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Spring Cleaning.

Finally – FINALLY – the bulbs planted last fall are starting to make good on their promises.

I don’t much care for resolutions that throw anchor in January, but I am a big fan of spring cleaning.  Organizing diabetes supply closetsRebooting an exercise routine! Scheduling the next slate of medical appointments (endo, primary care, dermatologist for a long-overdue re-examination of diabetes device-related skin rashes)!  Exclamation points because it’s finally above 30 degrees and I’m burning off buckets o’ carbs mulching and weeding the garden!

Oh spring, you are the control-alt-delete of bad habits.

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  1. ria #

    spring has sprung
    the grass has rizz
    I wonder where my glucose is ?
    Took 2 – 1- 1/2 mi walks today WHIle munching on sugar added coffee flavored hard candy (more than a few) (delicious, by the way) and returned home to find my b.g. lower than when I left
    SO THANKFUL to be outside walking again after a brutal winter here

    04/8/14; 5:26 pm

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