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What A Low Blood Sugar Feels Like.

What a low blood sugar feels likeAcross the board, a low blood sugar seems to be considered as anything under 70 mg/dL.  Revisiting the American Diabetes Association’s website this morning offers up a list of symptoms of low blood sugar, like:

  • Shakiness
  • Nervousness or anxiety
  • Sweating, chills and clamminess
  • Irritability or impatience
  • Confusion, including delirium
  • Rapid/fast heartbeat
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness
  • Hunger and nausea
  • Sleepiness
  • Blurred/impaired vision
  • Tingling or numbness in the lips or tongue
  • Headaches
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Anger, stubbornness, or sadness
  • Lack of coordination
  • Nightmares or crying out during sleep
  • Seizures
  • Unconsciousness

(As with most diabetes-related lists on the Internet, the further down the list you read, the worse shit seems to get.)  The “what happens if a low blood sugar goes untreated” answer is short, and to the point:  “If left untreated, hypoglycemia may lead to a seizure or unconsciousness (passing out, a coma). In this case, someone else must take over.”

When my daughter hears my Dexcom beeping, she understands the difference between the alert signaling a high blood sugar and the alert signaling a low.  If the high alarm goes off, she doesn’t react, but if the low alarm goes off, she perks up immediately and asks me if I need a “glupose tab.”  The immediacy and seriousness of low blood sugars is noticed by my three year old because she’s seen me go from normal, functional Mom to confused, sweaty, and tangled-in-my-own-words Mom in a matter of minutes.

The symptoms of low blood sugars don’t just vary from PWD to PWD, but often vary within the PWD’s own lifetime.  When I was very small, my low blood sugar “tell” was when my mouth would go numb and my face felt like I’d had Novocaine hours earlier and it was just starting to wear off, with that tingly, prickly feeling.  Over the years, I’ve had a lot of lows with varying symptoms:

“My brain is fully functioning.  I know words.  I know sounds.  I know exactly what I need to do and what the number 42 means but my body has betrayed me and won’t move as I have asked, like I was a robot who had been over-oiled.” – Sad Robot

A video during which I went low.

“My mouth isn’t even mine.  It’s just this thing, this portal to shove giant sugar tablets into.  I can’t work up the saliva to chew, so the tab sits in my mouth until it starts to dissolve a little, and then my body remembers what to do with it.  ‘Chew the damn thing.’  Tragedy of a low – no saliva.  Nothing to help mince these tabs down into something useful.” – Bullets

“‘Thanks, and could I please have a small orange juice, without ice, as quickly as you can?  Thanks so much,’ I said to the host in one breath, hypoglycemia filling up all the space around my head like the Radiohead video for No Surprises.  A minute or two later, a glass of orange juice was on the table.  I drained it in a few gulps.” – Reduced to Rubble

“I remember my mom sitting on the kitchen floor with me, breaking graham crackers into smaller bites and putting them in my mouth, dinner burning in pans on the stove.  I remember my mom’s eyes being very wide but she wasn’t crying.  I remember a glass of juice.  I remember it was hard to chew because I was crying but I wasn’t sure why, and then there’s a sharp edit in my memory, where I don’t have any recollection of what happened next.”  – Memories

No two lows feel or look the same, but a few grams of carbohydrate (plus the willpower to wait) can swiftly save the day.  With quick recognition and treatment, lows pass as quickly as they come on (most of the time) but they are always in the back of my mind.  When it comes to diabetes concerns, the fear of hypoglycemia has been constant for the last twenty-seven years.  My purse is never (okay, rarely, but never without on purpose) without glucose tabs, and I’ve had the “this is glucagon, and here’s how to use it” conversation with more people than I can count.

What are your low blood sugar symptoms?


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  1. When I was a kid (and still – but I like to pretend that I don’t) I get clear runny noses. It’s sudden and not attractive, AT ALL.

    11/7/13; 10:03 am
  2. Ellen #

    The shakes- oh, the shakes. I know if I am on the verge of a bad low or not because of the level of shakiness in my hands. The lower I get, the worse the shakes get, to the point where I can’t get a glucose tab out of a container or hold my hand still enough to test my blood sugar. It is like I am living in an earthquake. Not fun.

    11/7/13; 11:02 am
  3. Christine #

    Low BG hits in different ways depending on rate of decent. Sometimes the change is so slow and symptoms are not present until it is way low.
    Many years ago while I was working in our store the lowest BG I have ever had occurred. It was a crazy busy day. And I got the impression that maybe I should test. The meter read “18”. I did not feel anything until 15 minutes later when I had brought it up to 35. No paramedics, thank goodness!! I was fortunate. But I was done for the day.
    Thanks for the great posts.

    11/7/13; 11:17 am
  4. Zach #

    I’m like you where my low symptoms have changed over the years. Within the last year, I have noticed that if I am low and out for a walk, my balance is off and I have a force pulling me to the right. It’s kind of strange, anyone else have any balance like symptoms?

    11/7/13; 11:42 am
    • ria #

      I have actually taken a few tumbles from dizziness over the years when I drop low within a short period of time.
      Best advice is to find a spot to sit down …take a few minutes, check your blood, breeeathe, and stand slowly until that feeling passes.( and your blood again until in normal range)
      Some medications and other health conditions can cause dizziness, as well.

      11/7/13; 2:56 pm
    • Jennifer #

      I totally to relate to the variance in symptoms, but I one that scares me the most is when I’m out for a run (or even just walking sometimes) and I realize I can’t feel my leg(s). It takes every ounce of concentration to lift the leg and wait for they sensation of pressure to hit high in my leg or hip. I know if I don’t sit down within the next few steps I will fall. I think the most I’ve made is about 10 steps after that sensation hits. At that point if I don’t have glucose tabs on me, I’m waking up to paramedics. Sometimes, I can’t even get the glucose out. How HUMILIATING! The weird thing is, as humiliated as I am, I have nothing but compassion for those that I see experiencing a similar event.

      08/30/14; 1:22 pm
    • Leena #

      I started to write two comments to Zach about his experience and my computer just shut down so I just want to say I have the same experience walking and I think you just saved me from loosing my mind!!

      06/19/16; 3:50 pm
    • Pjchilis #

      I list to the left.

      07/30/16; 5:30 pm
    • I stagger to the right as well. Usually on warm humid evenings when I’m out walking it has come up on me. I think if a Cop saw me I be arrested for public intoxication!! This is the time I stop at the neighbor hood bar and order a Coke. Just saw you post for the first time today 6-18-17, I thought it was just me.

      06/18/17; 3:31 pm
      • April #

        Just read this on 7/1/17. I don’t know what is wrong with me yet, but I’m thinking it’s low blood pressure? I passed out at the grocery store, hit my head really hard and now have stitches. Previous to this, I didn’t eat or drink anything, I woke up after 10 hours of sleeping, I took a generic zertec D before bed. When I woke up, I didn’t do anything to take care of myself, I just up and left my house for the store. When I got to the store, I could barely push the empty shopping cart. I felt weak, and everything was becoming blurry. So, I got on my phone to look up my grocery list, in hopes that would help me focus on something, and out goes everything. I wake up in an ambulance.☹️ This happened on Tuesday 6/28/17. On Monday 6/27, I kept getting “deja Vu”, which now I’m thinking was hallucinatations? This happened to me on 5/11/17 also…I was having a lot of deja Vu moments and one time when I was driving, I hallucinated a happy face in a toaster, popping out. I passed out for about 3-5 seconds and literally had to lift my chin up from my chest. Luckily, I didn’t hit anything!

