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  1. Beccca #

    I agree with all those feelings; especially the desire to sleep it off….though normally that’s not an option.

    11/6/13; 10:52 am
  2. It makes my whole body feel thicker and really uncomfortable. This goes away once I get below about 240. Of course the thirst and tiredness goes along with all of this.

    11/6/13; 11:16 am
  3. For me, it’s like a headache without much of a real ache. It feels like it start behind my eyes and radiates outwards. It’s slower processing and easier distraction. And definitely, definitely the wondering WHY and WHAT I did wrong…

    11/6/13; 11:23 am
  4. It feels like I have sand in my veins.

    This is probably how my brain interprets the sluggishness feeling.

    11/6/13; 11:26 am
    • Jamie #

      Oh my gosh that’s how I describe it

      08/8/17; 7:25 pm
  5. I am asking the same things when I am high. I get upset easily and everything around me annoys me!

    11/6/13; 11:29 am
    • Gael #

      This is a message for Ha[ey, I am so glad that I have read your comment, I to get easily upset and EVERYTHING around me annoys me,my poor husband, I feel sorry for him, all I want to do is go to bed and sleep.

      12/27/15; 11:18 am
      • Stacey Janeway #

        Can someone help me? I just found out I have it and no medication or meter yet. I have no way of knowing if it is high or low. I stay thirsty, I have for years now. I always have to have something to drink at all times. I pee a lot! At least 40 times a day. I’m not overweight. I crave sweets and I feel like I need to eat a lot. Also just quit smoking cigarettes because my dad went blind from diabetes and smoking. Any ideas? I’m scared.

        06/14/16; 3:54 am
        • I would ask my doctor if I needed a dietitian.

          I was reading here and just noticed your new post on an old thread. I am not diabetic but have a different set of issues. When alot of issues sent my blood chemistry and weight out of control I was told to call one. She gave me specific limits on calories from fat, saturated fats, protein and carbs. Also told me that if I continued to lose weight keep increasing healthful calories in until it stopped. It literally saved my life. My cravings for sweets stopped dead but unfortunately my appetite has never quite returned. I eat on schedule, not because of hunger.

          06/17/16; 12:00 pm
        • Jana Brock #

          Hi Stacey, I just found out I am prediabetic. I am not overweight and haven’t touched a dessert or soda in almost three years. I went out and bought a blood glucose meter to track my sugar levels and I also cut most of the carbs out of my diet. I am feeling a ton better after just two weeks of low carbs. No more peeing constantly! Do some research online and try different things. There are also a ton of herbs that people claim help.

          06/19/16; 9:56 pm
        • Suzy #

          Stacey…..I have type one diabetes
          I lost my pancreas 3 years ago so I produce no insulin
          Before I received my insulin pump my sugar was everywhere
          I had no meter or insuli
          Wal-Mart sell a meter called PRIME
          Its 13.00 and test stripes are 8.00 for 50 strips
          Try them to at least get a base reading

          06/21/16; 10:27 am
          • Stacey….you can also go online to Their prices are phenomenal. I use the Prodigy system. I just ordered the re-supply bundle this morning. I got 200 test strips and 200 lancets for 17.99. Check it out. Stay well. MJ

            07/8/16; 1:16 pm
        • Sharon #

          Stacey, I have two children, both type 1 diabetics, daughter diagnosed at age of 9 years after a flu virus attacked her pancreas. She was maybe 5 or 10 lbs. overweight at the time. Doctors missed the diagnosis at first, since we only knew of one death from diabetes in our family on either side. The way I realized it was diabetes was a wound that would not heal, thirst and urination. Your body uses the fat for fuel since the pancreas does not produce insulin. She continued to lose weight and started the raspy breathing, almost died, before she was diagnosed. Please get to a doctor and a diabetic specialist as soon as possible. You need health insurance, join ACA if you have to. You will need all of the help you can get. My daughter is 40 now, on dialysis for 21 years, blind in right eye and had her second surgery on amputated leg days ago. She is brilliant and has been as good a patient as anyone could hope for. You must learn everything you can, stay calm as much as possible, get the best medical help you can find. Leave anyone who does not take your health seriously. Learn to discern those who are in medicine to help and better your life, and those who are in it for a paycheck. No glucose IVs when you are hospitalized with high blood sugars, and trust me, it will happen more than once, no matter the hospital or quality of care. As for my son, he was diagnosed after working for years with type 1. He is in as much danger as she is, possibly more, since he has lived with it undiagnosed for so many years. You are not in denial. You have great discipline to have quit smoking and to have taken control on your own. When you get situated, and you will, you can live a healthier life than the average person does on this planet. Both my babies were over 9 lbs, which was a precursor to the type 1 diagnosis. My daughter had a pancreas and kidney transplant in 1998 and was off of insulin for 18 months before organ failure. She volunteered, since she had been sick and had seen so much as a child. Children are dying with diabetes. I have been praying for those undiagnosed and diagnosed for so many years, for protection and blessing. Native Americans and certain ethnic groups are more prone. Transplant doctors told us back in the 90’s. If it is in your DNA, your family members must take it as seriously as you do. Your lives are precious. You are in my prayers.

          08/3/16; 3:49 pm
          • Lisa #

            35 years ago when my son was four for three days he kept saying that he had to pee a lot I thought he had a urinary tract infection I made an appointment with a doctor but we didn’t quite make it till that Monday Saturday he did not get up to watch cartoons and it looked like he had lost 10 pounds in one day his sugar was 1200 they sent him down to Henry Ford downtown Detroit where he was in picu and I thought we were going to lose him but he turned around he is very fanatic about his sugar he watches his carbs exercises and he ended up going in the medical field I can’t believe it and he’s very successful

            03/2/17; 5:36 am
  6. The timing on your post is perfect. I made a string of bad food choices on date night last night and literally ran out of insulin in my pump. I felt like the biggest failure all night and kept checking for a downward trend.

    Every high seems to feel different, but my vision is affected every time.

    I was in DKA at diagnosis and one of my biggest fears is ending up back there. It’s unfortunately a great motivator for controlling my numbers.

    11/6/13; 11:39 am
  7. Itisha #

    I don’t know if there is any relation between hyperventilation and high blood sugar but when I’m ‘high’ I’m usually gasping for breath even while doing simplest of tasks. It feels shit regardless. Frustration, irritation, short fuse, muscular pain and God if I get high whilst PMSing, I literally feel like I’ve entered Dante’s seventh circle.

    11/6/13; 12:20 pm
  8. Adrianna #

    You mention going to the gym…. What I’ve read warns that it’s not good to exercise if glucose if above 250. Comments?

    When my bg is high, I don’t have a headache or symptoms mentioned above; the only thing I note is excessive thirst along with generally feeling unwell.

    11/6/13; 5:25 pm
    • I am fine with exercising so long as I don’t have ketones.

      11/6/13; 7:20 pm
    • My experience: when the insulin level is higher than required, exercise will lower BG, otherwise it will raise it. I have never read anything contradicting this — and I have read a lot …

      11/7/13; 12:28 pm
  9. Katie #

    I just wanted to thank you from a T1 Momma’s perspective, these posts provide me with such great insight. My sweet 5 year old can’t yet explain to us how she feels when she’s high or low-so this helps me get an idea of what she may be feeling! Thanks for sharing!

