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Not What She Thought I Was Doing.

When you get into the car after going for a run and see a blood sugar of this:

… it’s way past time for glucose tabs.  So when you reach into the Spibelt you’re wearing to retrieve the glucose tabs that you stuck in there, encased in a plastic bag once used for diaper discards instead of the travel tube because you forgot that at home and you didn’t want to have the Dexcom receiver covered in glucose dust, it might look, to an innocent bystander, a little like you’re eating dog poop from a doggy clean-up bag.

“They’re glucose tabs!  I have diabetes, and I’m having a low blood sugar reaction,” I blurted out to the woman standing a few feet away, staring at me as she stood with her car door and her mouth opened.

“Oh thank goodness!”  She laughed, relieved.  “Because I thought you were … you know, I thought you were doing something you aren’t doing.”

“Nope.  Not eating dog poop.  Thanks, though.”

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  1. Nick #


    08/22/13; 10:16 am
  2. Deidre #

    ROFL!! This reminds me of when I went to Wal Mart and had a low. I grabbed some juice from the juice aisle and the only place to sit down was a ledge right in front of all the alcohol. People kept looking at me funny and I would say ‘I’m a diabetic. I’m low! I’m drinking juice not the beer!’ LOL

    08/22/13; 10:51 am
  3. Lindsay #

    Hilarious 🙂

    08/22/13; 11:09 am
  4. I’m glad she was wrong.

    08/22/13; 11:11 am
  5. Laddie #

    Just glad you had the tabs in the bag and thanks for the laugh. I think Birdie might say “Gwoss” at the alternative:)

    08/22/13; 11:25 am
  6. Sherry Neergaard #

    Hiwarious!!! I wuv it!! 😀

    08/22/13; 12:10 pm
  7. Angela #

    When I first glanced at the photo, Kerri, I thought you had gone bonkers, and were eating tabs wrapped in lettuce leaves!

    08/22/13; 1:02 pm
  8. Jason Collett #

    Cool story.

    08/22/13; 2:45 pm
  9. Haha 🙂

    08/22/13; 5:01 pm
  10. [camera] 35 mm film containers will hold 4 glucose tabs

    08/22/13; 5:59 pm
  11. ria #

    funny !
    so, the lady was thinking “ok, dear, whatever you say”
    does “awkward” and ” hypoglycemic” Always go together ?
    for me it usually does

    08/22/13; 10:11 pm
  12. My favorite part is that you were low and so your brain and mouth were probably not working in unison, bumping up the crazy talk just a smidge 😉

    08/23/13; 12:38 am
  13. June S. #

    Very funny story! I’m just glad that your brain was able to register just how low your BG was, when it saw the number on the meter. I’m not sure I could easily put blood on a test strip with a BG that low. Anyway, a CDE recommended a portable sugar gel to me that (non-diabetic) runners use. Here’s a link to it on It’s called GU.

    08/23/13; 8:34 am
  14. Awesome. Thanks for the laugh. I can so relate!

    Sharing on my blog. 🙂

    08/24/13; 7:16 pm
  15. How comfy is the Spibelt? And did you purchase the regular or larger size? I bought a triathlon belt last year and really didn’t feel comfortable. If I tightened it, it was uncomfortable and if I left it loose, it kept spinning around my waist! I’m trying to find something comfy.

    08/6/14; 11:25 am

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