little worried about the durability of it. I’ve had a pump now for nearly 17 years, and I’ve only had them go out twice to where I couldn’t use it. And one went out while on vacation, the manufacturer sent a replacement the next day. The CGMs don’t seem to be meeting that standard.

    05/27/14; 9:50 pm
  11. Rose, Tiki's Mom #

    My condolences on your poor dead Dexcom! My daughter (11 years old) has had her Dexcom for only 4 weeks and already I cannot begin to imagine our lives without it for even a day. I’d have to stop my daughter from testing 4 times an hour if she had to go without her Dex. (She’s always been a frequent tester since diagnosis [until she went Dex]; at her last appointment her endo actually told her not to test so much!)

    05/27/14; 10:48 pm
  12. I never lost the wheel on my first G4. I got my second one last month (?) and the wheel just sounds wonky. I don’t think it’s going to last the whole warranty time.

    (And now obsessed about the right arrow of the wheel.)

    05/28/14; 12:06 am
  13. Autumn #

    The Right arrow is needed in case you need to switch your answer from Ok to cancel if you make a mistake when entering your calibrations or your settings.

    05/28/14; 2:21 am
  14. Louise #

    The right hand button does do something! If you try to enter an event (does anyone ever actually do this?? I entered in some carbs maybe one time after I first got my dexcom just to see how it looks in the reports…) and then get to the final confirm screen, you can use the right arrow to hit cancel if you decide not to enter the event.

    For those of you who were as bothered by the idea of a false button as I was, I hope this helps!

    05/28/14; 9:52 am
  15. Denise #

    Hey, where’d you get that light blue polka dot face?!?!? I’ve never seen one. Tell tell tell. Must buy several.

    05/28/14; 10:35 am
  16. Dawn #

    This same thing happened to us last winter. I was able to snap the wheel back on several times before it wouldn’t work any longer.

    05/28/14; 12:22 pm
  17. Mary Jo #

    I just replaced my receiver. The last one was paid for by my insurance company. Now that I am on Medicare I had to pay for it myself. It was only $600. I know that insurance companies pay a much lower price!!

    06/1/14; 1:10 pm

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