        07/1/17; 12:19 pm
  5. Lindsay #

    One of my weirdest low blood sugar symptons is anxiety or feeling overwhelmed. Lately if I’m thinking of things I need to get done but feel at the same time this feeling of hopelessness that I will never get everything done, sure enough, I’m low. Sometimes my vision gets weird too…like spotty or slow to focus. LOWS SUCK!!!

    11/7/13; 12:21 pm
    • rainmore #

      I get the same exact symptoms. Weird vision and anxiety. I am getting it more and more as I get older also. This weekend was particularly hard. I had to attend my favorite Uncles funeral Tuesday and had a very hard time of it. Friday came and while I still had 2 hours of work I hit a very low one, and was afraid to drive home. But I made it. I have been in bed and bad ALL weekend. Has anyone else experienced this? I was afraid to eat, but ended up eating things like cake and whipped cream to get my blood sugar “up”. Does the weekend long thing ever happen to anyone else?

      01/19/15; 8:22 am
      • pam #

        Yes, I tend to get the “worse than a Hangover” feeling on my days off when I am more relaxed. Maybe because of the coffee. Sometimes hard to pinpoint . Just got diagnosed. I thought I was going crazy. I wake up fine and within
        the hour I am exhausted,confused,dizzy,clumsy and my eyes and lips feel strange. I thought I was eating correctly but now I see I have to tweek a bit. No caffeine or alcohol limit sugar and high carbs focus on more protein,vegetables and complex carbs (legumes). Hope this works cause quality of life is not real good right now. They way it makes you feel, you might as well have a terrible dying disease. Wish there was more info.

        07/28/16; 11:32 pm
        • pam #

          You described how I feel. Usually ok when have to get ready and go to work. However on day off just sitting watching tv drinking coffee within an hour i feel drunk dizzy exhausted. I eat something and still does not go away. A little wine makes me feel tired pretty quick. You are right the way you feel might as well have some terrible disease. I am on thyroid med but barely feeling better. I eat very healthy. Have you found any lasting solutions? My energy always low in morning and don’t feel very rested and refreshed after sleeping 8 hours. Thanks Pam

          05/16/17; 1:36 pm
  6. I have gotten to witness lows now in both my husband and my daughter. I used to get mildly annoyed with my husband because he’d be able to tell me he was low, but not actually DO anything about it. I’ve sprinted to the bar asking for a “Sprite Quickly!” more than once in restaurants while we were waiting too long for a table. I’m always a bit irked on weekends when we’ll be driving somewhere on a family outing and he’ll start to go low, behind the wheel of the car and ask me if I have snacks in my purse. Um yes, why don’t you? I think weekends really throw off his routine, but still… after 14 years, he could maybe start to plan ahead.

    I think after 14 years, I’m a bit more sympathetic at least to how poorly he thinks DURING the low. Also, he actually suffered from hypoglycemia symptoms for his entire life, long before he was finally diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 34, so we dealt with lows for our entire relationship, even before insulin started inducing them. (all the more reason why you’d think he’d be in the habit of always carrying carbs)

    On the other hand I’ve watched my daughter hand me her meter at a party with a 21 on the screen, and go skipping off to play with a friend while I stood dumbfounded that she was even standing upright… and then chased after her with a juice box. Other times a 65 would have her slithering from her breakfast chair into a heap on the floor underneath the table. It seems the rate of falling may have something to do with how bad the low feels, at least for my loved ones.

    It’s almost like a random number generator.

    11/7/13; 12:30 pm
  7. The problem is that if I have symptom, which is rare, I don’t recognize them when I’m low. So I’ll check before I get in my car and drive. Two weeks ago it said 43. I checked again and it said 39. So I had drink the juice and wait until I was up enough to not be a road hazzard. I can not tell you how often I’ve had to call and apologise for the fact that I was going to be late for something because of things like this.

    11/7/13; 12:42 pm
  8. Jon Lewis #

    I feel like it could be tough to diagnose low blood sugar with so many apparent symptoms indicative of low blood sugar levels. Very informative post!

    11/7/13; 1:08 pm
  9. Nicole #

    Mine are always different. Sometimes I get quite low and feel nothing. Other times I feel very tired, shaky, have a hard time moving around and functionning properly (especially mentally. I try to keep glucose tabs in all my bags and the car.

    I was at Costco recently and tested quite low. I was alone so wasn’t sure if I should buy a case of choclate bars or head to their food stand for a gigantic ice cream. Of course those both sound like good ideas when your brain is fuzzy! I decided against both ideas and was then going to break into the honey I had bought, but thankfully there were sugar pills in the car!

    11/7/13; 1:27 pm
  10. Katie S. #

    My favorite low symptom is not being able to concentrate. Like if I’m reading a book I won’t feel low, but I’ll read the same sentence 5 times in a row without comprehending what the words mean. That’s usually my cue to test.

    11/7/13; 2:09 pm
    • Sheena #

      I am only now realizing that that is a symptom for me as well.

      03/8/14; 11:30 am
  11. June S. #

    Between 1972 and 1982 (the first 10 years of my life with the “Big D”) my hands used to shake when my blood glucose level was low. Fortunately, I got my first blood glucose meter in 1982, just as the “shaking hands” symptom of a low BG started to disappear! Now, I’d say the ability to concentrate is a big symptom, as is a terrible feeling of worry (big-time anxiety), and sometimes EXTREME tiredness. Every low is different, and I think the worst feelings come on when the blood glucose is in the 60’s (I have rarely been in the 50’s) or is dropping precipitously. If I see double arrows on my Medtronic pump (courtesy of my CGM) I can expect to feel awful (in one way or another) very soon!

    11/7/13; 2:25 pm
  12. My symptoms have changed through the years. When I was young they included shakiness and dizziness. Usually now I have a tougher time sensing them, but on the occasion I do, I have anxiety, sweating, heart racing, or a numb tongue. Lows are so annoying… and sometimes very scary!

    11/7/13; 5:40 pm
  13. A low for me includes a difficulty in holding onto one thought and acting on it – as in ‘get something to eat’ and then before I can follow through with that I think ‘maybe I’ll just sit here some more’ and then ‘look – a squirrel.’ A few minutes later thinking…”I was going to get something to eat, right?’

    I have difficulty in stringing words together to speak – or maybe my brain is in neutral and just can’t get my body to spit out those things that help us communicate thoughts and ideas to each other…you know, those things with the letters…..words.

    A general felling of exhaustion – like you just spent the entire Saturday working out in the yard. This doesn’t quite go away even after the blood sugar goes back up.

    A slow response time to what my eyes and ears are telling my brain. I’m sure if you threw me a ball, I would start to catch it long after it bounced off my head and down the street.