    11/7/13; 10:24 am
  10. Christine #

    I get all those feelings as commented on above and I become extremely hungry and thirsty. Like I have skipped a couple meals and have an unquenchable thirst.
    Thanks for the great post.

    11/7/13; 3:41 pm
  11. Patti #

    I remember reading somewhere that having a high is like having thick maple syrup slogging its way through the veins in your body and brain. (That image has always stuck with me.) Beside the heaviness and sluggishness, I feel a weird tightness or pressure, as if my skin has become too small for my body, which makes me feel incredibly edgy. I’m always so glad when that feeling goes away!

    11/9/13; 10:18 am
    • boni dutch #

      That’s how I describe it to my doc. My skin growing too tight!
      So strange. It makes me itchy but my hands are too slow and blocking to do anything.

      09/9/15; 11:41 pm
  12. Michelle S. #

    your timing is perfect! I just spent the morning battling high BG’s I woke up with… CGM fail. I couldn’t tell whether I had the stomach bug my kids had this weekend because that is how this hyperglycemia feels. Like the flu. Ugh.

    11/11/13; 12:47 pm
  13. Tiffany #

    Thank you for posting this. My 3 year old daughter has type 1. She was diagnosed at 20 months. I knew nothing of diabetes when she was diagnosed and did not know anyone with type 1 diabetes. I read your blog and several others for an understanding of the way she might feel as well as a heads up on issues that I will help her to tackle later. Thank you for the wonderful insight as always. God Bless 🙂

    11/11/13; 2:03 pm
  14. Krista #

    Thank you for posting this, and the post on “what a low blood sugar feels like”. As the mother of an 8 year old Type 1 Daughter, I am constantly wondering about this. While she has been able to somewhat describe lows, she has not been able to describe highs.

    11/11/13; 4:34 pm
  15. glw #

    I have type 2 diabetes and my blood sugars have been all over the charts. I admit I do not always eat well and when I am HIGH, it really doesn’t show much except the eyes. Dry and like a slight burning.

    I am also fighting Lung Cancer and some meds (Steroids) really shoot my blood sugar, off the charts! Into the 300’s! I use the Pen to controlr my regular type 2, “Lantus Solostar”, but when these steroids raise it into the 300’s, I also have another Pen “Humalog” (fast acting insulin), to get it down fast.

    My wife and I are tired of this mess and have started with the new year, new diets that should help enormously! My chart has gotten to look, like the Rocky Mnts…LOL

    I do not check my blood sugar as often as I should, guess I know what to expect and the strips are soooooo expensive! With this cancer and the cost of the Chemo. I’m on a fixed budget here and squeaking by.

    Oh well, I found what I was looking for on here. Than ks for your POSTS!

    01/15/14; 4:55 pm
  16. Bruce #

    I am t1 and was just diagnosed in Sept of 2012. I am 31 years old now and I am still new to this and still trying to figure it out. I appreciate finding all of the comments above. I have often tried to explain to my girlfriend how it feels to be high or low. I agree with all these comments on being high very much. I feel so tired and worn down during the day and just so blah. Sometimes it’s like I have sandbags in my feet. At night time though I notice that if I am really high I can’t even sleep. That is the case right now. I was at 357 earlier this evening and took 10 units of Novolog. Now I am still currently at 317 I just took another 7 units. I am out of my Lantus and have been for over a year now. I don’t have insurance anymore after losing my job and have just solely been relying on my fast acting. This is a terribly stressful disease to have and manage. I get really hot and uncomfortable and just so irritated because it is so high that I can’t sleep some nights. Is anyone else like that?

    02/3/14; 6:13 am
    • Kara #

      if you are still unemployed you should be able to get on an assistance program through the pharmaceutical company. Ask your doc about that.

      10/26/14; 10:06 pm
      • Paula #

        ObamaCare is good for people like you. Do not listen to the right wingers. Every country in the Western World has universal health care

        02/15/15; 9:38 pm
        • Jeff #

          This is not a political website, but seeing as how you mentioned it, have you priced out Obama care??? It is crazy expensive unless you are literally broke and then you cannot afford anything, even with the subsidies.
          As far as every country in the western world having universal healthcare, maybe so, but they all pay for it through massive taxation. So either way you are paying for it! Personally, I do not want the government in my health care! The Government is just people that have forever jobs with little or no reason to work hard! You want them in charge of what medicines you get, or treatments??

          Now, back to Insulin, there are many sites on the web that can help the person that needs it.. I would start with the American Diabetes Association. They should be able to direct you to Patient Assistance Programs that can cover some or all of your meds.

          05/12/15; 3:30 pm
          • linskwa #

            You’ve got to be kidding! We pay according to what wr make. Many pay nothing. Our health care is free and good. We look at uour bavkward, selfish country and feel sorry for you.

            07/29/16; 6:35 pm
    • millicent #

      . I was on an program called by an government funded program called the WATCH program. I recieved free medical care and free medicine when I could not longer afford to by my medicine. On some medicine I only had to pay $4.00. My insulin “Lantus” was free and sometimes had free bags of syringes Help is out there aand if you can, please seek help. It’s out there. Be blessed.!

      06/25/15; 11:47 pm
  17. Tom #

    Yes, I cannot rest if my blood sugar is high. I’m taking Novolog and Levemir insulins, both very good but very powerful. One screw up and you will struggle thru the day.

    03/12/14; 4:49 pm
  18. winnie b #


    03/16/14; 3:48 am
  19. Rashid Ishaq #

    How come, i have controlled my sugar level from 300 to 140 these days but i still feel thirsty all the time, I have controlled it by jogging and climbing; any input on this?

    04/30/14; 3:48 pm
  20. Ashton wetley #

    When my sugar go up any higher then 400 I get really sick, I feel like my whole body just gain like 200 pounds and I walk slow. I get headache sometimes. Lastly I don’t talk, cause somehow it makes me more sick if I talk.

    06/29/14; 2:08 pm
  21. v #

    If I eat white bread, white rice, or sugary stuff I will get extremely tired. If I go to sleep too soon after eating, it feels like a sleep coma. I will try to wake up but fall right back to sleep and feel loopy. When I can get up, my left eye won’t open and the white of my eye is a deep red.

    08/8/14; 6:41 pm
  22. Danny #

    I was recently diagnosed Type 2. What everyone has written here is exactly the opposite of how I was feeling before starting on Metformin and I can pretty safely say that I have never in my entire life felt worse than since my blood sugar has been more “in control”. Even when I’ve felt like my blood sugar should be through the floor, the lowest I’ve been is “normal”. Other than some fairly minor peripheral neuropathy and distance vision issues, I felt pretty consistently great. Since cutting back on the carbs and starting on Metformin in the last month, I’ve taken more Tylenol for headaches than I’ve taken in the previous five years combined, my vision has been up and down like a yo-yo with the worst being worse than it ever was before, and I have never been hungrier or less satisfied eating than now.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences?

    08/10/14; 1:38 am
    • Melissa #

      There are a few things that might be causing the headaches. When you cut back on carbohydrates, did you also cut out sugary drinks (juice, soda, etc.)? The reason I ask is that cutting out caffeine or lowering it suddenly can cause some godawful headaches, irritability, and a general feeling like you might drop dead at any moment.

