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What is a Diabetes Advocate?

Last night’s #dsma chat was a terrific one, focusing on how people in the diabetes community define “advocacy.” I wanted to summarize it here (at least the parts that resonated for me) because it could serve as a catalyst to inspire.

[For information on what the #dsma chat is, click here. And to learn more about connecting with people with diabetes on Twitter, click here.]

The community shared their advocacy “origin stories:”

And then we compared notes on what we’re most passionate about:

… segueing into reasons why that topic is something that touches our advocacy hot spots (sounds sassy …):

But of course, the road towards getting something done is often paved with obstacles. For many of the folks on the chat, “fear” played a huge role in holding us back:

So how do we, as the “diabetes ONLINE community,” remove the Internet component and bring advocacy offline?

Not everyone has to be an advocate for diabetes, and not every advocate raises awareness in the same way. But every voice matters, and no effort is too small. How do you advocate for diabetes? And how can we, as a community, help move your efforts forward?

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  1. This really spoke to me:

    Q2. Recently, for selfish reasons! The more I advocate the more comfortable I am with d-me. #dsma #sorrynotalwaysselfish

    — EllenQ (@ellenqueue) January 16, 2014

    For me, advocacy changes as I go along. Like my life, advocacy is written in different ways all the time. Today I advocate by writing, participating in clinical trials, and in our efforts in recognizing PWDs who accomplish athletic goals. I also know what I’d like to do next, but who knows if something will happen to change that and move my focus elsewhere if necessary? I’m okay with that if it happens. Supporting people is one of my strengths, and like the statement above, when I support others, I feel good.

    01/16/14; 3:11 pm
  2. Christine #

    Good topic. I don’t tweet so it’s great to see these tweets posted. Thanks. I advocate all the time outside the DOC. I am the go to person when somebody I know is diagnosed with diabetes. Because I do a lot of research in books and on the Web. I always refer them to ADA and websites I have found. Including this and other blogs. But when it comes to commenting on these sites, I feel hesitant. I’ll have to work on that.
    Thanks to all who add to the diabetes discussion.

    01/16/14; 9:25 pm
  3. I missed the DSMA chat last Wednesday, but this is a topic I’ve thought a lot about and struggled with quite a bit. Thanks for pulling out a few select tweets to help clarify the issue for me and put it in a clearer perspective.

    01/21/14; 7:48 am
  4. Thank you for sharing this information its indeed very helpful.

    05/10/14; 4:38 pm

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