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Don’t Mind Me.

Don’t mind me …

… I’ll just be sitting here with 1 unit of Humalog left in my pump because I went to bed with 9 units left and tried to use my insulin to the very last drop.  I’ll let my dawn phenomenon-induced morning basal rate suck up the rest of this cartridge before swapping it out for a full one.  Insulin isn’t something I take for granted.  It’s precious stuff.

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  1. I’m the same way. I feel guilty if there are more than two units left. My pet peeve is when I know I’d run out in the middle of the night because I then have to decide to stay up for hours or set an alarm to change the reservoir and another alarm two hours later.

    I wish there was a way to transfer what little bit is left each time into another one to eventually fill a reservoir.

    04/23/14; 10:03 am
  2. Kris #

    Yes! I do the same thing. I hate to think of all the insulin that is wasted in the tubing too, and also when you prime the pump. That stuff is liquid GOLD you cannot waste it!

    I also struggle with changing a pump site that seems to be doing perfectly well. But we all know it’s doing well…until it isn’t. And then you are chasing the highs and in denial that the site could be bad because, “It worked perfectly this morning!”. Or is that just me? Haha.

    04/23/14; 10:27 am
  3. Cathy Taylor #

    Is there a reason why you guys don’t put the cartridge filling needle back on the old reservoir and squirt the unused insulin back into the vial before you fill the next cartridge? There’s always loads left in my cartridge even when it says it’s empty. I hate waste too!

    04/23/14; 11:11 am
    • I used to do that, but it ended up causing problems, especially as my vial ran low. They say insulin in a plastic reservoir doesn’t preserve as well as in a glass jar (don’t ask me why), so maybe that’s it. Or maybe I just couldn’t maintain the proper pressure in the vial and I got a ton of unavoidable air-bubbles.

      After a year or so of that practice, I decided it’s just not worth the problems — for me anyway.

      04/23/14; 9:34 pm
    • Jochen #

      I do return unused inuslin from the cartridge to the vial since years without any problems. I even did that with the Omnipod 2 when I was testing this device.

      And if the vial is running low I just use a new one to fill the cartridge and then use the old cartridge to empty the old vial and suirt it into the new one. So I don’t have to care for sucking air from the old vial and putting it in the new one. The next time I have to use the new vial the bubbles are gone.

      04/24/14; 4:28 am
  4. Heather #

    Ack!!! I see that 1 unit left, and break into a cold sweat.

    My son doesn’t carry an extra bottle of insulin with him–he’s 14 and can barely remember to carry a cell phone–so he carries extra insulin in his pump. 🙂

    That extra insulin gives me peace of mind. We live in earthquake country, and I work an hour away from my son’s school.

    He only uses about 2/3rds of the insulin in the cartridge each time, but I don’t think of discarding that extra insulin as wasteful; I think of it as an insurance policy. No matter where he is, or what natural calamities occur, he’ll always have an extra day’s worth of insulin with him.

    04/23/14; 12:48 pm
  5. John #

    I’m with you Kerri. I do injections for boluses so I can drain my reservoir to the last drop!

    04/23/14; 5:42 pm
  6. Don’t mind me routinely doing math before bedtime – checking my basal rates against my reservoir and my planned hours of sleep.

    04/24/14; 12:31 am
    • Exactly. And with my basal rate doubling at 5 am, it makes the math harder. O_o

      04/24/14; 9:26 am
  7. Andrew #

    Here in the UK our insulin is free on the NHS.

    But it’s still really precious, and worth using every drop where possible.

    Even with MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) it’s worth the extra jab to use up the odd unit left.

    04/24/14; 6:51 am
  8. The only thing that stops me from letting my pump reservoir go so low, especially at night is that I know it’ll wake me up too frequently in the night. Do animas pumps not alarm with increasing frequency as you approach zero units?

    04/24/14; 10:21 am
  9. Bruce #

    I just re-use the cartridge 10-15 times, until it starts binding and alarming, no waste. I did start using new tubing each change cause it was almost the same in the cartridge when I was all done.

    04/24/14; 9:09 pm

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