      Beyond that, keep a very close eye on your blood sugar. Though you say the lowest you’ve been is within the normal range, it might not be normal for you. Review that with your doctor to make sure you’re comparing your levels to a custom range, not the universal normal. You might be zigzagging even with the medication, which would make you feel terrible.

      I had a very long spell where I felt “normal” until stress brought every potential problem to fruition at once. My body was simply used to operating with a horrendously high A1C (among other weird lab results). It took the complication of afternoon blood pressure spikes, sensitivity to heat, and some neurological concerns to get me to rush back to my meter… where I found a reading of 385. I was shocked because, like you, I felt pretty good up to that point. The A1C reading was a 14. I was surprised I had not had a random organ fail, but that is more to my point: I must have been having super high readings for several months — and longer — and felt fine. I expect my body will be angry with me coming down, but the relief for my organs and the extension of my life once I level out again will be worth it.

      08/15/14; 6:18 pm
      • kim #

        I felt like i was going to drop dead as you said in your was a very scary feeling.

        11/13/14; 5:51 pm
    • Martha #

      Hi Danny! When your blood sugar levels are getting back to normal as in 80-120, your body which is used to the highs responds rather viciously. You body has become used to being in a hyperglycemic state. That is its “normal”.

      When your blood glucose levels begin to go down, it may take a few months to feel better. This was my experience. I really had to push past feeling unwell, and teach my body what was truly healthy.

      09/2/14; 9:26 am
      • Kera #

        Wow so I am not the only one. My body is so reactive to stress. My blood sugar would stay in the 250-350 range no matter what for the last 2 years. I gave up. I stopped taking my meds (which I don’t suggest). They weren’t working for me. I started taking Berberine as a last resort. 11 days in, my blood sugar dropped to 185 as a high 136 as a low. I cut back on red meat and lowered my portions for dinner as I get in too late. I was so excited that it finally dropped but I feel like crap. It gets a little better day by day but it’s a slow process. I feel like I have the flu one minute and weak the next. I compare it to going through a withdrawal of sorts. It’s not pleasant at all.

        06/8/16; 1:34 pm
    • Mewlkat #

      Metformin takes a few weeks to adjust to. For me, Metformin makes me feel at my worst when it’s wrenching my sugars back to where they are supposed to be.

      09/16/15; 6:00 am
      • Janie #

        You’re having relative lows. That means that your body was so adapted to the high blood sugar that you now feel terrible because you always feel like you’re hypoglycemic. It will get better. Also, something that happens when you’re newly diagnosed diabetic and suddenly come into control is that you can lose your near vision. Water floods your eye to try to clear out the accumulated glucose. It DOES GO AWAY if you keep your sugar under control. My endocrinologist didn’t know about this. I had to do a lot of research to find out why a low carb diet caused me to lose my near vision. I know it has been quite a long time since you posted, but I hope you haven’t given up on your treatment. There is so much to know that only experience can teach you. Doctors are woefully under educated and what it’s actually like to LIVE with type 2 diabetes.

        01/14/16; 3:02 pm
  23. Brenda #

    My daugther was recently diagnose t2 she’s 20 years old and works until 9:00 so her dinner is not until after 9:30 or 10 pm. She’s usually tired from works and is in bed by 11 :30 but she has a hard time sleeping through the night and feels sick with stomach pain and chest pain. Any idea why? She’s only on med. not insulin yet.

    08/10/14; 8:19 am
    • nr #

      Since she is having to eat so close to bedtime, she might be having some acid reflux, especially if she is waking up with congestion or a cough. If you think this is what it might be, she might try elevating the head of her bed a few inches with risers or sleeping with a foam wedge under the head of her mattress — whichever is more comfortable for her — to elevate her head over her stomach. If you have a recliner, she might try sleeping in that for a while until you can get the bed adjusted.

      I am T2 and fairly young (28) as well and have had horrible acid reflux for years. I take Nexium daily (which is now OTC thank goodness) and it sorts it out.

      It may also help for her to push her bedtime a little later, if she can — I know that sometimes schedules just don’t permit that — or to eat a lighter dinner. I have personally found that carb- and fat-heavy meals tend to make my reflux worse, but everybody is different. I generally need at least 2 hours between eating and bedtime to let my stomach settle — more if I ate to the point of uncomfortable fullness or if I am stressed. (I’ve also noticed a correlation between refluxing – which for me manifests as a cough and wheezing – and my blood sugar levels.)

      I know I’m answering you a whole year late, but maybe this will help somebody!

      07/29/15; 5:43 pm
  24. Ray #

    I’ve pretty much given up. I can have normal readings, but I come to a point where I can’t afford to refill my insulin prescription, my numbers go up, up, and I get feeling down. For as long as they have had insulin, and how many people use it, it seems criminal that it’s so expensive. I just want to quit everything.

    08/10/14; 4:40 pm
    • Jeanne #

      Does anyone experience excessive sweat mainly around face with high blood sugar? I cannot afford my insulin, seems to be a common problem, for a lot of people. As far as any assistance I’ve tried the drug companies and at income of 22,000.00 a year I don’t qualify.Apparently I have too much money. As far as I’m concerned the drug companies are greedy bastards who are really only interested in keeping people sick so they can make more money. I have medicare but even w/that the co-pays are too high. I get insulin when I can from my doctor and sometimes friends. I’ve worked all my life and live in the richest country in the world but can’t afford my meds. Whoever has gotten help must have no insurance. The only programs I know of I don’t qualify for because of medicare and as I said the drug companies won’t help me I’ve tried. Anyone who’s worked all their life, in this country, should be able to get medicine. Maybe I should move to Canada. Sorry for the rant but this is ridiculous. It’s hard to treat diabetes when you can’t keep up w/ your meds.

      09/20/15; 12:38 am
      • Rich #

        Walmart has both fast acting and long lasting insulin available for about $23.00 per vial–without prescription–in most states. Just talk to their pharmacist or look it up on their website.

        02/24/16; 2:25 am
  25. Mary #

    I have all of the physical symptoms of highs and lows. But my numbers are still in the ‘normal range’. So I am clinically not diabetic. I get gestational diabetes with pregnancies. Does anyone have any experience or info for the ‘normal’ zone diabetic response.

    09/10/14; 8:42 pm
    • Michelle #

      Your post sounds much like me. Have you been checked to see if you are pre-diabetic? I was diagnosed with this plus being insulin resistant. I only learned this after seeing an endocrinologist. My primary dr only tested glucose levels and not insulin or liver (AST, ALT). When the endo did, this is what she found. I am now on Metformin, hoping to keep Type 2 at bay.
      -41 year old female

      06/20/15; 11:19 pm
  26. Melissa #

    I feel those exact symptoms! It feels to me like zoning out, like an out of body experience. Like im just floating. Then the tiredness hits. When I have those sugar highs I withdraw, friends don’t understand why I become so quiet or just walk away to sit and put my head down until it passes. Im 23 and I’ve been dealing with it for 5 years but it doesn’t become any easier.

