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The Friday Six: Poutine Edition.

I have some very useful, informative links to share today, but before I do, I have to admit:  I don’t like poutine.  It looks like discarded fries that someone fished out of a garbage can.  My husband loves the stuff and is trying to convince me that it’s a delicacy, but I’m not converting.  Being in Montreal this week for the Canadian Diabetes Association conference has shown me that my opinion on poutine goes against the grain, though, and I should keep quiet about my disdain (even if it rhymes).  I wish I liked it, though, because it’s found easily on the menus up here.  What’s not found?  American cheese.  (Carey, Wade, and Sandy:  If you’re reading this, you’ll be happy to know I did not order American cheese on this trip.  I’ve learned my lesson.)

Okay.  Links now.  And this Friday, I finally have an actual “six.”  –>

  1. There’s another TCOYD conference taking place in a few weeks, this time in the ABQ.  If you want to break bad with the TCOYD team, you can sign up here.
  2. The Big Blue Test is taking place now!  All you need to do to participate is check your blood sugar, exercise, check again, and then share the results.  “Each Big Blue Test entry you log between now and November 14th triggers a donation on your behalf to nonprofit groups that are providing life-saving supplies, services and education to people with diabetes in need.”
  3. The mySugr Junior app is ready for downloading, and this kid-friendly version of the Companion application is gorgeous.  I’m looking forward to taking it out for an extending “revisiting my childhood” spin in a week or two, but for now, just wanted to make you aware that it’s available in the US, and looks awesome.
  4. If you’re in the Boston area, you can catch two fantastic writers (and advocates) at the BBF [Boston Book Festival] Unbound: Writing About Health session taking place on October 19th (this Saturday).  “Cheryl Alkon (author of Balancing Pregnancy With Pre-Existing Diabetes) and Laurie Edwards (author of The Kingdom of the Sick) will offer strategies for those looking to begin telling their own medical stories, including: how to combine memoir and personal narrative with research; how to navigate issues of translation and accessibility in medical writing; and insights about the importance of social media, whether to self publish, and what happens after publication.”
  5. Also, there’s a study taking place about diabetes and romantic relationships.  Here are the details: “Announcing the ROAD Study (Relationships of Adults with Diabetes)!!  Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are studying how young adults with type 1 diabetes navigate romantic relationships.  If you are involved in a romantic relationship (dating, living together, married), are between the ages of 18 and 30, and have type 1 diabetes, you are eligible to participate in this 30 to 40-minute phone interview.  Please email Dr. Vicki Helgeson at for more information.”  I’m not involved with the study, but am helping to pass along the research information.
  6. And this post, I love, simply for the last request that we “be gentle.”  Thanks for sharing this, Meri.  (Almost called you “Merci.”  Which stands, as well.)


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  1. Did you know it is actually pronounced Poo-Tin?

    There you go. As a Canadian, I am sad to hear you don’t like poutine. As a person who prefers crispy fries, I understand.

    Also, I have no clue what American cheese actually is. I always thought it was Kraft Slices?

    10/18/13; 9:34 am
  2. Many thanks for the shoutout!

    –Cheryl Alkon

    10/18/13; 9:38 am
  3. Dang, at 32 I suppose I’m not a young adult anymore! Reality Check!

    10/18/13; 9:50 am
    • Nicole #

      This hurts a little bit. I don’t like this 33 here

      10/20/13; 7:34 am
  4. Ellen #

    I got a response in 10 minutes about that study! Thanks.

    And if you are currently in Montreal you must try Frite Alors! Even if you don’t like poutine, or claim not to, you won’t be able to resist its deliciousness.

    10/18/13; 10:08 am
  5. I’ve never had poutine, but I’ve read that Jones Soda made it it a flavor. Which absolutely makes my stomach want to hurl.(no thank you) To each their own.(exotic foods, wise)

    10/18/13; 10:44 am
  6. Thanks for mentioning our presentation at BBF, Kerri! Much appreciated 🙂

    10/18/13; 11:06 am
  7. Carol Coombes #

    Don’t worry about it, and I live here & can’t stand the stuff, and I know of others who don’t like it either

    10/18/13; 1:28 pm
  8. k2 #

    Not big on poutine, I am a cheesefries girl all the way – But gravy fries are fantastical!

    10/18/13; 1:37 pm
  9. Katie S #

    At 29 I just barely qualify for the research study by about 2 months. I’m all signed up! Thanks for the tip!

    10/18/13; 3:57 pm
  10. Hahaha… happy to have made an influence on your foreign cheese-ordering etiquette. Wish I was there.

    10/19/13; 11:22 am
  11. I had to look up what Poutine was, and how to pronounce it. NEVER heard of it, and that’s saying something – for me. 🙂

    I think you should try all the variations, and then judge. Here’s what Wiki says, and the variations. 🙂

    National and international chains like New York Fries,[3] McDonald’s,[4] A&W,[5] KFC,[6] and Burger King[7] also sell mass-produced poutine in Canada. Poutine may also contain other ingredients such as bacon, beef, pulled pork, lamb, lobster meat, shrimp, duck[8] or rabbit confit,[9] caviar, and truffles.

    10/19/13; 6:37 pm
  12. Thanks for the mySugr love, Kerri!

    We’re super excited about mySugr Junior, and happy to say that it’s ready on both iOS and Android. Companion on Android is coming really really soon. Junior was created to help caregivers and CWD’s to communicate and feel secure about the little ones being more independent and involved in their diabetes care. We have some really exciting plans in the works for it, and I’m really excited about the evolution of it.

    Another really fun and relevant announcement here is that you can participate in the Big Blue Test right in mySugr Companion. We have partnered with Manny and his awesome team at the Diabetes Hands Foundation to create the Big Blue Test Challenge. Each BBT challenge won through mySugr Companion gives you a free day of Companion Pro and counts towards the goal of 20k Big Blue Tests. You can read more about it at the mySugr BBT Blog Post or the DHF Blog Post.

    Sorry for the long and link filled comment… hope the info is helpful!

    10/20/13; 3:16 pm
  13. I’m a Montrealler Kerri – and have to admit – poutine is OK – if shared tho’ – e.g. I have a little bit of the fat slimed french fries with cheese curds – and then that’s it. I know many people who think it’s the best thing since sliced bread – but give me a grilled cheese sandwich anyday or home made KD (if only I’d been able to afford entry to the CDA event – then I could have whisked you all away to home-sweet-home – and cooked you up a healthy meal).

    10/21/13; 4:39 pm

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