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Extracare Your FACE … and Your Diabetes.

I spend a fair amount of time, and money, at CVS.  First off, they’re a Rhode Island-based company (anchored in Woonsocket, RI, which is a town name that’s fun to say), and secondly, as a person with diabetes, a woman, a mom, and someone who doesn’t plan ahead much and often needs emergency items at midnight, CVS is one of those places I can walk into with intentions to buy one or two things but end up leaving after spending $100 on what the hell.  Thirdly, I’m one of those people who end up with the mile-long receipts at the end of every purchase, usually including those free Extracare bucks, which I should turn around and use to purchase something useful, but most often I let Birdy pick out nail polish.  /digression

So when the team at CVS asked me to be part of a video series they were doing, with different bloggers from different communities stepping in as “guides” for Extracare programs, I was happy to say yes.  Rhody Pride!  And DOC pride.  Double win.  And yes, I stood in front of an aisle-full of “diabetic socks” for the better part of an afternoon.  Those poor diabetic socks.  But I also had a chance to meet, and chat with, other women in the blogging space who are writing about things outside of my normal comfort zone, which was a cool experience.  So many niche communities to get to know.

To check out the video series, you can go Choose Your Own Extracare Adventure.  I promise there aren’t any skulls and crossbones if you choose wrong, nor will your face melt off.  Forgive me in advance for going full-New England on these videos and talking really fast.

Disclosure:  I was compensated for participating in this video program and was asked to blog about it once the videos were live.  Opinions on CVS are mine.  As are my opinions on diabetes.  And socks.

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  1. abby #

    I really enjoy that you specified “backslash”. You english nerd. 🙂

    10/3/13; 12:54 pm
  2. As my little girl would say, “that’s just so cute!” And you are a superb spokesperson. I want some diabetic socks. Now. That background music is snazzy – SNAZZY, I say!!!

    10/3/13; 12:59 pm
  3. All my prescriptions are filled through CVS (because they are the closest to my home) but I have not seen a response to this story yet ( and that concerns me a little (a lot).

    10/3/13; 1:56 pm
    • Unfortunately, I worked with their external marketing team, not people from inside the company. Send them an email? Or Tweet it to them? They’re @CVS_Extra.

      10/3/13; 3:43 pm
      • I know 🙂

        And I don’t actually object to the program but how it has been explained/marketed by pharmacists / pharmacy techs. When I was asked to enroll I was actually just asked to “update my information” by the clerk. I’m not sure if he didn’t know or didn’t care what he was actually asking for.

        When you mentioned CVS it reminded me that I never heard a resolution to the story.

        10/3/13; 3:53 pm
        • Well hopefully their marketing people are monitoring the posts about the Chose Your Own Adventure videos and will respond in one way or another. In the meantime, like you, all of my non-mail order scripts are there, too. 🙂

          10/3/13; 3:56 pm

    Also oh my God, when we eventually get together the world might explode with our combined ability to talk really fast.

    10/3/13; 9:27 pm
  5. Great video… And that is the nicest, cleanest CVS I’ve ever seen in my life! They did a good job of making it look so normal and natural. Which is what we’re all striving for, I guess.

    10/4/13; 10:36 am
  6. Minnesota Nice #

    About 5 years ago, when I was still working, I realized that i’d left my Humalog at home. The nearest pharmacy was a CVS, 4 miles away. I was not their customer, but I phoned and was immediately put through to the pharmacist. Since Regular is available in Minnesota without a prescription, she said they’d have it delivered to my office via courier, at NO charge (no charge for the courier, that is – I paid for the insulin). It was there in 20 minutes. Later that day, the pharmacist phoned back to ask how I was doing.
    Now that is superb customer service!!!

    10/4/13; 11:15 am

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