    09/14/14; 5:11 pm
    • Mary #

      Yes I have a really important question. I just learned that I am a dibetic put Tim not on anything. I go get my blood checked in three months,but I also have had a heart problem so I really don’t know if it’s my blood sugar r something else. But reading some of these story’s it seems like it really has been my sugar level. So my question is what can I do stop lower it without medication? Every since I have found out I been eating right but on the same not I really don’t eat sweets are I’m not a heavy eater of nothing. Like today I’m having a bad day. I would just like to know why a to do if I’m not on medicine.

      06/27/15; 4:39 pm
  27. Q #

    Hi, I live with PCOS and I have insulin resistance.
    I have high blood glucose, I urinate frequently, I have had times where I had uncontrollable thirst. The eye comments are interesting cause as of late I have really stugguled with my eyes being sensitive. They burn out of no where. I thought it was the grill at work but I’ve had that issue at random. I don’t know if it is this or the sun or what. I can also relate to having shortness or breath with simple taks. I appreciate this site and the comments to read. I didn’t know what I was experiencing was a sugar high or that information about how the sugar in my body works. Now I can explain to my son’s father why I’m alway urinating. I’m about to deploying and eating will be a challenge but I think i will be fine.

    09/24/14; 11:40 pm
  28. Christy #

    I understand what everyone is saying, I had just found out the other day that my A1C levels are a little elevated and that my blood sugar levels were high as well but my question is will diabeties make your lower back hurt like you’ve been hit by a sluge hammer

    10/18/14; 1:19 pm
  29. Princy #

    I walk around feeling very bad a lot. Seems like the older I get the worst I feel but on a real note, I don’t do much to make myself better. I alway start on a eating and exercise plan to only stick with it for a short time then I’m back to eating everything. I now realize that I am now 54 years old and I am feeling worst than ever before. I am type 2 but been diabetic for 14 years. I do take Metformin, pills, but I have my brother as an inspiration. He found out about his diabetes when it went up to over 600 and he was hospitalized. He took insulin for a year and a half. Today, he take no insulin or pills and his last A1C only 1 month ago was 6.2 which is good control. What does this mean? Diabetes can be cured. The key is to cure it before it get’s to bad. Well, my brother’s was bad and than God, he still got curred. I believe he is still a diabetic because if he goes back to his old ways, i’m sure it will come back, but he’s been off the insulin and pills for over a year now and have consistently good numbers, 98 before breakfast, numbers like this. Unless you are Type 1, this group has to take insulin, but all you type 2s, we just need to stop the white carbs, fast sugars like candy, cake, white breads, get some exericse, lose weight, watch the alcohol, we all know what to do. Type 2 diabetes is a life sytle disease, we just need to change our live styles like my brother did.

    10/20/14; 2:34 pm
    • Charlotte #

      Princy, I had a similar experience to your brother. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes (with blood sugar levels over 500) , and I asked the endocrinologist whether I could reverse it with diet and exercise. The doctor more or less told me that it was highly unlikely for me to be able to reverse it. Despite his discouraging attitude, I changed my ways–mainly by cutting out alcohol ENTIRELY and GREATLY reducing my food intake–and three months when I returned to the doctor, I’d lost 30 pounds and the doctor told me to throw away the Lantus, the Novolog, the Metformin, and the the Glymiperide. BOTTOM LINE: WE HAVE MORE CONTROL OVER DIABETES THAN WE THINK WE DO.

      03/19/15; 1:25 pm
  30. Kara #

    My 5 year old little girl is Type 1. I took the afternoon to go get my hair done( first time since March) and left her with my husband. He didn’t give her enough insulin- my recommended dose— and when they got home her blood sugar was almost 600. I will not be taking another afternoon off. It is heartbreaking to watch her endure this.
    Can you tell me what she was feeling? She told me she felt low. She can’t tell the difference yet.
    Also, I want to hire a private duty endo nurse. Any suggestions?

    10/26/14; 10:03 pm
  31. Robyn #

    High blood sugar to me feels like I just took a whole bunch a sleeping pills and they have just kicked in, but I am too sick to sleep. I feel depressed and sick to my stomach. And completing the most simple task; like walking to the mail box to check the mail feels as challenging as climbing Mount Everest. I’m at 460 right now. 🙁

    12/4/14; 5:45 pm
  32. Bob Speer #

    I have the strangest reaction to high blood sugar. I am talking blood sugar over 100. I can not sleep. If I do sleep it is not for more than a couple minutes. If my blood sugar gets below 80 I wake up. Have a tsp of peanut butter and go back to bed. It takes me around 9 hours to get 8 hours sleep. Has anyone ever had this problem?

    12/25/14; 10:52 pm
  33. No multiply that times one hundred and never let it go. That is what it is like to have diabulimia – high blood sugar every day, unceasingly. Never knowing the respite that comes with a “good” blood sugar. Imagine living in this state on and off for over 11 years. It is oppressive.

    01/18/15; 4:34 pm
  34. Markus #

    i have diabetes type 1, but your way of meassuring is kinda weird
    unless you just remove the . in the number
    normal bloodsugar is from 4.5 to 5.0
    my hb1ac is around 7.1 so the doctors says im well off.
    but lately i have been spiking over 34 bloodsugar multiple times a day..

    having high bloodsugar makes me feel “sluggish” as some of you experience, and the thirst, oh lawd.
    i usually have drinking contest (simple ones like water and ice tea) with my friends, because i can chug a liter of nestea in about 5 seconds when im high
    also my vision is crap, and everythin makes me angry
    i get sensitive skin and simple scratches hurts way more.
    and if i get in a bad mood when im high, im not very nice to talk too..

    03/9/15; 12:56 am
  35. Sadamzour #

    Really nice post…. I have also B Sugar….

    03/9/15; 10:08 am
  36. Cindy #

    I’m confused. I only feel right when my sugar IS high. When it gets to normal levels (anything under 150) is when I start feeling weak, shaky, etc. like it’s too low. Whether or not it’s damaging organs when it’s high, my body must be acclimated to it ’cause that’s when i feel “right”. Personally, I don’t think they should classify everyone with type 2 in the same category because there’s NO WAY we are all the same.

    03/18/15; 9:01 am
    • Michelle Short #

      This is how I’m feeling. I’m new to diabetes and was only put on pills a few days ago. My a1c was 11.4. I thought my sugar was low today, checked it and it was 215. I’m worried that the more my sugar is “under control” the worse I will feel. Any new ideas?

      04/10/16; 6:00 pm
      • Kera #

        I hear ya. I think our bodies adapt to being in the high range. I forgot how it felt to be in normal range. Right now it still feels horrible. Herbal teas, anything to make you find that “calm”. I am going through it right now myself as I started a new supplement and it’s working. I thought I would feel more energetic but I don’t yet. I stretch and go for short strolls. I think part of it may be mind over matter. I hope you feel better soon. Hang in there T2 warriors!!!!

        06/8/16; 1:45 pm
  37. I did not realize I had a problem until my wife bought a tester for me. My first test was 389. I keep a log and have been to my doc. My A1C is 10.2. With all this I feel ok. Sometimesa bit hyper and ditzy,. I really don’t know what”normal” feels like. I started the standard drug eveyone seems to get but it hasn’t had an affect yet. My lowest has been 240 in the last week with most tests in the 300’s.

