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Binge-Watching Causes Low Blood Sugars.

Dead Poet’s Society.  It might be a film from 1989, but it remains one of my favorites largely in part to Josh Charles as Knox Overstreet.

(He doesn’t care that Chris is with Chet.  Carpe diem!  And there’s a point to this – stick with me.)

Chris and I don’t watch a lot of television, but we have been swept up in the whole binge-watching phenomenon afforded by outlets like iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.  Even though we were late in getting into Breaking Bad, we caught up last year in a hurry just in time to immerse ourselves into the broadcast of the second half of season five (technology, bitch!)  We didn’t watch The Wire when it was originally broadcasted, but we did rip through five seasons of that show in a hurry.  And we finished True Detective last night (even though I will admit that I didn’t catch everything everyone was saying because the mumbling was oh my).  Binge!!

But we don’t watch every show together. The Good Wife, which I’ve just recently started watching while doing longer, steady cardio workouts at the gym, is my go-to show to watch solo.  Which brings us back to Knox Overstreet, because he’s a lead character in The Good Wife.  And for at least 40 minutes every day, for the last two weeks or so, good ol’ Knox has been helping me earn my steps for the day.

Last week, though, I made the mistake of trying to binge-watch at the gym and mistakenly lost track of time and blood sugars.  Instead of taking a peek at my Dexcom every ten minutes or so, I totally spaced.  Which meant that I did an hour of walking/running “blinded.”  I should have checked my blood sugar.  Instead, I walked to the car in a staggered pattern, not unlike Billy from Family Circus, unlocking the car door and haphazardly throwing all my junk onto the passenger seat while simultaneously fumbling for my glucose meter.

“Yes, I’m sure you’re right,” in response to the triple BEEP BEEP BEEP! of my Dexcom receiver, throwing rage from inside my gym bag.  My glucose meter confirmed the tri-beep with a blood sugar of 33 mg/dL.

It’s funny (not really) how the symptoms are dammed up until I see the number, and then once I am aware of my actual blood sugar, the dam gives and hot damn, panic hits.  My car, for a brief moment, looked like I let a glucose tab dust genie loose from its lamp as I worked through five glucose tabs.  I sat and waited until the feeling came back to my lips and my hands stopped shaking, then checked my blood sugar again to make sure I was okay enough to drive home.

The lesson learned?  If I’m going to spend more than my fair share of time watching Knox Overstreet woo Nurse Carol Hathaway, I need to watch my Dexcom graph closely.  Binge-watching is apparently the leading cause of Sparling low blood sugars.


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  1. Heather #

    Siiighhhh, good old Knox. If there was ever a character to make you completely unaware of time/Dexcoms, it’s Knox Overstreet/ Will Gardner. I’m sorry you had such a scary moment though. Ugh.

    04/14/14; 9:47 am
  2. Heather D #

    Sorry to hear about your low… 🙁

    But SERIOUSLY on the True Detective mumbling! Love me some Matthew McConaughey, but couldn’t understand half of what he was saying. I turned on the closed captions to help.

    04/14/14; 3:06 pm
  3. Sharon #

    Josh Charles is pretty good in Sports Night 1998-99 and only two seasons! Sharon from Sacramento.

    04/14/14; 6:27 pm
  4. I am so happy to discover I’m not alone in having the low symptoms really kick in only after I’ve confirmed the low on my meter!

    Though I have not yet discovered The Good Wife, I’ll check it out now!

    As always, thanks for such a great post.

    04/14/14; 8:12 pm
  5. Clearly you are not completely caught up on your current binge watching show.

    That’s all I’m going to say…


    04/15/14; 3:32 am

      04/15/14; 9:22 am
  6. Jen #

    Sara I wish you had posted spoiler alert before your comment. I accidentally heard what happens this season but I didn’t know who it happened to. Until now.

    04/15/14; 11:09 am
  7. Martha #

    You are so right that low BS symptoms all of a sudden seem to hit you harder once you confirm how bad it is by testing your blood sugar. Sometimes I don’t want to test because I know I will be even more likely to over-treat the low (which I often do) once I see the actual number on the screen.

    04/15/14; 4:16 pm
  8. Sorry about the low, but LOVE how you said “Nurse Carol Hathaway”. I haven’t watched The Good Wife but it’s in my Hulu Plus queue if I want to watch it. (Before Netflix) My husband and I started watching 24 late in the game, checking out a dvd at a time from the library. We sat down to watch 1 episode and then would watch all 4 on that disc. Then one of us would return that disc and check out all of the rest of the season the next day, we were so hooked! We finally watched season 8 on TV and it was so hard to wait from week-to-week! I think binge watching is easier. 🙂 We’ll just all have to keep our meters close to us!

    04/18/14; 12:07 am

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