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Maelstrom Mashup.

  • I can’t figure out why it’s spelled T-O-R-O-N-T-O but I pronounce it as “Toronno.”  I do not have a lazy mouth.  I speak reasonably clearly.  Why is my tongue tangled on this word?
  • See also:  wadder : water
  • I wander onto this site last night and it is so aptly named:  The Happiest Place on the Internet.  Once I was past the “Hey, they are hugging the … okay, they are hugging the computer” mindset, it was really lovely to watch.  The song is tear-jerky.  The Bobba Fett hug is quality.  The one where the grandmotherly lady says, “Oh, hi sweetie!” and issues a hug with her teacup by her hip made me cry.
  • This post from Melissa is amazing, and inspiring.  I like her pledge.  I already pledged to run like a velociraptor is chasing me.
  • I ate taco meat and cannellini beans for breakfast.  With like three sides of coffee.  My palette is really effed up, as are the contents of my fridge.
  • This week, I’ll be in San Diego for TCOYD, and next week, I’ll be in Melbourne for the IDF World Congress.  I’m preemptively and happily jet-lagged already.
  • Technologically-speaking, what do people with diabetes want?  {video}
  • The Glucocoaster?  Hell yes – who hasn’t gone for a ride now and again?  (Mostly now.  And then again.)
  • “Why do dinosaurs have big tummies?” “Do Thanksgiving turkeys speak French?” “Why isn’t there cookie salad?” “Can we live on the moon next year?” “Rhinoceroses are jealous of spoons, you know.”  Life with a three year old is getting pretty fucking weird.
  • Good ol’ Jerry the Bear made Upworthy.  And that makes me beary happy.  (Shut up.)
  • “And so instead of getting mad at myself for not having done a ‘better job,’ whether it be as a crime victim or a diabetic, I’m trying to be more gentle towards myself. I’m also adopting a new motto: ‘Don’t be an asshole.’  It’s a message that I’d definitely like to suggest to my mugger — but it also applies to my relationship with myself.”  Must-read post from A Sweet Life’s Catherine Price.
  • More coffee, please.
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  1. BoulderBird #

    LOVE the coffee mug. Want!

    11/20/13; 11:17 am
  2. Hi! I was recently diagnosed with type 1 in October and my aunt, who used to work as a pharmaceutical rep for insulin pumps, heard you speak and recommended your blog to me. I’ve been reading daily since! Before I was diagnosed, I was working towards my first half marathon and continued training after my diagnosis (what better to do than tell my pancreas early on that I won’t put up with it’s shenanigans… [or lack there of]?!). The half marathon is this Sunday, and I thought I would use the event to raise money for the JDRF. I’m attaching my fundraising page in case anyone is interested in supporting me. Thank you for all that you do! 🙂

    11/20/13; 11:34 am
  3. I was up in that city a few months ago and noticed that the natives call it “Tronno.” So, you can actually drop one more “o” and you’ll be good! ;>}

    11/20/13; 1:48 pm
    • BoulderBird #

      I’d say locals go more with “Trahnah” (it’s my home town, eh?), but as for Kerri dropping the middle T, since living in Connecticut, I’ve noticed that the vast majority of New Englanders have issue with internal Ts… i.e., here it is not a “mountain” it is a “moun’ain”

      11/21/13; 11:47 am
  4. I linked to Melissa’s post today too! I’m getting very inspired by this Active Advocate thing I’m seeing lately.

    I’m not worried about taco meat and cannellini beans for breakfast. Unless you wash it down with a nice Chianti.

    11/20/13; 4:07 pm
  5. Melanie E. #

    There sure is a thing as cookie salad! One of those vanilla pudding mixed with cool whip mixed with mandarin oranges and those fudge stripe cookies! It definitely exists! I just saw it in my workplace cafeteria today! And yes, I am from Minnesota. 🙂

    11/20/13; 7:05 pm
    • Syed Irfan #

      Melaine, now that just made my day! I am surely going to try it. Thanks for the recipe!

      11/27/13; 9:18 am

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