    04/2/15; 5:55 pm
  38. Oh it’s Easter . I woke and took my blood sugar 111,….a bit high ….feeling pretty okay I weighed in I lost weight “great”……..I’m feeling really hungry so I throw down a 1/2 grass fed beef ,mushroom, and a cup of baked beans….I’m thinking ok oh the beans probably had sugar mmm bad choice,….I run to the bathroom after a cup of coffee and think mmm maybe I lost more weight ??? Then I’m lying down thinking jelly beans thinking I only live once ,so I head to the store and get some jelly belly jelly beans ,…as I’m sitting talking on facebook I’m eating them one by one,….1’2 way through the bag I get sick to my stomach,….throw the bag away….then fall into a deep sleep for 3 hours,…wake up on fire “hot” sweaty,….headache and extremely thirsty drink 12 oz in one gulp,……lay back and say hey you forgot your medication today “idiot” goofed up again….now it will take another three days to get back to normal again……it’s no joke. I really got to man up to this diabetes issue. Take charge and stop pretending it’s not my problem…..

    04/4/15; 9:36 pm
    • Tawnya #

      Oh I am really starting to comprehend what I have been feeling for several years now, my last a1c was 121 fasting, dr never said a word to me that it was high, then I found out that I should not have been fasting for this test, I am feeling very frustrated with my dr as this a1c test was done a year ago and he never said a word, it was my psychiatrist who brought it to my attention that it was a little high, well I have this thing of random sweating, feeling hot, sluggish, previously I weighed 140 and had hypotension my blood pressure was 70/60 I was dizzy all the time and had fell a few times, this dr tells me eat 3x a day and stay hydrated, now I am no longer feeling like passing out, BP is a little high and I am over weight, come to find out from all I have read and the a1c test over a year ago, it looks like my dr is looking at the wrong end of the horse, thank you all for your posts, it has been a great eye opener

      01/16/16; 2:42 pm
  39. Leah2002 #

    Yeah Arne, think about what’s really happening: your blood cells are getting “sticky” like your fingers if you get syrup on them. Then it clogs up tiny blood vessels like in your kidneys that are trying to clean it, and your eyes and fingers and toes. That causes die because they can no longer get enough oxygen with this poor blood flow caused by the sticky blood. Enough cells die and you get blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure. Also heart disease stroke etc. Somehow the immune system gets affected I can’t remember how exactly. I guess the sticky blood just can’t carry the immune system cells to the sores to attack the bacteria so little sores or scratches might not heal on your feet which don’t have great circulation even if you’re totally healthy. And then you can get gangrene and possibly lose a foot or feet. So yeah its serious. And those folks who feel better at higher blood sugars and think its OK don’t kid youselves. Same things are going on with regard to the sticky blood. I’m very lucky, I caught mine early before I started having to take metformin. Now I can keep it within or close to normal with low carb eating and intermittent fasting, which has been a godsend. ( Intermittent fasting is much easier than dieting; unfortunately you can’t do it if you’re on metformin because of hypoglycemia.) I really think the key is weight loss but that can be like moving mountains as we know. Maybe if youre trying to lose weight and it’s causing you to be depressed or anxious, you can try an antidepressant. I think there is one specifically to help people trying to lose weight. Hey who knows it might work; better an antidepressant then all those awful complications from high blood sugar. Anyway sorry for rambling on. hopefully I said something that someone can use. For me educating myself about the details of what’s going on is the ONLY thing that will motivate me to do what I have to do.

    05/1/15; 12:43 pm
  40. i m type two diabetes.. Not every day 300 (x) something my stomach…
    I use five shots…
    Lee emir 2 x time flex pen…

    Humalong 3 x a time each meal…

    05/3/15; 9:15 pm
  41. stephanie #

    My mom feels like her blood is rushing to her head while sitting in her recliner, she’s even checked her blood pressure everything and it’s normal. What does this mean?

    05/18/15; 3:26 pm
  42. Amanda #

    I am 41 I found out 3 yrs ago I have type 2 diabetes I have been on every med been on every diet and nothing seems to work. My A1C is 8.4 and climbing. I have problems with my eyes being dry all the time I feel tired weak sluggish no energy at all. I also want to sleep when my sugar gets im going into a coma. When it drops down low which has only been a few times I feel shaky heart racing and sick at my stomach not to mention all the other things that come along with it…it pretty much controls my life…Im at my wits end and dont know wat else to do!

    05/26/15; 10:28 pm
  43. Dorothy moeller #

    So glad to read comments from everyday people. First time reaching out. Googled question regarding if it was normal to need naps after eating the ‘wrong food’. Found out it was.

    07/10/15; 2:54 am
  44. Pete #

    two tea spoons between 8am and 5 pm last time was 4 hours with a table spoon of regular yogurtr, tested one hour ago 318 tested 20 minutes ago 230 tested 5 minutes ago 244. have no idea why it would go back up, only drank two cups of water no food. waiting for this horrible feeling to go away so i can fix the wifes clutch in her jeep plus the water pump is leaking. cant afford everything ,the timing belt turns the water so its a huge expense. $44 for just the pump versus the kit for $179 has new belt ,tension pully etc.. bad enough test strips for sugar with no insurance for a bottle of 25 is $40. holy do do. well the jeep has 301000 miles, yup three hundred thousand and its our main car

    08/28/15; 7:05 pm
  45. Tona #

    I just feel sick, weak, brain fogged, can’t breath, heart skips around, and just horrible all the time, most especially in the heat, over 77 degrees, I’m worthless.

    08/29/15; 11:06 am
  46. Stefanie # << Me! Feel free to write:)

