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Green Drink Redux.

We have a rule at our house: “You have to eat something green with your meal.”  Caveat:  boogers don’t count.  Also, ew.

Even though it’s more of a “rule” (there’s flexibility), we try to keep it as a rule because it’s important to us as a family to eat well.  Taking a look at “kid’s menus” at restaurants is very frustrating – why is my growing child offered grilled cheese and french fries as standard fare?  And why does the waiter look at me funny when I ask for broccoli to be subbed in for the fries?

I can’t think about this too much or I’ll pop in frustration.  Moving on to green drink.

Green Drink is something Chris used to make well before we were married, and his version was delicious, if not a touch frothy.  Over the years, we’ve worked on different versions of this drink in efforts to make it tastier.  With “worked on” being a loose description – our attempts are anchored in “what’s in the fridge” and “how new is the blender.”  We burn through blenders in this house.

Birdzone knows about the “eat something green” rule, and she sticks with it.  (Even at my mother’s house, where she says, “I need to eat something green, too,” as my mom sets down a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.  So then then the meals becomes spaghetti, meatballs, and a rogue side bowl of peas.  Well-played, Birdy.)  The Birdzone respects the green rule, and will try any green drink we concoct, even if they get a little weird.

The last iteration of Green Drink was my favorite yet:


1/2 apple
3/4 cucumber
1 cup of baby spinach
1 very ripe avocado
1 tsp lemon juice
1 stalk(er) of celery
1 cup of ice water
1 packet of Truvia (or whatever fake sweetener you prefer*)

The ingredients are simple, as are the instructions:

Take out your cutting board so you don’t ruin the counter tops and then hack the apple, celery, and cucumber into bits.  Throw them into the blender.

Since the avocado should be ripe-to-the-point-of-borderline-falling-apart, peel it and slice directly into the blender.

Take the spinach by the fistful and rip it up.  This is a pleasantly violent process, and is beneficial for stress release.  It also helps the blender to liquify the spinach.

Pour the ice water into the mix.

And now for the sweetener.  *I use Truvia in mine, because that is the fake sweetener packet-o-poison I have chosen for this drink.  You can feel free to add whichever sweetener you’d like, if at all.  The choice is yours!

Blend until the mixture is at a consistency you can either suck through a straw or drink straight from the glass.  Add a few ice cubes for maximum coldness (or snow, if you’re in New England and currently being blizzarded on.  Green slushy!)

Then drink it alongside your spaghetti and meatballs, because you need to eat something green, damn it!

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  1. Nick #

    We’re lucky that Emma likes her greens. Salad, broccoli, etc.

    02/5/14; 10:00 am
  2. Darryl #

    Does that make one drink or more? How did you count the carbs? I received a “juicer” for Christmas and was concerned about counting the carbs in their recipes.

    02/5/14; 2:49 pm
  3. I wish I could get my T1 teen to drink these! I ruined him with my outrageous tons-of-kale-to-almost-no-fruit ratios when I got my high powered blender. *sigh. The whole point was to get him consuming more greens, oh well.
    I did find some really great green smoothie recipes by these ladies:
    They’re actually delicious! A lot more fruit than I was using. My daughter will drink them; maybe she’ll convince her brother!

    02/5/14; 5:49 pm
  4. I love this – I make a green/purple smoothie every morning for my breakfast and love that I start my day with a generous serving of greens, plus berries, and I add some healthy powders like chlorella and spirulina and hemp powder for extra protein and fiber…It’s still low carb, with berries and maybe half an apple, and I use unsweetened almond or coconut milk as a base.

    I highly recommend investing in a heavy duty blender – I love my Vitamix! I thought it a huge extravagance, but have found it well worth it!

    I love your blog, thanks for what you do!

    02/5/14; 7:11 pm
  5. ria #


    if that is all you are eating, have you tested your blood sugar to see if it changes ?
    just wondering
    I see that most of your ingredients listed are very low carb

    02/5/14; 8:53 pm
    • ria #

      another words ….can you get away drinking this without bolusing and /or going high ?

      02/5/14; 9:07 pm
      • It’s definitely not a free food. The apple and spinach have major carbs, and I bolus accordingly. But it’s kind of a guessing game, depending on the size of the glass. (Counting carbs is not my strong suit. I’m sorry!)

        02/6/14; 10:22 am
  6. ria #

    thanks !
    will have to try some of those concoctions soon

    02/6/14; 11:22 am
    • If you work out a proper carb count, please tell me! 🙂

      02/6/14; 11:34 am
  7. My friend Charlie O’Connell is a physical trainer for PWDs, and he says this kind of green drink is a great thing to have before you exercise. I’ve tried his green juice recipe, and it’s yummy. He leans toward kale instead of spinach. He recently wrote about it here:

    02/7/14; 9:43 am
  8. Rachel #

    If you are going to use kale, try “Red Russian Kale.” It is a lot milder than most other kale available.You are welcome to come pick some at our farm- we met at Kite Tails when it was still open, your little bird spotted my pink pump.

    05/29/14; 7:32 pm
  9. Green Smoothie Recipe #

    “You have to eat something green with your meal.” Caveat: boogers don’t count.

    haha classic!

    12/26/14; 1:48 pm

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