Did you see the “What If All the Guns in Movies Were Replaced with Thumbs Up?” article?  If not, you should check it out, because it encapsulates the motivation I feel about what can be accomplished in 2014.  (That, and the Batman graphic is excellent.)  There’s a lot that needs to be changed and moved forward and embraced, and as a community, we are up to the task.

So much miserable stuff lives on the Internet – a truly high level of grumples – and I want to make a real effort this year to not be a major contributor to the mud.  No Pollyanna’ing, but I’d rather point my efforts towards making a difference and improving things, rather than bitching.  We’ve talked a lot of talk about patient empowerment and so much has been done that’s changing the landscape of life with a chronic illness, but now it’s time to move from walking the walk to full-out running, armed with positivity and determination.

Oh, and each other.

Because every time someone asks me about the diabetes online community, their query is usually tempered with a look of disbelief, like they can’t believe there’s anything positive to be found on the web.  My answer is always the same:

“Yeah, but it’s one of those good places on the Internet, where people actually are kind and try to help one another.  There are hiccups in that plan, but it’s a community so worth being part of, and feeling proud of.”

Hell yes.  Happy New Year, and here’s to 2014 being a huge one for the diabetes community as a whole.