    Hi! Cool page:) Im 32. Type 1 For 17 years now. I have a pump…Got it at age 19 after fighting my parents about it for almost 5 years. I hate diabetes. I love the people, events and soul it has brought to my life but I hate ehat its (Now) doing to my body- I hate that ive been a constant worry for my folks who have done everything in their human power to help me. Most of all- I hate that no matter how hard I try, even on y very best days- My mind is sharp as a whip, but my body simply does not follow suIt. It took almost 15 years before I gabe into that…. Id fight it with everything in me. I wouldnt "Let diabetes stop me" no matter what. That was the worst advise I was ever given. I would "Power through it" when I was tired…I wouldnt leave the office until the work was done…If there was a get together and I was having a bad diabetes day, id slap my makeup on amd fake it. Thats what I was taught to do by the educators -doctors and google! "Never give up!" Well….thats crap. And that crap landed me where im at today. Im an educated woman-Have an awesome family…supportive friends…Good life… No problems to really speak of besides my health— I always thought that not "Giving in" to diabetes would make me the winner…Stronger person…More capable or more respected if I always said "Im fine!" instead of telling the real truth. i thought it was a sign of weakness to lay down when my sugar was high– Id pretend I didnt need anything at work or school, even at home. I didnt want to worry my folks any more than the diabetes already had. Im sure my mom hasnt slept in 17 years. What Ive learned from that- I was ignoring my body. I was trying to be powerful when all it was doing was making me more weak… Slowly but surely it was taking a huge tole on my entire body. Im on disability…With a college education and a stellar resume. I cant even work a full day at my job (That I absolutely love), bc my body simply will not preform…Or it will be sick for the next 3 days if I am in constant movement for 8 hours a day. Ive worled fulltime and gone to fulltime school simce I was 15-Until 28Yrs old. NOW …If I need to sleep…I sleep. If im thirsty, I stop everything Im doing and get a drink of water. I dont wait to go pee. If im sick or simply dont have the energy- I dont go out- I do not push my body to do things it does not want to do. Im 100% "Give in" to the fact that my pancreas does not work properly and its causing chronic difficulties in my life. I tell my kids my blood sugar is high- And they know- Im laying down. My diabetes is #1… And not bc im some awesome diabetic Or selfish…Bc im not… Nobody trying to do this is…. But bc I am now suffering the complocations of being a diabetic bad ass growing up. Its harder to "Give in" and sleep when you have 500 things that need done. Its not easy when im cooking dinner..2 kids all over the place…Man is working and im trying to build Rome in my house before he gets home and is starving, to stop everything and sit down to allow my sugar to drop…or increase…Whatever it is…It takes more power to take proper care of yourself by LISTENING TO YOUR BODY rather than to be this "She never stops diabetic!" …. That use to be a compliment. Until I was old enough to have diabetic complications..Im one who always works out…Played sports… Good weight..Not a lot of life stress…. So i ddnt believe complications were even an option. I was wrong. Im 32 amd feel like an old woman. I cant see…My teeth hurt.. My feet hurt all the time….My back hurts… I vomit from celiac all the time…. And im a pretty good looking individual, so youd never know that i feel so horrible all the time. Ive tried It all. The one thing I didnt try, was treating my diabetes like a disease, as i should have been rather than this romantisized "Blessing" everyone tries to tell me I have. Oh "At least you dldnt get cancer!" Yeah…True….Bc then I would have to deal with a chronkc disease all day everyday, right?! Give in people. Especially you young kids…or parents of young kids w diabetes…Dont make yourself or child believe that listening to the body is not being good enough bc its giving in. if you always believe you are having to fight your body…You become very resentful of the disease and it stafts falling apart. Dont confuse yourself or your kid by maling it "Seem" like it "Should be" something else…Bc then when the result isnt what was implied, its a feeling of failure. I would be in such better shape w diabetes had I of accepted that when my sugar is high, im going to lay down and it doesnt matter what anyone thinks of me! Or my sugar is low and instead of trying to be polite and finish the conversation that I cant even understand bc im half unconcious, im goimg to sit down NOW and take a pause really qUick. This isnt a "Fight Against Diabetes" like all the tshirts say. Who would succeed at being taught their entire lives that they had to fight their body, while making sure its always ok and is lifes #1 priority?? Nobody. Your #1 priority cannot be something you believe you are "Fighting against" every single day for the rest of your entire life. Thats a tall freaking order when youre a young kid- Or an adult. I say this under the high sugar forum simply bc high sugars for me are the biggest problems having this disease. They are a crappy feeling….And they last and last in consideration to how you feel. Not to mention, long term complications stem from high sugar. i will list my symptoms so if it helps anyone to recognize theirs…or their childs.. It was worth the read….. Just remember guys….The Diabetes is your only absolutely dedicated, permanemt piece of your life- Nobody elses, nobodies.You arent "Fighting Diabetes" or "Giving in" to it if you address a feeling right away rather than waiting for an even bigger problem to manifest from it. You are the only person who can teach others how to manage your diabetes with you….bc we all have people on our lives in all areas….Let it be known, if you need to do something to make yourself feel better- it is happening no matter what. You got this. Your kid who has diabetes is capable of keeping it together…They wont be perfect…You calling them out for food they eat-Giving them "The look" from across the kitchen– or never leaving them alone about it, isnt helpIng… Ask them how they feel about it…Let them speak, dont reply w a solution to everything- Sometimes as a youngster w diabetes, you dont eant a solution… You want someone to take your word for what you are telling them and just hug you for them. Yoir child being.stressed out about you being stressed out, is not a good combo. Dont make this lifetime journey this stressful mess that the parents have reigns on- While holding tight!! That will cripple them in the end. let them experience this disease while they are at home….so you can at least fix the inevitable result. You DO NOT want them leaving the nest and all of the sudden- They have no idea how to handle it all, alone. Let them try food. See what it does. See how to correct it. Diabetics arent robots. Your kid will never be a robot…. Lastly, always rememer everyone….Especially parents w diabetic kids- There is nothing additional in a diabetics braim that enables them to be a super human who SIMPLY doesnt like the normal things in life. "Youre diabetic, you know better than to do somethong like that!" — Dont say that crap. Every kid does the same stuff…Diabetics already have 9000 more pressures in a day than normal people…. Dont make hem feel lile they are failing simply by questioning their God given desires to be hUman. Watch over them, obviously, but dont make it like they have the almighty power to control it all….. Thats exactly what turns into a huge attitufe problem w diabetes, for life…..Making a person resent it and ignore it…..

    High Sugars for me:
    Smells are too much to handle…perfume..Candle…cologne….INSULIN…anything fragrant….The back of my nose feels like im breathing in broken Glass down my throat.
    -Im so soooo tired… My blinking is slow…My Words are slow and mono tone.
    -THIRSTY OMG. Carbonation is the ONLY thing that tells me get rid of that insane thirst
    -Water touching me tells a lot…. Hot water mostly. If im ever out of strips to check my sugar– I could stand in a hot shower and tell instantly if my sugar is high. Same broken glass feeling in the back of my.nose and throat.
    -Feels like im walking im quick sand… 10 steps feels like an IMPOSSILE task.
    -Red cheeks
    – I have ZERO energy for hours after high- I always eat protien of some kind when i come to.
    -Crabby and hungry for sugar
    -Unwilling to do anything
    -Brain isnt interested in helping at all
    -Nauseated the higher it gets
    -Heat sucks. Sun. Blanket. Hot house is the worst.
    -Sensitive eyes
    -Breathing heavy
    -Skin hurts
    -Horrible weighted down feeling like i have an imvisible wall im having to push to take every step….
    -Out of it
    -Everything is hard to do until I lay down and close my dry eyes!

    Sugars also depend on what time it is too. Highs and lows symptoms will change depending on timing…Location…Mental awareness…. Temperature…Heart Rate..Anticipation…. All of it makes a difference. Morning highs suck…Im tired ALL DAY after that. Highs at night- i cant STAY asleep. In school just suck all the way around w a bad sugar. Work Too.

    Diabetes is no fun….But its not a.fight guys. Embrace it before it kicks.your ass. Let your kids be kids….Worry never ONE TIME helped ONE PERSON in the history of mankind. Worry will paralize your child with diabetes. Let them screw up ad many times as they possibly can now -So they know how to handle it when they leave your house! You will worry less at that poimt if you know they are prepared!! And make them learn how to cook with you too!!

    We got this guys!

    09/4/15; 5:42 am
    • Stacey J #

      Hi my name is Stacey. I just found out I have diabetes, I’m guessing it’s type 2. I have no idea what to do, what kind of medicine to take , or anything. The dr just told me and said we would check my a1c and then figure it out in 4 weeks. I’m scared because my dad went blind from smoking cigarettes and being a diabetic. I just stopped smoking. I have stayed thirsty my entire life, had bad headaches, severe panic attacks, it goes on and on…lots of other things to cover up diabetes. I have no idea what this has done to my body. You seem very nice.

