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Wordless Wednesday: Diabetes Blog Search Terms.

(There are words, but they are photos of words, so that’s a technical win, yes?  These are some of the search terms that brought people to Six Until Me this morning, and they pretty much run the gamut.)

It always comes back to Nutella.

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  1. ria #

    type 1 type 2 gestational
    type N is that from having too much or too little nutella in your blood?

    03/26/14; 2:49 pm
  2. Is Nutella the cure or the cause…

    Wait a second, doesn’t matter. Pass the Nutella!

    03/27/14; 12:31 am
  3. MJ #

    How do you cover Nutella. I know, everyone is different and I need to run any advice by my childs doctor but seriously… It has so much fat and it is a nut butter with lots of sugar. Would extended bolus be appropriate? My daughter loves it and I haven’t been able to give her much since her Dx in September. I read your Nutella post I really loved the final line about experiencing someone else’s childhood. I really want my daughter to experience things … In moderation. I did give her a very small cotton candy that I had made especially for her and I let her have it right after a meal with fat and protein a d it worked out OK ( I think… But then again I’m a newbie D Mom) I love love love your blog.

    03/27/14; 10:38 pm

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