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Learning from Mistakes.

I make so many mistakes, but I’m grateful for a supportive community that inspires me to learn … both from mistakes, and from their collective experiences.

(Holy crap am I sorry I talked so fast in that clip.  It was like NaNoWriMo hosted by one breath.)

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  1. I have been putting on under-arm deodorant for at least 10 years longer than I’ve had diabetes, and I STILL sometimes walk out of the house in the morning having forgot to put it on. (Thankfully, I don’t sweat a lot and can usually manage to not stink until I get back home to apply.)
    We all make our diabetes mistakes, and we all do our best. We greatly appreciate you (and all the DOC) sharing both the triumphs and the “failures”, but like you said, as long as we are living long healthy lives with diabetes, we most certainly have nothing to be ashamed of! 🙂

    03/14/14; 10:52 am
  2. Jem #

    Excellent word, minutiae.

    03/14/14; 11:03 am
  3. ria #

    perfectly imperfect !
    thanks for the great message

    03/14/14; 11:48 am
  4. Dawn #

    Well Halle Barry says she’s got hers cured and all figured out. Ha! 😉

    03/14/14; 4:11 pm
  5. Sharon #

    Whole Mess–that describes diabetes and taking care of it perfectly!
    Was great to meet you in Sacramento!
    Take care Be Well

    03/14/14; 5:53 pm
  6. Excellent Keri !! I just wrote my first blog post today ! Not as easy as you make it look !!

    03/14/14; 6:18 pm
  7. DennisD #

    Kerri, You are wonderfully articulate – Thanks!!!

    Even with 57 years T1D I can make many mistakes; the most common is counting carbs, entering them but forgetting to hit the “Act” button. Has gotten so that when we are eating supper, my wife will say “… did you really take insulin? …”. Missing carbs in my counting at restaurants had gotten so common that I now automatically add an extra 10%.

    The endo I see will say while looking at my charts and graphs, “operator error here, I assume”. In the three years since he developed diabetes, he has become very understanding – not he is aware of some of the struggle.

    03/14/14; 8:41 pm
  8. Thanks Kerri! After 59 years I’ve got a lot of mistakes to learn from. Just seems like I keep repeating some of them but each day I’m here gives me a new chance.

    03/14/14; 10:22 pm
  9. I like Rhonda’s comment above. Before I walk out the door now, I put on deodorant one more time (or one time, because maybe I forgot?) and touch each of my back pockets to confirm that I have my CGM in one and my phone in the other. The “did I brush my teeth” confirmation is a little easier.

    03/14/14; 10:36 pm
  10. Making mistakes is inevitable but hopefully we are making less mistakes now than we used to before we learned we have diabetes. I was diagnosed with Type 2 in 2011 so compared to those who have been living with Diabetes for 10 years, I am still new to this, not to mention I just had gastric bypass surgery in December of last year so it’s a whole new level of self-nurturing. What’s important is our goal to improve our physical, emotional, mental, even spiritual well being and use our progress to inspire and encourage other people living with Diabetes.

    By the way, you indeed talked a little faster in that clip 😀 Thanks for these words of wisdom.

    03/17/14; 2:42 am
  11. So admittedly this comment has nothing to do with the content of the video (which was great, by the way) but I had to share. As I played the video K.C. got up from napping behind me on the back of the couch and came to watch with me. 🙂 Clearly she remembers you and remains a fan.

    03/19/14; 9:12 am

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