      06/14/16; 4:16 am
  47. Ann Marie Apel #

    Im a type 1. When I was first diagnosed…about 10 years ago I didn’t have a lot of trouble controlling it. When my sugars were high I didn’t even really notice it. Now its different. I want to crawl out of my skin. I can’t think straight. I feel naseous at least once a month. My husband thinks Im making it all up because I did so well for ghd first 10 years. Its so frustrating because everyone that knows me thinks I should be a pro at this by now after this long. I go to my Dr and do what he expects of me but I still feel awful.

    10/9/15; 11:23 pm
  48. mary ann #

    Thank you ALL soooooooo much!!!I

    I have been previously diagnosed with pre diabetes
    6.2….. Took prednisone for shingles this week and
    every thing described above happened…
    I also see all the symptoms and problems I’ve had since diagnosis described in your posts.
    No doctor has ever said word one about any of this…
    It is so good to finally find out what’s behind all of these constant changes/

    11/1/15; 9:39 pm
  49. thuw #

    im 14 and had diabetes since i was 5 my blood sugars used to be so high my A1C was 12 in 2012 or ’11 after a few years i got to maneging since i was 12 i tried my best to take insulin when i ate and test frecuently without my moms help its so hard though i hate havin to poke anf get blood tests and see doctors and take shots so when im lazy i tend to forget..but i try my best just wish i never had diabetes im the only one in my whole family

    11/30/15; 2:10 pm
  50. Jeff #

    I’ve had t1 diabetes for 33 yrs and yesterday I had an inclusion with my pump. I was out of the house and didn’t feel the o set of symptoms until my drive home. Once I got home, all I could get the energy to do was change my site to get rid of the inclusion. It felt like it took me hours to change something that only takes minutes. I couldn’t focus enough to get the correct steps in order. I spent the rest of the day and night laying down with a headache, nausea, and just an overall dull body pain that kept me up all night even after my blood sugar came back to normal from being 400. Even today, I still feel sluggish and all I want to do is lie down. After al that, had to deal with waking up to a low blood sugar this morning, making things even worse. I hate feeling like this.

    12/28/15; 11:20 am
  51. Kat #

    Weird, my highest was 203…is that high as a highest? And I have Sjogren’s which is dry eyes and fatigue, how do you tell the difference?

    12/29/15; 7:58 pm
  52. helensdottr #

    I can’t thank you all enough for your descriptions of what a blood sugar high feels like. I’ve just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and am trying to learn all I can about it. I also appreciate so much your advice on not trying to “power through it” or accepting a non-diabetic’s opinion on what I should do or how I should feel.

    A question: have any of you ever had heart palpitations with Metformin? (I’ve been checked by a cardiologist and have no heart problems.) My primary-care doctor started me on it over a year ago (when I was prediabetic) and over the course of three weeks my heart began to thump heavily. When it became continuous I quit the Metformin and the thumping disappeared after 2-3 days. Now that I’m actually diabetic I’m trying it again, hoping that taking it exactly as prescribed will enable me to avoid the heart palpitations.

    Thanks again for all of your extremely helpful posts.

    01/21/16; 4:24 pm
  53. Sk #

    Nowadays I feel like I going to die or something serious is going to happen what is the reason of that or is normal ?????

    01/27/16; 6:12 pm
    • shannon #

      Yes. Anxiety is very normal with diabetes. Maybe talk to your doctor about it, or go on forums to discuss how other diabetics feel. It made me feel better when mentally trying to deal with it. Hope you’re feeling better.

      10/21/16; 2:07 pm
  54. Sk #

    Please reply me

    01/27/16; 6:13 pm
  55. Jenn #

    Go to the doc, maybe you have anxiety too? I read these replies of feeling sluggish, I feel the opposite! It feels like an intense all day panic. Maybe you are experiencing this too? right now I feel like I’m going crazy! Hot, panicky, restless, dizzy…

    02/1/16; 4:35 am
  56. Tiffany #

    I’m 26 i got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on my 26th birthday went into the hospital with my surgar being at 850 it took over 14 hours to being it down. I was in the hospital for 4 days. It’s been really months since then and I’m on slow acting insulin and fast acting to. When it gets high over 500 I don’t notice it . For some reason I have so systems even when I went it with my surgar being at 850 I was still walking around and talking but I knew somthing was wrong cause I was peeing a lot and drinking a lot of water it hurt so bad to pee has anyone else have no systems when itshe high at 500 I only weigh 107 pounds. I’m trying to gain weight it’s really hard to

    02/4/16; 11:41 pm
    • J c #

      I just think the symptoms are usuall symptoms that people put off like being tired all the time going to the bathroom a lot and other things can be related to other symptoms to you just have to be aware that you have diabetes and when the symptoms hit you just have to know your sugar is high just keep reading up on it and do research as much as possible hopefully this will help

      06/13/16; 11:16 pm
  57. Tiffany #

    Diabetes is still new to me everyday is a struggle trying to keep it normal i try to eat right it still goes up hi I have to take my fast acting insulin before I eat all of my meals. But if I don’t take it it goes up hi. I take 6 shots a day. My stomach is swollen from taking the shots I wish there was a easier way to deal with my diabetes I wish I had more systems when it gets high to

    02/4/16; 11:47 pm
  58. Mosses Nephi #

    It’s all BS. I’ve had it bad for 20 years, always feel great when I’m around 300.
    Every pill or shot has left me so Sick and riddled with unexplainable pain. Anxiety or cramps to die for.

    I don’t think any cure with all the Ill side effects is worth the extra couple years I may gain if I could keep it under control.

    Too bad it’s such big business keeping us sick, You know somewhere a cure has been found and suppressed.

    Mosses Nephi

    05/1/16; 2:25 am
    • Leslie Hill #

      Oh my, please educate yourself on the effects of high blood sugar over the long term. One doesn’t simply ‘lose years’. One does not simply ‘die’. It is a long slow progress of losing function and ability. Ask anyone who is on dialysis from kidney failure. I am sympathetic and it sounds like you need help with adjusting back to good health. Please speak to your doctor and tell them how you really feel so they can help you.
      I hate to see someone throw their life away because they are not able to see the reality beyond now.
      Best wishes, live for today, plan for tomorrow

      09/10/16; 11:00 am
  59. J c #

    I have a new phase for it instead of my sugars high I’m just going to say I’m high I know what not to eat and what to eat I just can leave soda and juice alone I’ll do good for about a month of not drinking sugary products than go back to feeling tired dry eyes and pee so much I just want to sit on the toilet all night but I’m on the shot and try to give myself 5 units and drink plenty of water like the do at the er so that helps

    06/13/16; 11:08 pm
  60. Stacey Janeway #

    If anyone can help me figure this out. I don’t know if my sugar is high or low because I just found out I have type 2 I guess. The dr has not out me on meds or have me a meter. I have stayed thirsty for 20 or more years. I pee40 or more times a day. I’m 35 years old, not overweight, and just quit smoking. My dad went blind because he didn’t take care of himself and he smoked. I am scared to death. I’m scared of needles even to prick my finger when I do get a meter. I’m a female also. I have a heart defect and also IC so my symptoms have been over looked. For At least 20 years. I’m just scared.

