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D-Blog Week: Diabetes Life-Hacks.

I feel like the beginning of Diabetes Blog Week had so many prompts that really tapped the emotionally-saturated side of my diabetes management that I’m spent.  But I didn’t want to phone it in today for the last weekday post, so I’m pulling myself up by the bloggy bootstraps and putting my hacker hat on.  (Damn, Gina – that sounds like a complicated metaphorical outfit.)

For today’s blog post, centered on diabetes life-hacks, here’s a compilation of “sum” (OH HA?) diabetes hacks from the past:

I like “diabetes life hacks” because they make it easier, and more streamlined, to actually live with diabetes without succumbing to all the rules.  I don’t want to work my life around my diabetes; I’d much rather work diabetes around my life.

But the ultimate diabetes hack, IMO?  Is from Dana and Scott, who are creating their own do-it-yourself-pancreas system.  Necessity is the mother of invention, for real when it comes to life with diabetes.

Hack on!!

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  1. I love your stories and tips, the bag is beautiful! Someone’s hack (I can’t remember who) suggested hydrocortisone cream – putting it on your skin where you want your next site to be to reduce itchiness/broken out skin. I thought that might be worth trying for your irritated skin. 🙂

    05/17/14; 11:39 pm

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