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Focus: Diabetes Things I Like.

(Revisiting and revising a post from several years ago๐Ÿ™‚

Even though I do not like the disease, there are some diabetes-related simple pleasures that make me smile:

  • I like the feeling of satisfaction when I change the Dexcom sensor and the pump infusion set at the same time.
  • I like having the tune of “Fur Elise” memorized.
  • I also have a deeper appreciation for people who can code up some Top Gun.
  • I finally like how glucose tabs taste.ย  (This year’s fave flavor? Wildberry.)
  • I like how the look ofย  compassion gives way quickly to one of want when my daughter sees me bust out the glucose tabs.ย  (“Can I have one tiny, tiny, tiny bite?”)
  • Nothing makes me laugh more than watching Loopy rip by at 100 miles an hour on the hardwood floors with a confiscated bottle of test strips like a hockey puck at her paws.
  • I like when my diabetes supplies are delivered.
  • I like when I can stretch a CGM sensor past the seven day mark.
  • I like changing my lancet because it makes me feel like a rebel.
  • I still like not having to wear a watch.
  • I like being mistaken for a droid.
  • I like when my Dexcom doesn’t make a frigging peep for hours, meaning that I’m within the threshold lines.
  • I also like when kids think I can communicate directly with the mothership.
  • I like having an intimate understanding of the physiology (and chaos) taking place in my insulin “producing” cells.
  • (I like how finger quotes pretty much sum up the function of my beta cells.)
  • I like how my husband understands that feelings and actions can be summed up simply with one number.ย  (“48,” as I take long pulls from the bottle of grape juice in the fridge.)
  • I like how an in-range number on my glucose number reinforces decisions I’ve made.
  • I have learned to like how out-of-range numbers teach me something about my diabetes and my body’s response to certain variables.
  • I like watching my blood sugar average tighten up.ย  (This is a rare one, but I still like it.)
  • I like when my pump tubing ties itself into knots while I sleep because it makes me think that my pump is break dancing throughout the enight.
  • I have also learned to like the hard-taught appreciation for the many parts of my body that work properly.
  • I like comparing notes and brainstorming with my doctor about my diabetes, as though we’re working together against a common foe.
  • I like the diabetes online community.
  • Actually, I might full out love the diabetes online community, because it’s been the difference between feeling isolated and potentially overwhelmed by diabetes to feeling supported, empowered, and ready to keep trying despite those aforementioned lazy supposed-to-be-producing-insulin cells.
  • And lastly, I like lists of things I like.

What’s on your list?


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  1. I totally stopped reading and changed my lancet after reading #9. Thanks for the reminder. I’m such a rebel.

    03/3/14; 12:49 pm
  2. Ria #

    I like that you like certain things about diabetes
    I like your attitude =)

    03/3/14; 1:44 pm
  3. My daughter likes how she can play the Diabetes card when she chooses, she doesn’t do it often but she does it pleases her a lot, like when it’s cold and wet and it’s time for cross-country running during her school physical education lesson. ๐Ÿ™‚

    She loves being able to take food into the cinema without mortgaging our house to buy one bag of sweets.

    She loves letting people know that she can eat anything, apart from poison and cookies with poison.

    But what she absolutely loves is me buying her beloved Mirinda (Indian fizzy orange drink) for her as a hypo treat.

    03/3/14; 2:13 pm
  4. I love that I get to play with different sorts of diabetes gadgets that common folk just don’t get to. Of course, that love of diabetes gadetry has known to drive me batty at times.

    03/3/14; 2:34 pm
  5. I was in for a quarterly diabetes checkup when my primary care doc decided that I looked like I had too many moles for comfort. He sent me to see a dermatologist who promptly diagnosed a stage zero melanoma on my upper arm the size of a pencil point.

    Without that quarterly checkup for my diabetes, my melanoma could have gone undiagnosed until it was too late.

    So it is possible diabetes saved my life.

    But most days, not so much.

    03/3/14; 2:42 pm
    • Christine Curry #

      I like that they caught that early too.
      I like that there is so much education about diabetes and I like that I will be able to listen in on a TCOYD seminar in Sac. Look forward to seeing you there Keri.

      03/3/14; 11:08 pm
  6. Dan #

    Hi Kerri,
    Thanks for sharing your stories and sunshine that you bring to the DOC!
    As always have a great day.

    03/3/14; 3:26 pm
  7. I like that I have an understanding of what is and is not good nutrition. And I like that I understand that I have to do the work to keep myself healthy, it’s not just a matter of making it to the doctor’s office.

    03/3/14; 3:54 pm
  8. Caitie #

    I love when my lovely third graders panic and chase me down on lunch duty to make sure I have my ‘Sugar Bag.’
    I love when those same third graders think that health class just means learning about my diabetes and are genuinely upset when I have to teach actual curriculum.
    I love the goodbye card from the same lovelies that states ‘We are sad that you are leaving for a new school… but we are happy your diabetes strips (test strips) will be paid for! (Hooray for a teaching contract with benefits!)
    I love feeling special when friends make sure to have snacks that I can eat that ‘don’t count’ when I go to their homes.
    I love when I get busy with life and simply forget about diabetes and then when I remember I am so thankful that it is just a piece of my life not all of it!
    I am a little OCD and I also love all the recording, testing, number stuff!

    03/3/14; 7:24 pm
    • “I love when I get busy with life and simply forget about diabetes and then when I remember I am so thankful that it is just a piece of my life not all of it!”

      I love this.

      03/3/14; 10:09 pm
  9. Laddie #

    I like when my younger D-friends (like you!) have a revelation that you are really doing a super job living a wonderful life with and despite diabetes.

    03/3/14; 9:23 pm
  10. Becky #

    I love, and get excited, when I get to get new diabetes toys…new pump, or new glucose meter, or find new web sites/phone apps.

    I love that I now know why I used to feel so terrible all the time, and if I feel bad now I have a way to fix it.

    I love that my husband is invested in and supportive of my diabetes. He’ll make me dinner, and when he hands me the plate tell me exactly how many carbs are on it.

    I love when I discover new foods/recipes that work well for me.

    03/3/14; 11:23 pm
  11. After this weekend, I am reminded of how much I like diabetes for the people it has brought into my life who I would have had no way of meeting/knowing otherwise. Diabetes has given me amazing friends.

    03/3/14; 11:31 pm
  12. Being diabetic feels kinda sexy.

    03/4/14; 11:02 am

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