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The Price of Being Stubborn.

“Huh.  Still in the 200’s.  That sucks.”

But I’ve been stressed out and was on a train at the time, so I laced in a quick correction bolus and barely noticed that the site felt a little sore as I was sitting on the Acela.  Later that day, still in the 200’s.  But again, stress?  So I went to dinner with a few more units on board and anticipated a drop.

I should have pulled the set.  It took a whole night ‘in the yellow’ to remind me that it’s not always my pancreas being the prick – sometimes it’s the infusion set that’s gone rogue.  Sure enough, after pulling the set this morning and watching blood pool up where the infusion set had just been, and then inspecting the cannula to find that it had, in fact, gone full vampire on me, I realized being stubborn doesn’t pay.

Here’s twenty minutes after a correction bolus from a new set:

Stubborn Kerri pays the price of being stubborn with sweaters on my teeth and a high level of grouch from hearing the Dexcom going off all night.

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  1. So, site changes don’t take a while to get into a good absorption mode for you? I wonder if different cannula/infusion sets would make a difference for me. People have suggested I take ibuprofen a little before doing a site change so that I don’t have such severe “site trauma”, but I really don’t like adding in any more drugs into my system than I have to. But every-single-site change I do means about 1-2 hours of not-great sugars (if it’s around a good time of day, like mid-afternoon) or kind-of-really-bad sugars (if it’s at a usual spikey time like right after breakfast.)

    08/7/13; 10:38 am
  2. Full Vampire seems to be my pump site’s M.O. recently. Being stubborn clearly doesn’t pay but the other issue (at least for me) is that pulling sites early puts me a position to run out of sites that are allotted by insurance coverage. Far from the ideal situation. Ugh.

    08/7/13; 10:48 am
  3. Dan #

    Hi Kerri,
    I need to ask the question. Do you travel through your day with extra insets? I first attempt to bolus to bring done the high numbers. If the numbers have not moved after two hours, the inset is changed. Or, when I feel the inset poking me. I just do it. Glad to hear you made the change and that was the reason for the high readings. As always have a great day.

    08/7/13; 12:08 pm
  4. Thanks! I think.

    Over 200+ all day – lots of corrections – 24 hr inset did great last night –
    Pulled it.
    Then spent some time trying to stop the bleeding. Ewww…
    New inset – down arrow on Dexcom.

    Thank you for reminding me that sometimes, it’s not good to wait.

    08/7/13; 6:42 pm
  5. I do the exact same thing. Only, I add kicking myself and blaming myself for failing to manage my diabetes. Eventually, it dawns on me, “It could be a bad set.” Thank you for sharing that. I feel better knowing I’m not the only one.

    08/7/13; 9:50 pm
  6. When I experience stressful conditions, I usually get a 200+! That’s really my problem! Blame it on the nature of my job. I did everything. I even went on leave but when I went back to work, it’s 200+ again. It really sucks!

    08/8/13; 12:31 am
  7. June S. #

    I had precisely the same problem last week, and of course was kicking myself about it, thinking I shouldn’t have eaten this or that, should have bloused sooner, etc. I put in a new set and presto! – blood glucose levels plummeted and I was euglycemic for about 24 hours. That is THE most frustrating thing about pumping insulin!

    08/8/13; 7:25 pm
  8. Emily G #

    Two evenings ago into yesterday morning, same story except I saw a 4- yikes! New site, sensor, res and had 3 forever lasting lows last night. Beep beep every 20 minutes from 1 -7 am… YAY! Cannot wait to see what today holds.

    08/9/13; 10:08 am
  9. During tenacious 200’s we always, always think “If the problem were the site, he’d be higher than this.” WHERE does the insulin GO? Is it like the bulk of it just rides a stationary bicycle in the bloody lump area, while a little wimpy bit of it does the full tour?

    08/12/13; 12:29 am
    • Total stationary bike. Like the ancient ones, where the front and the back lurch at one another throughout. I wish I could find a link, because we had one of these bikes when I was little.

      08/12/13; 10:35 am
  10. Yep, been there done that. Kerrie have you tried any of the 45 degree sets? I am currently on the silhouettes from MM and have not had any issues like this happen since I switched and they are much more comfortable for me because I dont have a whole lot of extra inches to jab them into. I am switching to the T Slim..its in my house, waiting for training…and they have the comfort shorts which are made by the same co as MM sets are made. Just wanted to throw that idea out there to you. BTW I love the sweaters on your teeth description, it is perfect! I dont put mine anywhere near 45 degrees, I go much shallower and hand insert every time so I know when I have hit a bleeder.

    08/16/13; 4:44 pm
  11. GMSS #

    Thanks for sharing, my niece is currently dealing with this type of issue and it is interesting to hear other peoples input.

    07/9/14; 7:22 pm

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