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A Plethora of Pancreases.

Etsy is great for finding pretty jewelry.  Or beautiful gifts for a baby.  But then you can find yourself deep down the rabbit hole of purchasable pancreases, and that’s where shit gets weird.

Here are some of the search-return endocrine gems that popped up:

Crochet Plush Pancreas from An Optimistic Cynic

Anatomical Pancreas Cufflinks from Anatomy Art

Gall Bladder, Spleen, and Pancreas Interaction Wall Hoop from Your Organ Grinder.

But Etsy isn’t the only place to find adorable (?) pancreases.

I Heart Guts can also give you a panc to cuddle.

The I Heart Guts Pancreas.

 The pancreas – so terribly useful, and dapper, too.  In that “looks like a wiener” sort of way.

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  1. That last one kind of looks like a decorative-heeled-shoe to me….I would totally wear that, if it meant I’d have a working pancreas!!

    09/16/13; 10:26 am
  2. ria #

    really ?
    great gift ideas for your endo

    09/16/13; 1:49 pm
  3. June S. #

    This is outrageously funny! However, what we REALLY need is not the entire pancreas but the BETA CELLS!

    09/16/13; 5:12 pm
  4. Lisa #

    So…ummm… people need to get a life, or find a different hobby. I mean, we are all a little pancreas-challenged, but I wouldn’t cuddle up to it, wear it, or decorate with it. I would tell it to come back from it’s permanent sabbatical if I could though. ;) This is almost as bad as that hand sewn vagina you found on the internet. SMH!

    09/16/13; 5:50 pm
    • Don’t blame me for the hand-sewn vagina. I only found it – I didn’t hand-sew it. ;)

      09/16/13; 9:38 pm
      • Lisa #

        No blame game going on here! ;) I remember when you posted a link to that website, and when I saw it, read about it the only thing that followed was stunned SILENCE. And then a nervous laugh or two. Oy vey….

        09/17/13; 11:28 am
  5. oom, Kerri, maybe you need to take a short break and have a couple guest bloggers post. Sorry, that was the weirdest post yet!

    09/16/13; 10:54 pm

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