    06/14/16; 3:58 am
  61. Jim #

    Hi. So my 4 year old is t1, I have a 35 year old friend who is t1 also since he was young. I read a bunch of comments in here about people not paying attention to their levels, or saying it’s too expensive, or they ran out of their medicine etc. I don’t know if people re-read these or maybe this will reach a new reader who feels that way. I’m here to tell you, whatever it takes, don’t ignore it, don’t neglect it, don’t give up. My friend did all the above, he now lives in a nursing home, he will never leave, at 35. He has had both his legs amputated, and is in permanent kidney failure, at 35. He is blind, has been for some time, and his mind is going, at 35. He struggles with depression, and lacks the physical strength to improve even if he could muster the will. Trust me, if you have to steal your supplies, it would be worth it. I don’t know how else to say it. I pray that I can teach my son how important it will be for him to stay diligent and monitor his body and condition and stick with it. Maybe in his lifetime we will see a cure.

    07/7/16; 8:23 pm
  62. Joe #

    Why does my wife’s type II diabetic blood sugar go down when she eats sugar. Sounds crazy but for the whole time she’s had diabetes this has been happening. No candy sugar through the roof, candy, normal readings.
    Anybody else have; his or know what it is??

    07/13/16; 10:54 am
    • Leslie Hill #

      Sounds like more education on the spikes of sugar intake and related spikes of hi then low insulin levels in the body.
      Avoiding sugary foods or eating wisely to avoid spikes is halfway there to feeling better.
      No one- diabetic or not- gets a different effect. She is not different, but maybe you are not catching the BS at the right times, and remember behind every BS is the mirrored insulin effect.

      09/10/16; 11:07 am
  63. Julia #

    Everything said makes sense. I also like what Liz has on her article the cartoon hits it home.


    08/8/16; 2:14 pm
  64. Cheri #

    Type 2 diabetic, agree with all the symptoms from the high blood sugar, when ever i get in a slump of days of not feeling good, I switch to salads for breakfast and seen an immediate improvement of feeling better.

    02/15/17; 8:52 pm
  65. Kathy #

    I am having similar symptoms. I get so sluggish where I can barely get through my day at work. My head feels very heavy and tingly. It feels like I’ve got a ton of bricks on me. I also have trouble concentrating and staying focused. I get blurred vision and I also have the feeling that my arms are just like big heavy weights. And I am normally quite a nice person but I have been so irritable. My doctor said I was a prediabetic about eight months ago. But, she just told me to watch my diet. I thought I was but something is not right.

    03/2/17; 12:40 pm
  66. Michella Amato #

    When I feel high my whole body hurts, I grt cramps and Im really mean but I also get very hot and feel like im going to be sick.

    03/14/17; 12:05 pm
  67. Danielle #

    Type 1 diabetic since age 9. With extreme highs, I feel like my blood is like corn syrup and my chest hurts (in my head it is bc my heart is pumping my sugar syrupy blood). My body feels heavy and my heart races. There is also the thirst and need to pee.

    03/22/17; 11:26 am
  68. These tasty clusters offer up two appetite-suppressing components: The oatmeal includes 1.7 grams of resistant starch, and
    the dark chocolate is complete of healthier fats to support curb

    03/22/17; 8:59 pm
  69. Anonymous #

    I have never had a problem with high blood sugars. Until today. I have had high blood sugars when I was pregnant but that’s. Even 12 years ago. I usually find my self with low blood sugars but never high. Today I woke up with soap. Have had it all day I ate an apple for breakfast had about 4 oz of orange juice to take Ibp. And for lunch kinda hungry but not really so I ate fresh home made crab salad with some wheat club crackers. About I have been feeling over all like crap today. Tired fatigue sickie like all day. I pick up kids from school get home I felt lightheaded dizzy drunken like feeling sick to stomach could hardly stand swaying while walking like I was drunk head spinning and just felt like I was going to throw up. I called my mom asked to use her machine checked my sugar level and I was at 216. I knew something was not right. So I Kaye’s down took a nap has gone down a little it’s at 134 now 5 hours later. Still feel like crap fatigue tired thirsty now hungry for the first time today. Still
    Have diarrhea head hurts upset stomach fatigue and so on.
    So my question is could this be just something random and what may cause this to happen? Or is this the beginning of diabetic stages?

    03/31/17; 12:01 am
  70. Anonymous #

    I have never had a problem with high blood sugars. Until today. I have had high blood sugars when I was pregnant but that’s. Even 12 years ago. I usually find my self with low blood sugars but never high. Today I woke up with diarrhea. Have had it all day I ate an apple for breakfast had about 4 oz of orange juice to take Ibp. And for lunch kinda hungry but not really so I ate fresh home made crab salad with some wheat club crackers. About I have been feeling over all like crap today. Tired fatigue sickie like all day. I pick up kids from school get home I felt lightheaded dizzy drunken like feeling sick to stomach could hardly stand swaying while walking like I was drunk head spinning and just felt like I was going to throw up. I called my mom asked to use her machine checked my sugar level and I was at 216. I knew something was not right. So I Laid down took a nap has gone down a little it’s at 134 now 5 hours later. Still feel like crap fatigue tired thirsty now hungry for the first time today. Still
    Have diarrhea head hurts upset stomach fatigue and so on.
    So my question is could this be just something random and what may cause this to happen? Or is this the beginning of diabetic stages?

    03/31/17; 12:06 am
  71. Jason #

    I feel the same way it feels like I have a sugary sludge throu my vains it makes me feel slowed down and all the symptoms they listed I feel like I have and am experiencing also some times I can feel a spasm around the pancreas area

    06/18/17; 1:37 am
  72. Patrik #

    It’s really true:”When your body breaks down fats, waste products called ketones are produced. Your body cannot tolerate large amounts of ketones and will try to get rid of them through the urine. Unfortunately, the body cannot release all the ketones and they build up in your blood, which can lead to ketoacidosis.”

    09/18/17; 1:36 pm
  73. Claudette #

    What wonderful descriptions! That’s exactly how I fell today, &, as you know, it’s certainly yucky.

    10/11/17; 5:02 pm
  74. Rachel Wallace-Kline #

    My son is a type one Brittle diabetic- just spent his umpteenth stint in the hospital in Texas- brought him to New York with me, and he has done nothing to cause these rollercoaster readings. We have a pump on the way, and I am so sorry how diabetes makes people feel! Horrified that he is shutting down. He is 36. I HATE that any person should feel so bad! But glad he’s not alone.

    12/1/17; 6:01 am
  75. Doutor Patrick #

    It’s really true: “Hyperglycemia can be a serious problem if you don’t treat it, so it’s important to treat as soon as you detect it. If you fail to treat hyperglycemia, a condition called ketoacidosis (diabetic coma) could occur. Ketoacidosis develops when your body doesn’t have enough insulin. Without insulin, your body can’t use glucose for fuel, so your body breaks down fats to use for energy.”

    12/2/17; 4:10 pm

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