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Taste Test.

Since it’s December now, I hope it’s okay to revisit a video that includes a festive ol’ tree in the background.  This video is about how awesome coffee is … and why it matters that the order is RIGHT.

(See also:  Now I put my own fake sugar in the cup, instead of playing coffee roulette.)



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  1. “A cup full of sugar makes the insulin go dowwn.. the insulin go dooowwwnn, insulin go down…” (or, well, up… depends on how you think about it.)

    12/4/13; 4:23 pm
  2. Drive through roulette. Sucks.

    12/4/13; 9:28 pm
  3. E-I #

    One of your guest posters, whose name I cannot recall, said she uses Diastix to detect sugar in beverages. Such a great idea.

    12/5/13; 11:41 am
  4. Karen #

    Yep…I carry around a container of Keto-Diastix in my bag for checking sodas in restaurants and from drive-thrus. If I can see the drink dispensers I watch them fill her cup and taste myself before giving to her, because, well, if I can save a strip that’s good because they are expensive! But sometimes I can’t even tell if they are that’s when I pull out the strips for sure. Just last week, day-after-Thanksgiving meal at a Mexican restaurant with my parents she was served what tasted like a regular Coke. Used a strip then , and, sure enough…dark brown on the glucose.

    12/5/13; 12:12 pm
  5. I’ve been a victim of this (I think) more times than you know. I often get coffee at the drive-thru of the McDonalds near me, because of their any-size-one-dollar deal, and I’m pretty sure that 9 times out of 10 they get it wrong. But I never can be sure.

    Next time, I think I’ll ask for it black, and when I get to the window to pick it up, I’ll ask for packets of sweetener and creamers (because they also seem to fill the cup halfway with milk before topping it off with coffee). Maybe that’ll work.

    12/8/13; 10:15 pm
  6. Been there, with a non-diet Coke. I was having lunch with a friend and when the waitress refilled my glass I didn’t really pay attention. Next thing I know, brain fog, and bg of 370. And, like you, it took the rest of the day to bring it down to the realm of normal. I am now paranoid about ordering diet Coke and I’m sure the poor fast food workers think I’m just totally whacked out.

    12/10/13; 11:27 am

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