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Diabetes Art Day: PWD Paper Dolls.

A few weeks, ago, I stumbled upon some really excellent paper dolls created by Hannah at LightBulbBooks.  Her aim was to create something that encouraged interests in science and engineering for young girls, and I loved her creations.  Birdy and I printed them out, colored them, and played for hours, talking about how she could be a scientist, if she wanted, or a firefighter.

Inspired by Hannah’s creations, I took my crappy art skills to paper and made my own PWD paper doll (with bonus cat):

[click here to download a printable PDF]

Birdy saw the paper doll before I scanned it and she laughed.  “Does the cat get to wear a pump, too?”

For more from Diabetes Art Day, check out the 2014 gallery!

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  1. Love this!! And of course, I’m coloring my cat black and white. 😉

    02/3/14; 1:02 pm
  2. Great Idea,
    thanks for the pdf!

    Best wishes Silvia

    02/3/14; 3:58 pm
  3. Very nice, Kerri! Love the bonus cat there and all the little paper D-supplies (I do note: there’s no paper coffee mug?!). It’s awesome that you got to play for hours coloring them with Birdy, and got to teach some great lessons too! Sounds like a fun D-Art experience all around. 🙂

    02/3/14; 4:12 pm
    • Holy shit I forgot the coffee mug!! Such a fail. Next edition. 🙂

      02/3/14; 4:45 pm
  4. Kim #

    Leave it to you to make diabetes look adorable. 🙂

    02/3/14; 10:21 pm
  5. There may not be a coffee mug, but those bugged out eyes… J/K…

    Very awesomely creative, Kerri.

    02/3/14; 11:02 pm
  6. Jillian #

    I love how the Dexcom shows an actual graph!

    02/6/14; 12:05 pm
  7. Disposable Coffee Cups #

    Hi Kerri

    Excellent Paper Dolls. Very Creative. I loved your Creations.
    Thanks for Sharing this amazing ideas.

    03/11/14; 11:08 am

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