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February 2014

Happy Flowerless Valentine’s Day: Spare a Rose.

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community February 14, 2014 2 Comments

Today is the last day of the Spare A Rose campaign, and as of this morning, the diabetes community has raised $19821.34 from 604 donations. Our original goal was to raise $10,000, and we’ve almost met that goal twice over in the course of two weeks.  And it’s still early this Valentine’s Day – final totals will be compiled over…


We’re Gonna Need More Novocaine.

Healthcare February 13, 2014 8 Comments

It’s not that I don’t like the dentist (she’s very nice), but that I don’t like dental work.  Of all the health-related things I have to do on a daily/monthly/yearly basis, dental works tops the list of “ooh, no thank you.”  Daily finger pricks and infusion sets and injections – bring it on.  Scraping a metal pick around in my…


Hashtag Motherhood with Diabetes.

Diabetes and Family, Diabetic Mommy, Pumping Insulin, Real Life Diabetes, Robot Life February 12, 2014 19 Comments

“What is that?” my daughter’s friend asked me from over her plate of scrambled eggs as I was watching the two kids for the morning. Before I could answer, my kid piped up, “That’s her insulin pump.  It has insulin in it.” “Oh,” the other three year old answered, mouth full of eggs.  “What’s it for?” “It has my medicine…


Endless Lows.

Blood Sugars, Real Life Diabetes February 10, 2014 15 Comments

I do not know what makes them stick like this, the lows that creep in and stay creepy for hours at a time. “Is this thing serious?” I asked.  Then I’d prick my finger to confirm that, indeed the Dexcom was serious, and I was in fact still low. There are times when high blood sugars are stubborn and refuse…


Green Drink Redux.

Diet and Food February 5, 2014 12 Comments

We have a rule at our house: “You have to eat something green with your meal.”  Caveat:  boogers don’t count.  Also, ew. Even though it’s more of a “rule” (there’s flexibility), we try to keep it as a rule because it’s important to us as a family to eat well.  Taking a look at “kid’s menus” at restaurants is very…