    11/7/13; 6:48 pm
    • Sheena #

      wow.. Brian, that is me to a “t”. Even after I have been able to raise my levels, I still can’t concentrate, think, or react and am exhausted for hours afterwards. I have also noticed that if I am not careful to pay attention to my levels I can easily reach the point of passing out shortly after I have the symptoms you shared.

      03/8/14; 11:34 am
  14. Walter #

    I’m another ’72 diagnosed person (41 years in December). I remember “woozie” (woozy?) from those years. It was the perfect word. Onomatopoeia (great Todd Rundgren song). There would be a little cartoon figure in the teaching literature. (No word or figure for highes as I remember.) Woozie worked then. Many years later lows (and highs) changed, and have contininued to change. Today they are sometime sneaky and come out of nowhere. Others are more obvious like delayed eating after a shot. (I’m MDI and machine test.) The worst lately have been pernicious lows that won’t respond to carbs/glucose, or that go up a little and then crash again soon after. Happening a lot at work lately.

    11/7/13; 7:53 pm
  15. The symptoms have definitely changed over the past 58 years. Lack of clear vision has been consistent. Now I see reddish orange globs floating in front of my face. In the past I would see objects in the room stack on top of each other, the numbers on my watch cascading in stair steps from the watch crystal into the air, and once looking out the bus window I saw rows of people lined up on in layers on top of each other, waiting for other buses. I’ve also suddenly found myself on the floor in an attempt to get to the kitchen. Several years ago, after shoveling snow off of my car in the apartment parking lot, I remember walking up the stairs to our apartment and starting to go to the kitchen for some juice. The next thing I knew I was flat on my face on the living room rug, still wearing my parka and boots, and our cats were on either side of me crying. The worst lows arrive very suddenly with no warning. I’ve got glucose tabs stashed everywhere, in almost every coat and several places in the car, but they take a long time to dissolve. There was a glucose spray that was made in Canada. I kept it in the car until it got so gummed up I couldn’t use it anymore. When I went to replace it the store no longer stocked it and I haven’t seen it any place else.

    11/7/13; 10:11 pm
  16. Marilyn from France #

    This week I woke up with a blinding light. From habit I managed to check my BS which said 19 though I’m sure it was not that low. I found a little hole in the blinding light to find my finger. Opened the glucose tabs and had I don’t know how many.

    When having a low colors usually get brighter but this is the first time I’ve had the blinding light. Lucky my brain and hands were still working.

    Like a lot of you – also lack of concentration and anxiety during the day with a low.

    Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful blog. I won’t miss a day without visiting.

    11/8/13; 1:25 am
  17. Allison E. #

    My worst lows have pretty consistent symptoms: anxiety; sweating; confusion / denial about the low; racing heart; numb tongue and jaw; and bright circles of light in my field of vision. When the circles appear my denial disappears because I KNOW I’m low.

    11/8/13; 12:22 pm
  18. Ana from Argentina #

    What it feels like? Nothing! No symptoms whatsoever. Like this morning: on the treadmill by 8 as usual and then it all becomes sort of a blur… I know I had a large mug of tea afterwards, somehow got into the shower and out, I vaguely remember crying because I couldn’t find any clothes to put on, eventually got dressed (outfit OK, guess part of my brain was on autopilot), and I remember thinking I had to call my husband because something was not right… Then my son got up (he works nights), gave me a glass of OJ and things started to make sense again. But by then it was 11 o’clock! Needless to say, I was drained and went back to bed for a nap. It’s 3 pm now and I feel like I run a marathon…

    11/8/13; 1:00 pm
  19. Adrianna #

    No one has mentioned becoming belligerent; I’ve told my husband to leave me alone…. Once told a friend, “I don’t have to do what you tell me to; you are not the boss of me.” (Rather like a three year old; and of course later was very embarrassed!)

    11/8/13; 4:05 pm
  20. My main symptom is racing heart and for some reason, frequent swallowing. Weak legs and overall body… lack of focus, staring into the distance, shaking, irritability, snapping, sadness.

    I am 29, diagnosed 1.5 years ago… thank you so much for this blog. It seems there is not a lot of info out there for people with T1, you really have to dig for it. I also feel like my healthcare team gives me the bare minimum info each time I visit and doesn’t do a lot to get me excited about taking care of my diabetes.

    11/9/13; 9:57 pm
  21. My son – who is 15 years old – gets weak and very hungry.

    11/10/13; 3:32 pm
  22. Aoife from Ireland #

    Stubborness, hunger, rambling, irritation, confusion and a general feeling that my brain is trying to catch up with my body (or vice versa, it’s hard to tell sometimes!).

    I sometimes know I’m low but I still wont have my glucose drink, for no good reason, I just get it in my head to not have it.

    If my BG drops fast I have been known to be down to 43 (2.4) or lower before I’d notice and test. If it’s a gradual drop I’ll know I’m going low by 80 (4.5).

    It’s great to read about everyones experiences though, nice to know other people totally get it too! Good to share 🙂

    11/11/13; 2:44 pm
  23. Beth #

    Reading these comments is like reading a journal of the last 10 years of my life! My symptoms change often, sometimes quick soaking sweat, sometimes confusion, sometimes shaking, sometimes meanness (just ask my hubby and kids), sometimes an inability to put whatever I just got out to eat into my mouth… I see it, but can’t seem to actually get it to my mouth, and sometimes I will have no symptoms at all!! Sometimes the symptoms start at 60, sometimes I am 20 and don’t feel that bad… Such a strange disease!! As a healthcare provider who is also a diabetic, I really understand what my patients are going through!! I never go anywhere without food….. I can stuff a granola bar in a swimsuit, workout clothes, a formal gown, or a hat! Never leave home without food!! Just in case….

    11/11/13; 9:26 pm
  24. The most embarrassing for me is the loss of my emotional and social filter. Anything I feel I will do. If I am intrigued by how the box of Rice Krispies in my hands would feel being poured over my head, there it goes. I will move from historical laughter to tears in seconds. And the filter that says, whatever you do, don’t actually say that horribly mean and sarcastic comment, it gets turned off and things I regret later come flying out of my mouth. At least those around me usually understand and just enjoy the roller coaster that is diabetes with laughter ( sometimes it’s the only way to deal)

    11/12/13; 11:01 pm
    • Sheena #

      wow.. things suddenly make a lot more sense. thanks for sharing!

      03/8/14; 11:41 am
  25. Claudine Halcomb & Nicholas #

    Thank you for writing about Diabetes. I have seen some of your blog posts and the Vlog of your low is a good example for people to see. I just went through the list with my son Nick, and he read your blog post. He is 10 years old, and type 1 going on 3 years now. Many of the symptoms he felt and as a parent you feel so helpless to be there and help your child. It never gets easier. A cure is the only way.

    11/13/13; 9:40 pm
  26. I experience tons of anxiety when I have a low blood sugar. I also begin to have paranoia.

    11/13/13; 9:46 pm
  27. Katrina Hanson #

    I get lows a lot, but the worst is when i am demoing for the class (I’m a cosmetology instructor) and I’m having a low…..i start alluring my words, and i don’t realize what I’m saying. Random words come out. I start sweating, get clammy, blurred vision. My hands can’t seen to do what my brain ifs telling then to do…..Overall i act like a drunken mess ! some days are definitely harder than others.

