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Nine Years of Blogging.

Today is my blog’s ninth birthday.  Tomorrow starts year ten and I still stand by the words I wrote in my first post, back in 2005:

“The purpose of this is to make contact with other diabetics. It’s one of those diseases (or maybe they’re all this way, I’m not sure) where even if you have the mechanics of it completely mastered, the psychological battle is just as daunting. Every time I test my blood sugar, the result stirs me up emotionally. If I’m high, I feel guilty. Or surprised. Or angry. If I’m low, I feel anxious. And slightly panicky. Or confused. A normal reading level might make me feel cocky. Or successful. But they all make me feel something. And it’s not just physiological. There is so much involved in the daily maintenance of diabetes that a support network isn’t just nice, it’s necessary.”

Thanks to everyone for continuing to read, to share, and to expand the definition of “support” with every word, meet-up, and friendship forged.  The DOC is as important to my emotional health as insulin is to my physical health, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it.

Or, if this were an SAT analogy, I’d write that as:

Insulin : Physical health : : DOC : _______

a.  Concrete
b.  Frogger
c.  Emotional health
d.  Harlot

When in doubt, pick (DO)C.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing thoughts with the DOC 🙂

    05/5/14; 3:55 am
  2. Your comments from your first blog post ring absolutely true in my own head. The emotional ups and downs seem to sneak up on me and attack when I least expect it, filling me with insecurity and stealing my hope. Blogging helps immensely, as does reading the blogs of others in the DOC. Thanks for being an emotional support to me and so many others of us out here in cyberspace, Kerri. We really do need each other.

    05/5/14; 8:48 am
  3. Wow!!

    I wish I could remember how I stumbled upon your blog in the summer of 2005, but however it was, I’m glad I did. 🙂

    05/5/14; 9:38 am
  4. Wow… amazing that it’s been 9 years! I remember finding your blog at the end of the year in October, and from there reading stories from you, Scott and Scott, Amy and so on. Thank you so much for sharing your world with all of us, connecting so many in this community and really being a foundational part of creating what so many love about the DOC these days.

    btw: the answer has to be FROGGER! I mean, doesn’t it? How can it not…?! (context irrelevant)

    05/5/14; 10:38 am
  5. anette #

    Happy ninth birthday. I hope you will continue to write your blog for at least 9 more years 🙂

    05/5/14; 11:09 am
  6. Jen #

    Happy Blogiversary!

    Thanks for all you’ve done to bring awareness to Diabetes and your priceless contribution to the DOC!

    And thank you personally for how your words and sharing your own personal Diabetes journey has comforted, motivated, and positively contributed to me and my life with Diabetes!!!

    05/5/14; 11:10 am
  7. k2 #

    9 is fine!!!
    OK, not the best rhyme but Happy Blog Birthday!!
    Thanks for always sharing, teaching, learning, doing and making us smile!
    And as far as the answer: I’m going with C & D 😉

    05/5/14; 12:20 pm
  8. Happy Blogiversary! (and yes, I totally copied and pasted that from Jen’s comment above) And we all want you to have many more b/c of your encouraging words and glimpse into your very real life. 🙂

    05/6/14; 1:56 am
  9. Happy Birthday to your blog! May you have many many many many many more blogging years.

    05/6/14; 5:36 am
  10. Congratulations on 9 years!

    05/6/14; 1:48 pm
  11. Emily Hastings #

    Happy Blog Birthday!

    I suppose I’m a bit different from most of your readers, in that I’m not a member of the DOC, my diabetes is secondary to treatment for another condition (steroids for chronic lung disease) and most of the time, my diabetes is relatively easy to manage and very much subsidiary to that condition (I’m awake at 2am (GMT) because my chest hurts and I’m short of breath, not because I’m dealing with a hypo- or hyperglycaemic episode).

    But I think your blog has something to say to everyone who is dealing with a chronic illness, particularly young people who, whether due to geography, the nature of their condition or both, find it difficult or impossible to have physical contact with others with that condition. Okay, you may not understand the particular challenges I face grappling with home oxygen, disabling breathlessness and constant hospital admissions with chest infections (just as I can’t fully understand, despite your very vivid and eloquent writing, what it’s like to be woken by a dangerously low blood sugar, have a painful or bloody set change, or have to estimate carbs off the cuff when faced with an unexpected food) but there is a universality of experience to which this blog speaks. Chronic lung disease seems to have a much less cohesive and, in some cases, a much more turbulent presence online, and I have not found anyone with any condition at all similar to mine writing so lucidly about shared feelings and emotions.

    I have, however, found a great deal that I can relate to on this blog – the constant pitter-patter of health worries in the corner of the mind even when doing other things; the worry about long term complications and prognosis, the sometimes competing desires to have a full and rich life but also to be a ‘good’ patient (with the attendant implication that if we become more unwell we must be ‘bad’ patients).

    Most of all, what resonates with me, though, is that fear that we all have, but I suspect seldom articulate (and I can’t thank you enough for being brave and honest enough to articulate it) – “Will I wake up tomorrow morning?”

    Thank you, Kerri, from one not-very-diabetic who nevertheless eagerly consumes everything which you write.

    05/6/14; 9:27 pm
  12. ria #

    if not for your blog, I would be alone on D island with no glucose tablets, and a tree full of coconuts
    thanks Kerri <3 Happy DBlogirthday ! (

    05/6/14; 11:09 pm

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