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Photo-A-Day: Past.

Three months after I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I went to my first sleep over birthday party.  My friend Jill was turning seven, and even though my pancreas had just gone on its permanent sabbatical, I was still able to go to the birthday party. (Thanks to my mother, who drove over and spent a few hours hanging out with Jill’s mom, then tested me and dosed my insulin for dinner, then checked me again before she drove home, then went home and most likely didn’t sleep a wink only to return at 6 am and check my blood sugar again.  At the time, I didn’t realize how scary that must have been for my mom, but she knew how important it was for me to have normal childhood experiences, even if she became an insomniac by default.)

I’m thankful for how my diabetes was handled in the past.  It helped shape how I handled my diabetes in the future.

I’m slightly less thankful for my fashion choices.

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  1. Lindsay #

    Which one are you? I think that’s you in the red jeans?

    11/1/13; 12:58 pm
  2. jenn_ns #

    Hey… the fashion choices were not our own back then! LOL Loving the driveway art and the white picket fences. A VERY normal pix. Your mom just knew…. and to a 7 year old, it was important.

    Loving this pix!

    11/1/13; 1:17 pm
  3. Ashley R #

    Thank you for this post. My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed 6 months ago, and I continue to try to strive to be a mom who “allows” her daughter to be normal as your mom did for your sleepover. I say, “allows” because it’s so easy to go down the road of saying no to everything for the simplicity of keeping to a routine. It warmed my hear to hear that she was there to help you be “normal”; yet, you are now aware of how scary that must’ve been for her to leave you. I hope my daughter feels “normal” throughout her entire life with T1D, not just her childhood, or….. until there’s a cure 🙂

    11/1/13; 1:49 pm
  4. I am so thankful that you shared this bit of past. As a parent of a CWD I hope my son doesn’t feel like he misses out due to having t1d, even if the actions I have to take aren’t what typical parents do, I want to be in the background keeping him going.
    Give your mom and extra hug from this d-mama to her in gratitude for her hard work and dedication, hopefully she caught up on sleep eventually 🙂

    11/3/13; 1:18 am
  5. I am loving the red jeans and the picket fence on the right hand side. Seems like a very important fence.

    11/3/13; 10:36 pm
  6. There’s nobody in the world quite like mom. Adorable photo, love the shot of the driveway and all the wonderful artwork. I’m glad she made the effort to get you at the birthday party so you could participate. Wonderful story!

    11/16/13; 8:12 am

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