    11/20/13; 10:57 am
    • Amy #

      I’m a nurse and when my blood sugar drops while I’m working with a patient, I feel the same way. Sometimes, I can say (if my brain will let me)…”I have to ask dr about something.” And excuse myself long enough to down sips of a regular Coke or juice.

      04/30/14; 12:17 pm
  28. Amy #

    It’s such a blessing to read other’s experiences with low blood sugars. Thank you all for sharing your experiences! It’s hard for me to explain to my husband that if I’m too low to actually know I’m low…I can’t treat! He gets very frustrated with me. He will say (as if it’s a simple, logical thing to do)…just eat something! Well, easier said than done when you’re brain is bogged down with a 42mg/dl blood sugar!!

    04/30/14; 12:12 pm
  29. Felicia REYES #

    Since my body is used to my blood sugar being so high, and now with my eating better and it going a lot lower than it’s norm. Is it normal to feel these same effects as low blood sugar? If so how long until your body gets used to it? I hate feeling like this, it almost wants me to make it high just so I will feel normal, ughhh.

    05/9/14; 11:17 pm
    • Nick Goff #

      Well don’t make yourself go high again! Hahaha I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes since I was 2 and I’m 18 now. I have experienced exactly what you just said a few times!! Like I’ll go on for a week or so with steadily high blood sugars, and it starts to feel normal. Then all the sudden one day you feel sooooo low and you go to test but you’re at like 140 or something… It usually takes my body a couple days to adjust to being in normal range again and feeling low when I’m actually low! I hope this helps! 🙂

      05/19/14; 6:04 pm
  30. nathan #

    I think everyone is the same in that they experience more and more symptoms as the hypo worsens. For me my awareness usually kicks off with feelings of depression and lack of motivation and the inability to think straight. I also usually start sweating to some degree. As my hypo gets to the worse I have them, and this only happens about once a year, I get very confused to the extent that I feel that I am going mad. It is just because of one of these is why I am writing now. I just want to share or at least try and share that experience.

    How does it feel? I find it very difficult to explain, it feels painful but not physically, more like my mind is being drained away and I am left with just emptiness; but then again there are thoughts being pushed at me but they don’t mean anything and it is again painful as I am trying to make sense of them. for this hypo I woke up at around 4 am, my wife was in our poorly child’s room, I knew I was low so I got up and felt I had plenty of time so I had a couple of bananas. I find these effective but I have to wait a few minutes for the effect to kick in. I started to leave the kitchen and the mental assault started. I felt like I had to run away, from what I wasn’t sure but it felt like a powerful paranoia. I felt I was losing it, I ran up the stairs and shouted twice my wife’s name very loud because I thought I would soon lose the ability to do anything but slump to the floor and perhaps lose the ability to know what I was doing. I immediately turned, locked my intentions on getting down the stairs and to the sugar cupboard because I wanted to pour sugar down into my mouth. I knew I had to make it before the thoughts got any more painful, it was a worse fear and something I didn’t want to slide into. I collapsed onto my knees in front of the cupboard, grabbed the box of sugar and tipped its contents into my mouth. I was petrified as I thought at any moment my mind would be gone and I would fall into my deep confusion. My wife, bless her reactions, was already beside me and pouring orange juice into a glass and she was aiming to help the sugar down with it!! I rested my head on the cupboard and just wanted to reassure my wife that I thought my hypo was now under control, I just needed a minute to let the sugar have its full effect.

    As the sugar kicks in it feels like being reborn. Sense and warmth flooded back into my body, and I just want to talk about how I felt and the confusion of the thoughts. Well, on this occasions as I was talking the kids were stirring as I had also woken them with my shouting. My eldest daughter gets very concerned at the best of times and now she was shaking with concern. I tried to explain that I am in know danger as I always have sugar on hand, but it does worry me as the children do see me being very vulnerable and thinking back I think it would have upset me to see one of my own parents in such a situation.

    05/28/14; 3:15 am
  31. Gina Whittaker #

    I’m so glad i took the time to read all of the comments . I know feel almost normal, I was starting to feel like I was crazy ! I have been experiencing lows for a while and finally started monitoring everything I eat and all my readings . I have a hard time getting to and staying at 70 and feel like I’m constantly eating .

    06/11/14; 8:21 pm
  32. Kristen #

    I have never had symptoms of low blood sugar until earlier today. I was cashiering at work and all the sudden, my legs grew weak, I was sweating all over and trembling. I didn’t know what was going on but I had something in my instincts telling me to get candy. So immediately I bought a coke and two candy bars and scarfed them down. I felt better instantly. It was terrifying!

    06/12/14; 12:22 am
  33. Guest #

    My legs start to sweat. I feel hungry.

    07/18/14; 7:39 am
  34. Shelly #

    When I have a low I get confused, feel like I just want to go to sleep, some times my hands jerk so bad I cant even hold anything. Most of my lows happen in the middle of the night. I set my alarm to go off every 2 hrs. Some times my Boy friend will wake me up telling me I need to check my blood because I’m clammy. Most of the time I’ll say ok and just fall back to sleep or get on the computer trying to figure out the password thats gonna help me with my low b/s and I keep typing it over and over. I see things sometimes,when I was married to my x I swore he put me in the shower and hit me. Sometimes I get mad and refuse to eat.
    Ok I know lows are not funny but, I just thought about something. One day after lunch I decided to take a nap so I set my alarm to go off in an hour. I guess it went off but I went back to sleep. Anyway my bf mom came in to check on me and i was in a coma. She calls 911 and they give me the good stuff. One of the drivers tells me I was doing some kind of leg lefts and counting 20,21,22,23,100. Also said when he asked me my weight I said 2,000 pounds.
    I have also just broke out running. I kinda have this feeling I’m in a dream and nothings real. My bf says I sometimes kiss him all over his face and keep telling him I love him.
    My boy friend gets real upset with me so sometimes when I start to have a bad low I wait tell he doesnt see me and i get food or a drink. He will always the next morn ask me what happend this time in a sarcastic way. Then I have to hear his mom tell what all went on and I really don’t care to know. I know there is a lot of yelling, good for me I can’t remember most of it.

    I have really enjoyed reading all the other post.

    p.s. forgot about my eyes. They kinda jump when im low.

    07/18/14; 12:15 pm
  35. Zainab #

    When I get low I just get really really hungry. Like I need to eat right now and I’ll kill anyone who wastes my time or gets in my way. I haven’t actually killed anyone yet though… My heart pounds inside my chest and I get sweaty quickly. Even though my heart is beating a lot I feel like it can stop at any second. When i’m sleeping I usually find myself running to the kitchen without remembering that I woke up and got out of bed. Once or twice a weird dream woke me up instead of my beating heart. I don’t get low at often or as intensely as I used to since I got the omnipod though. Now when I get low it’s slight and just feels like I’m hungry and haven’t eaten yet. And it usually happens after a meal was late or skipped altogether, like normal people.

