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Diabetes Advocacy Postcards.

I told Birdy I needed to make some postcards for a diabetes project.  She wanted (insisted) to help, so we spent much of last night drawing insulin pumps on index cards.

World diabetes day postcard exchange project ... with help from the Bird.

My insulin pump has been part of her life since she was born, so it’s no wonder she knows the buttons and lines by heart, even though she had trouble fitting all the details where she wanted them.  “Mawm, I could only fit the O and not the O and the K for that OK button, okay?”


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  1. The design is quite lovely. Birdie has put my artistic postcard endeavors to shame.

    11/11/13; 10:33 am
  2. I put my daughter to work as well – diabetes advocacy sweatshop, here we come! Even enlisted the babysitter to help her with them one night when we my husband and I went out to the Bon Jovi concert. Hey, I paid the sitter $10 per hour, so I was going to make certain she did some work 🙂

    11/11/13; 10:39 am
  3. She is great! I enlisted my 5 year old this year in preparing envelopes for info we were mailing out to people in our local diabetes association with events going on around WDD. She was better than me at sticking the address stickers in the right spot on the envelope! 🙂

    11/11/13; 11:36 am
  4. ria #

    good job, Birdy !!

    11/11/13; 11:36 am
  5. The pump is cool, but I’d really like to know more about that style of infusion set.

    11/12/13; 12:22 am
  6. Roxanne #

    That insulin pump was a part of my daughter’s life well before she was even a hope . . .

    11/12/13; 7:39 pm

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