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Friday Six, Plus a Few.

We have more than six items here, but who’s counting?  (Me, and clearly not that well.)  Onward!

I have had this song stuck in my head for over two weeks, and a Doritos commercial is to blame.  The hitchhiking banana doesn’t hurt.

We need less than 200 signatures to hit the 5,000 mark on this petition to put diabetes on the FDA discussion docket.  Let’s push this one over the edge today!

diaTribe has an incredible article about the bionic pancreas on task at summer camp in this month’s issue.  “When teenagers are happily volunteering to do extra work, it’s safe to say we’re dealing with something special.”

Need a cute way of reminding yourself to change your lancet?  Lancet the Pug can help.

Watching this made me cringe, because I’m guilty of doing this sometimes, and also because that lady is left hanging on the high-five.

Pregnancy is beautiful. And a woman’s body remains beautiful after giving birth (despite society telling women that they need to shed the baby weight the day after having the kid and if they don’t, they are somehow ruined). This project is very cool.

Is healthcare America’s forgotten civil right?  Forbes takes a look.

Melissa writes about The Thicker Envelope this week, talking about the possibility of a celiac diagnosis in her household.  If you have tips and resources to offer, please do.

Unicorn cookbook?!

TCOYD has some conferences coming up this fall that you may want to check out.  The conference is coming to Worcester, MA in September and Omaha, NE in October.   While I’m sorry to be missing the Worcester (downright local, by New England standards) conference, I’m looking forward to visiting Omaha.

Chris Snider’s Just Talking podcast hits up the founders of A Sweet Life.

Thank goodness Sara(aah) took her sensor off at the 27 day mark.  She missed zombie-hood by one day.

Do you use at-home A1C tests?  Elizabeth takes the Reli-On version for a ride.

I follow kale on Twitter, and I can’t stop.  Example of why:

Can’t argue with kale.  Have a good weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the mention. And for the record, I lost count at six, so it’s still the Friday Six to me.

    09/6/13; 11:59 am
  2. Terry Shaw #

    Happy weekend! I love the links in this post. Aside from being informative, it’s really interesting! I’m sure this could all be helpful to PWD like me. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    09/6/13; 12:15 pm
  3. Great rundown, Kerri. My new goal: To wear my G4 for 28 days, during the time I’m participating in the 5k Zombie Run.

    09/6/13; 3:03 pm
  4. I read that Forbes article on the 50th anniversary. I like (and agree with!) the author’s message, but MAN, apparently the commenters didn’t. Reading all that blame and judgy finger-pointing was really disheartening. One key to making progress on healthcare equity and eliminating health disparities is going to be educating people and winning them over to the light side….I mean, all the good people who recognize that there are a lot of ways people become sick.

    09/6/13; 3:49 pm
  5. Just in case others click the unicorn link….and go in search of the document on the British Library website….check the date of the ‘Medieval manuscripts blog’ posting.’

    I am usually a great web researcher…but this one had me puzzled for at least 10 minutes…


    09/6/13; 6:05 pm
  6. Thanks so much for the mention here. 🙂 I enjoyed the other links you posted. Great stuff going on.

    09/6/13; 7:35 pm
  7. Again I say BRAAAIIINNNNSSSS!!!

    09/11/13; 2:27 am

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