    08/12/14; 5:40 pm
  36. Susan Howell #

    I get those symptoms, and can usually tell when I am heading down. About 1:00 I start getting nauseous, light headed, weak and “blurry”. At about 80 BG I try to get something quick (sugar water) but I do not want to eat. The thought of food makes me want to throw up! Anyone else feel this?

    08/21/14; 7:06 pm
    • Jer #

      Yes, I too have that feeling. I was put hrough hell for two years and when I told my MD that I thought I was hypoglycemic he only checked my BS, which at that time was normal. I am currently waiting a second opinion. But I know my BS drops because I bought my own monitor. Thank you all for this blog and for sharing your feelings it’s good to know I’m not alone.

      09/24/14; 4:15 pm
      • Katie #

        Hi Jer:
        I’m having the same issues. My blood sugar tests at 75 when fasting which is in the normal range. But for the past week, I feel weak, dizzy, and my legs and hands shake. I only feel like this in the mornings, though. I’ve taken to keeping glucose tabs in several easy to reach places as well as hard candy in my room and at my desk at work. Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy and if I keep calling my doctor she’s going to have me committed. I’m glad to know that there are others who are experiencing some of the same things. Thanks for everyone’s insight.

        10/29/14; 2:30 pm
  37. MaryAnna #

    I was on google using “when I take a nap and I get up I feel my heart racing, loss of vision, sweating profusely dizzy” as my search engine and I was brought to this page.

    This happened to me again yesterday, so often I’m exhausted somewhere and when someone tells me to lay down for a few minutes, I try to race home before anything happens (not too smart)

    I get home and take a nap and I got woken up by phone ringing, I then got up and wham, it happened to me again.. I remember telling someone nearby that I needed something with sugar I remember seeing glass of kool-aid in fridge and I drank (too fast, got nausea) had to sit or lay back down. This happens when I nap and I know this but so drained physically/emotionally that I still NEED to lay down..

    I’m going for a physical next week I’m going to make sure I address this as a possibility, not cool, I have grand kids with me a lot and I want to make sure I can be well so they are safe!! I hope this is not the case, but, pretty sure it has something to do with sugar. Thanks for your posts, makes me think!!

    08/31/14; 7:08 am
  38. matt #

    Literally just had a crash, sweating shakey confused and not great atwords. Anyone else Eva feel confused and slow in the thoughts for the rest ofvthdv day after levels back up?

    09/2/14; 10:50 am
  39. Maggs #

    I was diagnosed when I was 12 as hypoglycaemic. I’m not diabetic, but I’m keeping an eye out for symptoms of it, because I’ve been told hypoglycaemia can be a precursor.

    It all started when my school lunch period was moved. I started having regular “attacks” where I would feel intensely dizzy, sweat profusely, and my vision would blacken. I never lost consciousness, but occasionally I would say things during these episodes (which lasted seconds) and have no memory of it. On one such occasion, I repeated “Ow ow ow ow” over and over, though I wasn’t in pain. On another occasion, I was in the process of walking down a set of stairs and would have seriously injured myself had I not grabbed the handrail as my vision went black.

    I’m now 29, and have learned to cope with it through diet. I eat plenty of protein, and always keep some kind of sugar on me in a pinch. Full blown attacks like those from my childhood are rare now, and usually occur when I’ve done something foolish like missed a meal or exercised on an empty stomach. My usual first symptom these days is actually irritability. This is followed by lightheadedness/dizziness. Because I recognise these symptoms for what they are, it doesn’t usually go further. I have also taught my husband and coworkers to recognise these signs, and keep glucose tablets and juiceboxes at work for an emergency.

    Some oddities. I have learned that too much routine isn’t good for me. Once my body becomes used to having food at, say, 6pm, I find small delays are likely to result in an attack. So I try to keep things varied, because my body isn’t then expecting food at a particular time and my sugar level will not plummet immediately following an expected mealtime. I have also discovered that if there is no other option, drinking water will temporarily “trick” my body into thinking sugar is coming. I bought myself some time with that one once when I was foolishly walking home on a hot day with nothing but water on me.

    Who knows what the future will bring? I don’t know if I’ll one day be diagnosed as diabetic, or just forever by hypoglycaemic, but it’s somewhat comforting to see so many other people dealing with the same kind of attacks.

    09/13/14; 8:01 pm
  40. SallyMJ #

    My first symptom usually is my right leg gets shaky/tremors when I’m sitting down – if it’s very low, both legs and hands shake, and I have balance problems.

    I often get a headache – the worse ones having the symptoms of a migraine – nausea, sensitivity to sounds, smells, light. I can get really, really irritable with people, where I have to apologize later, and I am unable to focus on any task. I also get dry mouth.

    Too high a dose of Prozac can have the side effect of amplifying my hypoglycemia. Once, by mistake, I took too high a dose of Prozac for several weeks. I got the regular symptoms of hypoglycemia at first. But later, I became shaky all over. One day it resulted in extreme vertigo where I couldn’t even crawl, let alone walk. My body was so shaky it seemed like convulsions, and I had to call 911. That was scary.

    I now carry glucose tablets and protein bars with me. Sometimes in the market, I will buy a small container of milk and drink it before I even get to the check stand.

    I have non-diabetic hypoglycemia, but I think my low blood sugar symptoms can be experienced by diabetics as well.

    10/14/14; 2:34 pm
  41. Jordan #

    My first symptom is usually either shakiness or this horrible weak feeling in my bones, which is both the worst and hardest to describe feeling I get from a low. I almost always have either or both of those, but I’ve also had headaches, a numb tongue, a feeling of anxiety for no reason, nausea (rarely, usually just when my blood sugar is at least 400+), and dizziness. If I just woke up or was sleepy, I sort of get this feeling like it wouldn’t be so bad to just lay there and not do anything, and I have to sort of snap myself out of it.

    I also suppose I have hunger, but that doesn’t really describe it for me. It’s nothing like being hungry, it’s more like this desperate instinct to eat EVERYTHING. My body knows something is wrong and that food fixes it, so it feels like every cell in me is telling me to eat as much as possible. I have to restrain myself or I shoot my blood sugar too high.

    The lowest BG I ever had was when I was a kid – 21, 15 minutes after I had a ton of soda, so probably much lower. I was walking through the parking lot with friends and randomly started wandering off while they were calling me, and I just remember this hazy feeling like everything was far away. They got me in the car and had me drink the soda, but they didn’t know how to use my meter and we had to wait and check it when we got home, as fast as possible. I ended up being okay, with no need to visit the ER.

    10/15/14; 1:16 am
  42. Dylan McJeff #

    hmm, i get the same problems when i don’t enough food during the day, usually a tablespoon or two of sugar helps or when i don’t have a coffee. its weird :/

    02/18/15; 3:33 am
  43. Sandy graham #

    2 days in a row, first day before I had ate dinner was cleaning around house . Suddenly broke out in a hard sweat from head to toe. Dinner was ready so I forced myself to eat .glucose before I ate was at 35. Never had that before . However after I ate it was back up to 120.
    2 no day about an hr after dinner just finished up dishes and cleaning kitchen,again broke out suddenly in hard sweat pouring off me head to toe. Like someone turned on a sprinkler. My first response was something sugary . Made my way back to kitchen grabed first thing was spoon full of ice cream . Sat myself back down and slowly ate the ice cream the more I put in my mouth the slower the sweats got until it stopped. Then as just like day before I was totally exhausted.glcose was 41 till ice cream then up to 100 .went to sleep both times 3 hrs then felt much better.

