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All the Pieces.

We took a brief break at the Boston Museum of Science to marvel at the “Archimedean Excogitation,’’ an audiokinetic sculpture by George Rhoads.

Birdy stood and stared at it for ages, and I found myself doing the same.

The sculpture is 27 feet tall, made up of a xylophone, wind chimes, and so many chutes and pulleys and moving parts that whirred and influenced one another, sending billiard balls on a journey through the sculpture, rarely taking a predictable path and creating this cacophonous yet controlled chaos that made focusing on one part dizzying but watching it in motion made me respect all the work that went into crafting and maintaining it.

Diabetes management metaphor, anyone?


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  1. k2 #

    Your description of the sculpture makes my head spin – Just like diabetes!
    Also: Birdy girl makes me smile!

    03/31/14; 11:20 am
  2. tracy #

    Birdy looks so grown up in that picture – look at all the beautiful hair!!

    03/31/14; 4:19 pm
  3. Katie #

    The “ball machine” is one of my favorite things!! They used to have one in the lobby of Boston Children’s Hospital, and so I associate those sounds with going to the endo. It doesn’t get any less amazing once you’re all grown up 🙂

    03/31/14; 9:34 pm
  4. A picture of a beautiful girl and a complicated machine. Definitely a diabetes metaphor. We are a beautiful complicated bunch, aren’t we?

    04/1/14; 12:18 am
  5. jim #

    If it was only that predictable.

    04/1/14; 6:43 am

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