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Mommy’s Little Pack Mule.

Running alone brings out the Spibelt, and I cram it full of my on-the-move necessities:  glucose tabs, Dexcom receiver, keys, and phone.  Even though it’s reasonably streamlined and doesn’t bother me too much to tote around all that stuff, it’s a bulkier system than, oh, I don’t know … making my own insulin.

But lo!  The child rides a bike!  And insisted on having a bicycle basket!  To which I said, “Yes!  Excellent idea and can you please carry all my shit, too?” only I did not cuss at the child!

The miles might be logged a little slower than when I’m by myself, but there’s nothing more convenient than making use of her bike basket to carry all my diabetes stuff, and I love sharing some outside play moments with my daughter.

And she likes being in charge of such important things, since she is a “big girl” and can “carry the glucose tabs because then if I want a very, very, very small bite of a glucose tabs, I can just reach in and have one, right, Mawm?”

“Sure.  But only if you make sure you slow down if I need a glucose tab, okay?”

Bartering with my happy little helper of a diabetes pack mule.

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  1. Is your little diabetes pack mule available for hire? What’s her availability like on Tuesday evenings?

    04/29/14; 12:35 pm
  2. That’s a very clever idea. Although mine isn’t pink and wicker-y, I did find a sort of basket thing that straps onto the front of my bike that is extremely handy for all the shit we have to carry. It’s either that or strapping on a backpack since I like to bring water or gatorade with me too.
    I love how you pointed out that you didn’t cuss at the child 😉

    04/29/14; 1:04 pm
  3. Lindsay #

    This is awesome. My son just turned 3, I can’t wait until I can use him as my diabetes pack mule! 🙂 Love it!

    04/29/14; 1:26 pm
  4. I love when Pete and I run together because I totally strap all my diabetes crap to him and use him as a pack mule too. He’s younger than me anyway, so he should definitely carry all my stuff.

    Oh yeah, and I also like when Pete and I run together because I enjoy his company. Yup, sure, mostly that but also to be have a pack mule.

    04/29/14; 1:32 pm
  5. Caitie #

    Some of my favourite childhood memories are biking with my dad when he went running! Happy memory making!

    04/29/14; 9:04 pm
  6. Nicole #

    I love that it looks like Birdy is wearing spiderman shoes. According to my daughter (4 years old going on 30) “spidaman is for everyone”

    04/30/14; 11:51 pm
    • She is wearing Spiderman shoes. “Spidaman” IS for everyone! 🙂

      05/1/14; 12:15 am
  7. The older they are, the more stuff they can carry. Gets harder when they start pacing you.

    05/3/14; 11:18 am

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