    02/23/15; 4:44 am
  44. Meg #

    I’m so thankful to have found this site to read. I just had my first recognizable low, although I now realize that I had the same thing a few days ago. I have been diagnosed with diabetes for a little over a year now but as a “big eater”, lows are not my usual problem.
    I’ve been sick with virus/cold type yuck and sleeping more throughout the day and night than usual. Tonight, I woke up feeling a buzz in my body, even my teeth, that felt like novacaine was wearing off. I was irrationally hungry but didn’t want to eat. I then had a little freak out and thought my legs needed exercise, so I got my mini trampoline out and bounced on it. I texted my husband who was out that something was wrong, but I didn’t understand it. When he got home within about 10 minutes, I inexplicably decided I HAD to take a shower, right then. So he got me washed, and then I mentioned being hungry, so he fed me my favorite snack (because I still didn’t actually want to eat!) of apple slices and goat cheese. I then felt a little better and it was bed time.
    It wasn’t long before I was flip flopping in bed. I guess my blood sugar was better, but still low, and it being our first time, neither one of us recognized it. I got up and went into the living room to keep from waking him up and started to feel panicky and pain, like gnawing pain, in my legs where I already have neuropathy. I forced myself to get up. I knew I had to help myself, and feeling hungry and having a sore throat, I made hot honey water with lemon to drink. The more I drank, the clearer and better I felt. So, then, I went and had some homemade rice pudding and eventually felt tons better. I had a hunch so looked up lows and came to this page.
    Reading what others experienced is so helpful and made me understand what had happened to me. Sleeping through meals was the obvious culprit, so I will be sure to guard against that in the future, thanks to everybody who shared their stories!

    03/13/15; 2:44 am
  45. beN #

    I really do not know if the episodes I get are from low blood sugar but today went out to home depot and then all of a sudden I get a fast heartrate, extreme anxiety, nervousness, trouble walking, sweating, lightheaded, fatigue, trouble thinking of anything else other than I feel like shit and WTF is wrong.

    Wanted to grab a coke soda bottle from the outdoor vending machines but would not accept dollar bills, so grabbed an ice cream bar from the vending machine next to it and tried eating that.

    Checked my level after about 15 min and was 108.

    04/20/15; 7:04 pm
  46. vlo #

    I had all the symptoms described. Now I am feeling extremely low. Last week end up in the ER, and my blood sugar was 62. Today, I could not get up to answer the phone. An hour later, without eating I was 58. 4 grapes put me up to 96. How can I feel so low without really low BS?

    04/25/15; 7:47 pm
  47. Sometimes when my bs is low I trip like I’m on acid. I have no idea where I am or even who or what I am. After one episode like this when I was home alone I woke up 7 days later in a hospital. They put me in a coma cause I wouldn’t respond and just kept fighting them no matter what they did. It scares me to death daily…. Always have glucose nearby… I’m 32 been diabetic for 25 years, and it still surprises me from time to time… Be ever vigilante!

    04/29/15; 8:21 am
  48. Don Wallace #

    I’m 72, and lately when my BG is low, my vision is blurred and bright, dizzy, and I seem to start thinking I’m going to die, not pain, just thoughts of impending death. I’m told I’m in pretty fair health, I have kept my A1c below 6.5 the past 3 yrs, and have a good appetite, I’ve had back pain and have been using a walking cane to help with walking, but I’ve had back pain on and off since I was in my 20’s. I just wonder if me thinking I’m going to die real soon, or it’s just a symptom of low BG <45 or it's normal for and older person to think such.

    05/16/15; 6:02 pm
  49. David Hawa #

    Ok.. im an old guy. Im 45 and been diabetic for 31 years.I have hypoglycemic unawareness from so many lows over the years. Im just wondering if anyone else has the problem when their blood sugar gets very low.. sometimes i will wake up in the middle of the night, turn on the light and everything is out of place or unfamiliar, i will close my eyes and then everything is changed again. the color of the walls, wallpaper,furniture changed around etc.. i will close my eyes for a few seconds again and the room will change again. thanks for reading etc. you can email me if so.

    05/31/15; 9:53 pm
    • Derek #

      I’ve bees down that road. Tripping, and seeing things that aren’t there…

      07/6/15; 6:44 pm
    • Cindi #

      Hi guys, yes, I’m old, too and i have those issues also. Hypo unawareness and they are different every time. I have had those where I think something is there and it isn’t. Including opening the fridge and seeing the juice, close my eyes and open them and now it isn’t. Come to find out, I already put it on the counter. Ugh. Frustration only adds to the irritability and trying to figure things out while being in a “fog”. Glad I’m not the only one. Especially at night, that is the worst. I feel I am dreaming, but am I? Where is that chocolate bar? Where are my slippers? Where is the bathroom? Old, alone and confused is no fun.Hang in there guys.

      02/15/16; 2:17 pm
  50. Amber #

    I can remember that when we went on roadtrips, we needed to stop so mom could get food often. She would get very cranky and her hands would shake. She isn’t diabetic as far as we know but was never tested.

    I have had symptoms for years now and they will start with irritability. I’m suddenly angry and don’t know why. It usually progresses to feelings of weakness and shaking hands. Violently shaking hands, to the point where my husband has to feed me something as I can’t hold a fork.

    It was worse when I was on Beta Blockers. I actually almost punched a woman in London because she was too slow giving me a bag of chips. Now I have begun to get HUNGRY, so hungry I can’t think of anything else but eating. My stomach is growling, it physically hurts I am so hungry, and I don’t skip meals. Every two or three hours I try to eat something and this still happens.

    I have a doctors appointment on Monday, I’m curious as to what he might say. I’m not diabetic, to the best of my knowledge.

    07/7/15; 7:25 am
  51. Rebecca #

    Has anyone ever lost the sense of taste? I had a very low blood sugar this morning and have still yet got my sense of taste back. My throat is also numb, has anyone experienced this? Should I be worried?

    07/19/15; 1:00 pm
  52. Michael #

    Honestly, lows aren’t that horrible. I feel shaky, dizzy, and weak but when I eat, everything tastes so good and just feels nice and delicious.

    07/29/15; 3:57 am
  53. Patrick Piscitelli #

    Mine have also changed over the years. AT 3 when I became Diabetic I would tell my Mother I felt Hollow. Today at 41 I will be at work and break out in a sweat, like I was running a marathon. Then I know I am below 50 and once checking it I am always within 5 points of that. Some OJ or a regular coke and it’s back to normal. It’s amazing though how it now sneaks up on me with no real warning.
    I will feel fine then I start to sweat Bullets.

    07/29/15; 3:09 pm
  54. amanda #

    This morning I woke up went outside to smoke a cig I came in was fixing baby a bottle I felt like I was about to pass out I went to lay on couch. Next thing i know i woke up I had fell in the floor I got out floor laid on couch I was sweating and I threw up. Why? Does anyone know what may have caused this??

