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Strip Safely: Taking to Twitter.

(Note that the banner looks like a test strip.  Clever, eh?)

Wednesdays are usually a diabetes-heavy night on Twitter, since it’s the night that the #DSMA conversation takes place (at 9 pm EST – check out the #DSMA webpage for info, and for tips on joining the conversation, click through to this post on Diabetes and Twitter).  Lots of #diabetes and #DOC hashtags happening on Wednesday nights.

So let’s add one more to tonight’s agenda?  YES.

The Strip Safely website offers the following details on what’s at stake, and how you can get involved:

“Please Tweet Congressional leadership and your elected officials, letting them know how important it is for their aides to attend the Diabetes Technology Meeting: ‘Verifying the Performance of Blood Glucose Monitors Following FDA Clearance.’

Click the ‘Tweet about Meeting’ link next to a Member’s name to send a tweet asking them to send a staff aide to the September 9 Diabetes Technology Society Meeting. Not sure who your Representative is in the House? Use this link:

All U.S. citizens, regardless of state, should tweet the Senate and House Leaderships.

Then, please, get creative and send additional positive messages to help the diabetes community build friends in Congress. (Include the hash tag #StripSafely.) Feel free to use this link to our letter for your tweets:

Diabetes isn’t partisan about whose life it impacts. We shouldn’t be partisan in seeking support for safe tools to say healthy.”

If you’re living in the United States, tonight is a night to raise awareness, and a ruckus, about how test strip accuracy, and reliability, matter to all people with diabetes.  Send your Tweets out between 8 – 9 pm EST, before #dsma.  Our elected officials need to know what matters to us, and taking to social media is one way to show them how many of us want – need – to be heard.

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  1. Thanks Kerri!

    This can be a sit in too, except for Chris at Just Talking, he has to stand.

    Thanks all see you tonight!

    08/21/13; 10:59 am
  2. Dan #

    Hi Kerri, What is the BEST blood glucose test strip???

    This is a copy of my comment from the safety stripe article which you had previously written.

    An excellent article. Next is the issue to address the needs of all diabetics. Any discussion concerning test stripes needs to come from the individuals who use the product. Next the lower or lowest price should not be the generally accepted method. Cost is a factor, however, the better approach is the lowest AND best product. Now, how can we as diabetics define best. What I am referring to is the accuracy and precision of each and every blood glucose test results. A case can be made for the improvement of the product. meaning more precise accuracy in the readings of our blood glucose levels.

    Now, I need to get to the real question for diabetic users. How would you answer the question to supply information that a given blood glucose product was “bad”. Some of the programs which upload the results from our blood glucose levels transfer the blood glucose test strip information. Meaning the code numbers. What is key is the fact that the code numbers are just like the VIN Number on your auto. Why, if the FDA continues on this path, it will become difficult to take time to document the failures and the impact on each of our lives. Diabetic users will get hurt based upon a poor choice which was only driven by cost.. Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if this is not clear. As always have a great day.

    08/21/13; 4:57 pm
  3. Love the new logo. Thanks Kerri. Did you also see that we were able to interview FDA about StrpSafely?

    08/25/13; 5:43 pm

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