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More on Redefining the “Diabetes Diet.”

In keeping with the thought process from yesterday (talking about what makes me view food choices as something to hide), I wanted to reshared this video from last year about redefining my perception of what a “diabetes diet” really means.

I don’t want to view food as something I’m punishing or rewarding myself with.  But that mindset is hard to stick with, at times.

Do you subscribe to the whole “diabetes diet” mentally, or do you view your food as (gasp!) food?

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  1. Tim Steinert #

    I’m fortunate that I have never viewed diet as anything other than “what I eat.” This, no doubt, is due to the fact that for the first 43 1/2 years of my life I generally didn’t gain weight and I didn’t have T1 diabetes.

    I eat to have the energy I need with as little drama as possible. But sometimes, it’s worth the drama to have a slice of my sister’s homemade apple pie (with Cavalos in the crust) or a Five Guys burger and spicy fries (yesterday with 9 units of Novolog). I generally don’t beat myself up about it because I plan when and how I sometimes indulge myself.

    But now that I’m decidedly middle-aged (and a Type 1 diabetic) I do tend to eat better just because it makes my life healthier and less fraught with blood glucose problems. The secret is to spread out your treats and make good-tasting food all the time, so I’m not really denying myself anything (but extra carb counting)!

    02/26/14; 1:22 pm
  2. ria #

    diagnosed at age 18, I thought I knew EVERYthing and didn’t need to be told what to do or have any “rules” about ANYthing
    bad bad bad attitude and timing for diabetes to enter my life
    Hopefully I have grown up in these past 42 yrs. ( but still struggle with “the rules” at times)
    Compliance has not come easy for me

    02/26/14; 2:04 pm
  3. Lauren #

    This reminds me of a letter I got from my PCP, not my endo, after my last A1C came back. I went from a 7.1 to a 6.9, which I consider pretty stable… not great, not bad, just stable. The letter said “You did a Great job lowering your A1C, keep following your diabetic diet!” HA! I cracked up laughing all by my lonesome standing the middle of my kitchen. I really wanted to write back and say “you know this is 2014, right? What in your opinion is my diabetic diet?” After 16 years, not being able to think of food without needles is diet enough for me!

    02/26/14; 7:32 pm
  4. I grew up with exchanges and weighing my food. I was 8 when first diagnosed and going to kids birthday parties went from fun to a real ordeal. No way 2 vanilla wafers came close to the treats, cake and ice cream I watched the others eat. The amount of food and the need to eat on a precise schedule became an unnecessary battleground that created a lot of tension as my mother did her best to “follow the doctor’s orders” and I rebelled against all the rules. That was 59 years ago. Amazingly, I survived. I really enjoy food, like to try all kinds and prepare “exotic” recipes at home. I do my best to be aware of amounts/portion sizes. The diet rules that were drilled into my head haven’t been forgotten, but I don’t always acknowledge them. I buy fresh and local whenever possible.
    That’s not a “diabetic” diet, but it’s a healthy approach to food.

    02/26/14; 9:33 pm
  5. Steve #

    Foods are never considered punishment or rewards for us. We just consider them “bolus worthy”.

    02/27/14; 1:48 pm
  6. I fall in the category of both I suppose, after adopting a paleo type “diet” (God I HATE that word!), I was able to control my health and embrace food I love. I started making things like:

    Zucchini Pizza Bites

    Changing my food, and NOT subscribing to a “diet”, I was able to embrace eating in a manner that helped me but is sustainable, as I don’t mind eating that way or those foods.

    02/28/14; 11:54 am

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