    09/19/15; 10:34 pm
  55. maranda #

    My lows very sometimes I am so tired I can’t stay up and go to sleep.My kids wake me so I can eat other times I feel like singing this song like I am 3 years old that I can do it by myself which happened while I was in shower then preceded to get in night close walk next door to moms and tell on my husband and if that wasn’t bad enough once they got me home I asked my parents to punish him as if I was 3 and get happy about how I got my candy, all while singing happily.My brain wants to say the right things but my mind some how regresses to a child.There have been times when I have passed out.this has been a long battle over the year of being diagnosed but I go ahead each day not knowing.Something’s very some are consistent.Sometimes I get sweats but that’s not common for me ,and the last time that happened I test at 78 so that is what I don’t understand so new to this.but this site made me realize I’m not alone.I thought I was going crazy.Glad to know I’m not .The confused states deciding I don’t need glucose when its obvious I do even the hardest times of getting my my sugar to raise is a common thing.this is so good to pass on love site.

    09/22/15; 4:34 am
  56. Karen Dwyer #

    My son just got fired from his job after having a diabetic episode while at work. His sugar dropped and he became confused and physically ill, shaking, sweating heart beating rapidly, slurred speach. His employer is fully aware of his condition, he is a line cook. When asked what was wrong he couldn’t convey what he needed, his words were slurred. His boss began yelling at him, asking what he was on or if he was intoxicated and did nothing to help. Instead of calling paramedics, he called the police. They showed up, realized what was wrong and gave him orange juice and asked why the police were called instead of paramedics. The bosses answer was that because of my son’s demeanor and belligerent attitude he assumed he was intoxicated or on some sort of drugs! My son has never had an incident with drugs or alcohol to make his boss assume such nonsense. My son asked the police officers to perform a breathalyzer to prove he had no alcohol in his system. It was negative for alcohol. He was fired anyway. The officers drove my son home and told me what happened and that there was nothing they could do…but for us to contact an attorney.
    Reading everyone’s comments has eased my mind somewhat…just reading that others experience similar symptoms and are not completely in control of their faculties has been very helpful. It’s sad that people not only have to suffer with this illness but also be treated so poorly by others that should be helpful instead.
    Thanks for sharing everyone.

    09/22/15; 11:39 pm
  57. Bllie #

    I get breathing problems from the racy heart!

    10/23/15; 10:49 pm
  58. rye0920 #

    just had an episode 2 hours ago… it started with me felling dizzy.. then i heavy breathing.. then i threw up some.. had some hard candy.. but it the dizziness got worse.. then the shaking came.. tears kept rolling down my checks but i wasnt crying.. drank something sweet but it didnt help.. my body was numb.. my speech started getting slurred.. and the shaking got worse.. toes and finger tips were very cold.. had soda and candy bar. it took 2 hours for the shaking to stop but my head still felt heavy and the dizziness is still there.. but i can breathe easier now. i feel exhausted.. but im not supposed to sleep..

    11/5/15; 8:27 am
  59. james willard #

    Took humalog late one night and blood sugar crashed about 3.5 hours later. Went downstairs to eat something and the light from the fridge literally blinded me and I couldn’t see what I was searching for. Never had this happened before and I am assuming the vision was a from extreme low sugar.

    12/12/15; 12:04 pm
  60. I have had low sugar attacks over the years, but normally just involve feeling weak, and getting the sweats. Eating something with sugar will normally get me through it in about 15-20 minutes. (I am Type 2 diabetic, on two types of pills.) But, yesterday, had a very severe attack, basically got delirious, weak, and eyes got so constricted that everything looked dark (tunnel vision). I had eaten some chocolate when I felt it coming on, but too late. It was 45 minutes later before I finally began to have coherent thoughts again. I remember people asking was I ok, and not being able to string together words that made any sense. Very frightening. Sugar when I checked it today was actually on the high side of normal.

    02/15/16; 10:03 am
  61. Cindi #

    Sometimes I get very defiant. Nobody is going to tell me what to do, what to eat, drink this, drink that, etc. I get stubborn and clinch my teeth. Also, I have been where I lose all my faculties and I say things, cry, laugh, act like a child, urinate the bed, make funny sounds, make funny faces or just plain lose control of everything, like no muscle control. I am a limp noodle and expect someone to help me. I can be a real “B” and I am always sweating afterwards, apologetic and severely embarrassed. Sometimes it happens at 70, sometimes 50, sometimes 30, you just never know. No rhyme or reason.

    02/15/16; 3:06 pm
  62. Miles #

    There was one particular incident where I was a witness and had to report to a courthouse several cities away. Because I had either enough money to eat, or enough money to get to where I needed to go, I didn’t eat.
    To make matters worse, the can of regular soda I had with me, the court guards wouldn’t allow me to enter with it… because I HAD to be there, I had to throw it away before going in.
    I fell hypoglycemic before I had to testify. I ended up kicking several paramedics in the shins… and I wear boots, so I feel bad for them. I have no recollection of doing this, but I saw more than one sitting on the floor holding their shins in pain. Apparently I had announced that I would, in fact, administer a quick kick in the shins to anyone who didn’t leave me alone. I have no recollection of this, but it sounds like somehting I might say… just usually in jest.
    They demanded to know why I wouldn’t have eaten breakfast, and didn’t seem to understand not being able to afford to both eat AND travel.
    I didn’t end up testifying. Both attorneys were terrified of what I might do or say in the courtroom.

    03/2/16; 1:33 am
  63. I have low blood sugar and I get very irritable first thing! I then get so weak I feel like I’m gonna pass out so I usually will drink orange juice or eat a half of peanut butter sandwich! But the worst part also is sweating and getting so grouchy!

    04/2/16; 7:41 pm
  64. Tammy #

    I was diagnosed as hypoglycemia years ago, I do not have diabetes. Always had the kind of episodes where you shake, feel hungry, dizzy, etc for most of my life. Recently though, they have changed. I hadn’t had an episode in over a year, once I cut out all caffeine from my diet, made a world of difference. But this past month I’ve had 2 extreme episodes that make no sense. I have not been to the doctor yet, but after this one today I will go. When it starts, I feel off, almost heavy and within 2 minutes both times I have been on the ground. Someone was home the first time, and this time I was alone. I had my cell phone today and was able to text my kids “sugar”, I couldn’t even make it to one of the many bottles of glucose tabs I have around the house. But here’s the biggest problem, I can’t move. And I don’t mean it’s hard to move, I mean I can’t lift a finger. I’m screaming at myself to get up in my head but I can’t talk, I can’t move anything, I couldn’t even slide my head over that was laying on my glasses. I knew I needed to but my body was completely shut down. Today it took about 35 minutes for someone to get to me and another 30 minutes for me to come out of it. My daughter in law said I was completely unconscious, 100% unresponsive. I don’t remember her arriving but I remember bits and pieces of me trying to say I hear you, I’m here, it’s working. This is the 2nd, as I said, in 3 weeks. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I’ve had similar but never this fast and never this long and never this severe. Please let me know if you have any insight. Thanks for reading 🙂

    05/7/16; 12:35 am
  65. Ellen #

    My best iniicator when I am low bg while sleeping is a looping dream in which I would normally have control but do not. It loops too much. I wake up and so far had the presence of mind to at least make it to Do the bg test. Out of my mind though and barely there. Next time straight to OJ THEN test after 10 minutes

    07/31/16; 2:22 pm
  66. Ellen #

    Oh. This is Ellen again. I forgot to say in above (for me) that I took 2 glucose tabs before I got out of bed Not enough I guess. And my bg was 47 at kitchen table. Thing is u never know. Ate a regular meal and took bg and humlalog and lantus as usual. I am about ready to give up. Trips to ER by ambulance are expensive and I don’t want to admit defeat to husband

    07/31/16; 7:25 pm
  67. mill #

    im so low mybe i get shaky im crazy i can barely type i need food i fell weak

    08/5/16; 12:08 am
  68. April Thompson #

    I’ve been diabetic for 20 years and in the last year realized that when I wake up in the night and my hands are asleep I’m going low or it is too late and I’m severely low.

