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Excited About Exercise … Again?

I’m climbing up on a new bandwagon.

Oh hell yes I am, and I needed one.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve completely fallen off in terms of exercise.  I could blame the endless winter weather, or work, or the endless fuzzy hairballs that are Loopy and Siah, but the truth is, I just got lazy.  Laziness turned into apathy, and apathy turned into a bad habit of not exercising much at all.

Not cool, because my blood sugars/weight/emotions fare best when I’m active.  Sounds trite, but it’s true.

I’ve taken up with a new fitness tracker, and one that motivates me less because it’s tracking activity and more because it’s connecting me with some folks to engage in some friendly “account-a-tition” (accountability + competitiveness).  And that’s the theme of this month’s Animas column:

“… so now I had a way of tracking what I was doing, exercise-wise, and a group of people to help keep me accountable.  THIS was exactly the boost I needed to pull me out of the exercise doldrums.  Now, instead of relying on my sometimes-hard-to-find motivation, I could turn to the DOC to help motivate me.  The application, much like other fitness tracker applications, allows people to cheer one another on, and share daily workout stats.  Were my fellow PWDs logging nine, ten, … thirteen thousand steps per day?  Were they finding ways to eek out a little more exercise?  I was inspired to follow suit. “

Click over to Animas for a read, and since I needed to keep the type of tracker brand-agnostic for purposes of that column, I’ll say here that I’m using a FitBit, and if you’d like to connect, let’s do it!

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  1. Katie S #

    I’ve thought about getting one of these but I don’t know if I can bring myself to wear ANOTHER device 24/7!

    04/1/14; 1:57 pm
    • I hear you. But I like the feedback on this device, versus the sometimes-wanting-to-throw-my-CGM-across-the-room. 😉

      04/1/14; 3:35 pm
  2. Hmmmm, I’ve been perusing the FitBit site lately after seeing so many friends posting FitBit stats on Facebook – because I’ve been needing some major exercise inspiration too. Glad to hear you like it. Pete’s been pestering me about what I want for my birthday in a couple of months, and I think a FitBit might be just the think to put on my wishlist.

    04/1/14; 4:07 pm
  3. I love my Fitbit.

    A good example of why: Last Wednesday I worked from home. Beside a few walks from my desk to the kitchen, I did little to no walking at all. At about 8pm I was ready to brew some tea and tuck myself into bed but opened up and realized that I had walked close to ZERO steps. So instead I put on my sneakers and walked a couple of miles to a cafe, bought a cup of tea, then walked home.

    When I’m busy it’s easy to forget that I’m also being lazy. This little device helps.

    04/1/14; 7:09 pm
  4. I’ve been using this since last year, and I love it. One hitch- too small and easy to misplace. I actually have 2- I thought I lost my first one so I bought a second one. My fitbit reminds me to walk over to a colleague, instead of emailing or phoning. Sometimes I pace at home for the few steps left to make 10,000.

    04/1/14; 9:49 pm
    • I like the Fitbit Flex (the one on the wrist band w/o the time which was recalled). Waterproof and easy to keep on. I wish someone would make it into a medic alert-type bracelet b/c I haven’t started wearing one yet!

      04/1/14; 10:01 pm
      • Sorry that sounds weird, the Force (which has the time) was recalled, that’s not the one I have).

        04/1/14; 10:02 pm
        • A friend bought the wrist one – not sure if it’s the Force or the Flex. Her main issue is that she usually has to take it off when going to a business meeting or a more-than-caual party or dinner party. In case of the Fitbit One, it’s not so obvious that I have to take it off, and on several occasions I’ve even clipped it on my bra :).

          04/2/14; 11:50 am

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