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D-Blog Week: Mantras and More.

Mantras and sayings aren’t really my thing, but if I had to tie my boat to one tagline, diabetes-wise, it would be this one:

But most things like this give me a Pinterest rash, because it all seems to sound like:

When I need an emotional lift, I turn to my friends, family, and DOC (which is an amalgam of friends & family) for the “boost.”  Or, when no one’s looking, I watch this on repeat.

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  1. My mantras are song lyrics – “Never Surrender” by Corey Hart being top choice during those late night crashing lows and many, many doctor’s appointments. I also hear my late mom’s voice saying things like “c’mon kid, you have to get up/drink the juice/do a test/fight off the feeling”…all things that she used to tell me years ago and that resurrect hidden memories now.

    Pinterest rash – haha!

    05/15/14; 10:38 am
  2. Your humor cannot be matched! Thank you Kerri, for the blah blahs. It gave me a great laugh early in the am.

    05/15/14; 11:06 am
  3. “Diabetes doesn’t definite me,” I define diabetes!

    We all have our own unique way of describing a similar sentiment.

    05/15/14; 11:55 am
  4. Aww, I like both of those!

    05/15/14; 12:28 pm
  5. I had convinced myself before I clicked on the YouTube URL that you were going to do this to me:

    05/15/14; 12:58 pm
    • Because that gets me EVERY TIME!!! 🙂

      05/15/14; 12:59 pm
  6. Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

    05/15/14; 8:40 pm
  7. I can’t decide if I want that second one on a coffee mug or a bumper sticker.

    05/18/14; 1:39 am

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