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Time is of the Essence.

For the first few days I was here in Australia, I was wondering why my morning blood sugars were such crap.

“Must be the travel, or the time zone change, or the lack of sleep, or the food-on-the-go,” I reasoned.

Nope – it must have been the fact that I changed the time on my pump to PM instead of AM, giving me the basal rate pop I need in the late evening hours, instead of the wee morning hours, therefore causing me to wake up much higher than normal.

Time, especially the timing of my basal rates, is of the essence.

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  1. Scott K. Johnson #

    I’ve done that exact same thing! Usually happens to me during one of the daylight savings time changes. Crazy how easy it is to do, isn’t it?

    12/5/13; 7:21 am
  2. I suddenly clicked on a link to this post thinking you needed something quickly! I’ll now go back to my regularly scheduled life. After double-checking the time settings on my pump.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    12/5/13; 11:16 am
  3. Christine #

    Love the gold glittery pump. Is that a skinit or do pumps come now all pimped out?

    12/5/13; 2:14 pm
  4. Tom Beatson #

    Many years ago I switched my pump from AM/PM to 24 hour time. That would have avoided your problem. I hope you can recover your balance before you leave.

    12/5/13; 7:10 pm
  5. Sally #

    OMG! Is that a gold and glittery pump! Ooh. Sparkle-tastic!

    12/5/13; 10:02 pm
  6. Sue Gold #

    You should have phoned the oz tech support line! I have been on call this week – so many people get the time change wrong 🙂

    12/6/13; 5:30 am
  7. That’s the worst! When I worked in Oregon, all the medical records had to be kept in 24 hour time and I’ve never changed my pump back. This way I know that I’m getting the right insulin at the right time (at least until diabetes decides to throw another curve ball my way). It definitely takes some time getting used to, and I still mess up a few of the hours, but I find it worth the itty bitty trouble.

    12/6/13; 1:41 pm
  8. Megan S. #

    A few weeks back when we went through DST, I forgot to change the time on my pump. Everything was slightly off and I thought it was due to a number of other things going on in life. I remembered a few days later and set the new time. Issue being that I only changed the time by 12 hours! My blood sugar was crazy for almost a week before I finally figured out why! Thankfully once I got corrected, everything went back to “normal”.

    Glad it isn’t just me!

    12/10/13; 10:52 am
  9. Kim #

    Totally off the time subject, but do you know anything about the rumor that Animas is going out of business? A CWD mom posted it on FB and I’m worried. The Ping remote is priceless in our household! DS is due for a new one this summer and I’m hoping they will still be around. Any info?

    12/10/13; 11:29 am
    • They aren’t going out of business. Here’s a statement I received from Kaitlin Meiser, Sr Manager, Global Communications this morning:

      “There is no reason to be concerned. Here at Animas, we are committed to serving you and delivering insulin delivery products and devices that address key unmet patient needs. In fact, we recently reorganized our structure within the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Solutions Companies to ensure just that. Going forward we will be more focused than ever on insulin delivery – allowing us to better support our current offerings, future products and our patients.”

      12/10/13; 1:30 pm
      • Kim #

        Thanks Kerri! That puts my mind at ease 🙂

        12/10/13; 8:18 pm

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