    09/4/16; 11:48 am
  69. Mike #

    I have been diabetic for 30 years, and when I was in my teens, and early 20s, my body handled low BS very well, able to go back to a normal condition within minutes after drinking juice. NoW in my late 30’s with a AIC of 5.1 to 5.4 for the last 6 years, I feel like when I do have a low my body doesn’t handle it as well as when I was younger. Now a low BS for me is 70, and anything lower can end up seizure like state…….strange. I use Dexcom too, however, this sensor I’m using this week is not accurate, need to calibrate it all the time….

    09/7/16; 2:02 pm
  70. I am type 1 for thirty+ years. When I am low I get different (more severe) effects. I have been with my partner 15 years. He says he understands it but..certainly not near an expert what to do or recognize I am in a LOW. Last night after a very busy long 2 days..we were having a friend over for a celebratory take out dinner. I was feeling weird but not the sweating (and I ate good that day)…anyways he said I was asking “wierd’, friend arrived and I was feeling worse. Tested and I was 38 (I’ve gone to hospital 2x when higher than that). The friend got up abruptly, pissed off at me???? and my partner got equally pissed off??? What kind of reaction is that. Later after cranberry juice/food I got my sugar up. I am SO 1)disappointed in them both, 2) very very angry with both 3) so utterly disappointed in my partner you can’t imagine. Its been a stressful couple of years anyways…I want to break it all off and move back nearer my family who have always been understanding, knowledgeable. SOOOO sad today, about ready to give up. I started at the Joslin and always had utmost care and I have maintained my lifestyles etc. Am I wrong to give up on him….he left the room last night and yelled at me ??? He just doesn’t get it. I can not make any calls today but am fuming and already making plans. They BOTH owe me, I think HUGE apologies….otherwise I am done with them both….and I refuse to backtrack on that……….

    11/27/16; 12:59 pm
  71. Lydia #

    Nausea, oh extreme nausea. I feel like I have the stomach flu. Crazy that my body would use that to tell me to eat something. I also get the shakes bad, I start to sweat, and I get really anxious and irritable. If I don’t get something to eat that will raise it fast, I will surely vomit and then feel faint. Once I eat something to bring it up I feel a bit better, but the nausea will linger usually for the rest of the day afterwards.

    03/3/17; 1:59 am
  72. Robert Bolin #

    I’m a type 2 that, until recently, had never had any issues with going hypoglycemic (something about not exactly behaving as I should…). But recently I started dieting and taking weight off and find I’m waking up in the 40s and 50s a couple times a week and in the 60s almost every day. The doctor is working on adjusting my meds down to compensate (he is actually glad I’m trying to take off the excess weight because 5’11” and 295 lbs was not good – down to 270 since starting this first of the year). But I also experience drops just before lunch and dinner, sometimes on the drive home (talk about scary).

    My symptoms are numbness/coldness in my fingers, what I call “gray vision” – things get like a fog in front of areas of my eyes and I can’t read the glucometer sometimes when it gets into the low 60s. Below 60, my thought processes stop working and I can’t remember the most basic terms and the tops of my thighs get numb like I’ve just gone for a serious workout or spent 3 hours walking the mall with the wife. Below 50 I start the sweating and the limbs get rubbery and my heart starts acting up.

    By the way, I found this because my blood sugar dropped from 132 at 12:30 to 83 at 2:15 all because I hadn’t had a chance to eat anything. I suddenly noticed my vision and numb fingers and said ‘WTH?!’. So I was typing this up as it was coming back up. But I just found this blog and saw your video and really appreciate getting to understand what to expect (if anything can be “expected”) now that I’ve got the constant hyperglycemia in check.

    Keep up the good fight against this silent pain in the ass disease!

    03/10/17; 3:12 pm
  73. Beth #

    I have pancreatitis. Not sure if i have low blood sugar or what. I didnt have lunch today. I was getting dizzy throughout the day. I drove home. I dont know how i even nade it home. Thought i was going to pass out while driving. Veey shakey and confused. Its like my reaction time is out of whack. Its the scariest feeling in the world!! Doess this sound like low blood sugar???

    03/20/17; 7:21 pm
  74. Buffy Bunch #

    I get an almost uncontrollable need to remove my clothes and snuggle up in a big blanket. It is the most bazaar thing. I have never seen anyone post a similar thing. I get the standard shakes, lack of concentration/stupids etc. Sometimes frightening chest pains.

    04/23/17; 6:38 pm
  75. Aubrey #

    I relate to so much of what is written above. Thank you all for sharing! I have very severe hypoglycemia symptoms (anxiety, vision issues, inability to complete a thought, inability to help myself, overwhelm, crying) and I have struggled with them since I was a pre-teen (about 25 years now).

    I have one question, does anyone else experience hypoglycemia at a blood glucose level of 75-85? My hypoglycemia seems to be triggered at a much higher blood glucose level than normal and it’s very hard to get any doctor to take me seriously.

    05/1/17; 12:17 pm
  76. Richard Campaner #

    I chart all my glucose readings with google spreadsheet since 2015 I mark all my lows, some very bad, I have passed out on several occasions for as much as 4 hrs before I woke up. Sometimes I can tell, I am low, other time’s wham. It happens a lot of times when my sugar is high in am, take extra when I wake up, and sometimes it leads to issues later in the day or the worst at night. Sometimes I get the calico vision where what I am looking at there are bits of what I am seeing all over the place. Lows are very, very scary. Diabetes is always on your mind. I have been type 1 since I was 29, now 66. I have had A1C as low as 5.6

    05/11/17; 3:57 pm
  77. Emma swan #

    I think i might have this but I’m not sure because I have most of the symptoms

    06/29/17; 9:00 am
  78. Tata #

    Yesterday I was having a good day, happy & jolly ! Then out of nowhere I became very sad & shaky, the shakes was so bad it was almost impossible to check my blood sugar ! Well I checked & what do you know a nice 50 on the glucose monitor ! I drove myself to get something fast to eat because I haven’t eaten all day ! My blood sugar went back up & I became happy again btw I’m T2 diabetic , I just got diagnosed 3 weeks ago

    11/4/17; 9:18 am

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