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Pumped for the Pizza Man.

The oven broke.

It took me a while to notice, because it was upwards of 90 degrees inside of my house (no central air … we will not be making this mistake with our next house), but once I realized the stove was kaput, it was about 6.30 pm and very much time for Birdzone’s dinner.  While I’d like to say that I walked out to our garden and picked enough fresh green beans, tomatoes, and lettuce for a healthy salad, then followed up with chicken on the grill, with a dessert of fresh blackberries and cream, I can’t.  Because I never ended up planting the garden I wanted to (too much time on the road) and we don’t have a grill (still haven’t bought one) and the frigging birds keep snaking our blackberries so, to this day, I haven’t had a single blackberry from the huge bush outside due to the aforementioned dickheaded birds. /digression

So we ordered a pizza.  Judge all you want.

Birdy and I were playing in her air-conditioned room when the door bell rang, signaling the arrival of the pizza man.

“The pizza man is here!”  Birdy opened her door and let in the dragon-breath heat from the kitchen, scurrying towards our front door with her yellow Batman Princess tutu flapping at her waist.  (She wears pieces of that costume all the time.  Even the itchy bits.)  I handed her a few dollars so that she could tip the delivery person.

I opened the door and the guy handed us our pizza and drinks.

“Here you go, miss.  It’s hot, isn’t it!”  It wasn’t a statement, but a declaration, as the heat was undeniable.

“Yeah.  Our stove broke, so there was even less of a chance of me cooking.”

He smiled as Birdy said, “Hi!” from behind my legs and darted out to hand him the money.

“Thank you … um, Batman,” he said, slightly confused but offering her a friendly smile.

“You’re welcome!”  and she took off.  I thanked him, and shut the door.  A few seconds later, the door bell rang again.  (The pizza man always rings twice?)

“Hi again.  Sorry, but I forgot to have you sign the debit card slip.”  He handed me a slip of paper, and as I signed it, he asked, “Do you have diabetes?”

“Excuse me?”

“Diabetes.  Do you have diabetes?  I noticed the sticker on your car said ‘insulin’ or something on it, and I wondered if you were diabetic.”

I laughed, surprised.  “Yes, I do have diabetes.  Type 1, diagnosed as a kid.  Do you?”

“Yeah.  Diagnosed as a kid, too.”  He reached into the pocket of his cargo shorts and pulled out a Minimed insulin pump.  “I’ve been pumping for about six years.”

I lifted the corner of my shirt and flashed him my silver Animas Ping.  “Almost ten years for me.   Small world!  And that sticker on my car is for Insulindependence.  It’s a diabetes organization focusing on sports and exercise.”

“Cool – I’ll check it out,” he said, winding his pump tubing around his fingers as he shoved the pump back into his pocket.

“Cool.”  I paused, and the words tumbled out like I was confessing.  “I don’t normally eat pizza, you know.”

The pizza man grinned.  “It’s like the most complicated bolus ever.  No matter what, I never get it totally right.”  He started to walk back towards his car, waving at Birdy.  “Have a good night!  Stay cool!”

Birdy appeared from behind the door.  “Mawm, he had a pump, too!  He has diabeedles!”

“He does!”

The diabetes world is a small, small one.  Never before had I been so pumped to see the pizza man.

(Yes.  We went all that way for a horrible pun.)

Also, today has been unofficially designated as a “day to check in” (hat tip to Chris Snider) with the DOC blogs that we’re reading.  I read a lot of diabetes blogs, but I don’t often comment because I usually want to say something meaningful, instead of “I like your post.”  (But I do like your post!)  But instead of finding that meaningful comment, I usually roll on and forget to return to comment.  NOT TODAY!  Today I’m commenting on every blog I read, because that’s the name of the game.  I love this community, and today I’ll show that through comments.  So please – if you’re here, say hello!  What’s your favorite color?


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  1. It’s a tie between Maroon and Orange (Go Hokies!)

    And I agree, Pizza is the worst: why must the best food in the world be so complicated to bolus for? Not. Fair.

    07/22/13; 9:02 am
  2. Seeing pumps in the wild is the best. It’s like the friendship bracelet for PWD. Spy a pump, spy a friend. ;o)

    07/22/13; 9:03 am
  3. Laddie #

    I hate that diabetes is so rampant in our world that even the pizza guy has it. The pizza guy, no way! Is nothing sacred anymore?

    07/22/13; 9:08 am
    • But he’s just guaranteed himself the best tips ever, every time he delivers to our house, so can we call that part a win? 😉

      07/22/13; 9:08 am
  4. Ivy #

    Read and commenting! 🙂 The ransom T1 we saw was at the airport putting his MM revel through the x-ray machine. I almost shouted at him.

    07/22/13; 9:14 am
  5. Kerri, I always love your blog. Birdy always makes me giggle with her funny way of thinking (I wish we all had that kind of innocence!) and that pun was worth sticking around for in my opinion.
    Oh, and green is my favorite color!

    07/22/13; 9:16 am
  6. I love those moments of “spot the pump tubing in the wild”. Awesome that he had the courage to ask you after seeing your car sticker.

    07/22/13; 9:21 am
  7. Kim #

    Birdy has the best pronunciations ever. 🙂

    07/22/13; 9:25 am
  8. I’m tied between blue and orange (go Hoos!). I always enjoy the Birdy stories 🙂

    07/22/13; 9:35 am
  9. These pump meetups in the wild are the most awesome of them all! And that’s my new favorite word – “diabeedles”! Oh, and we had pizza for dinner on Saturday night. And cheesey breadsticks. And of course, my bolusing was totally off and I paid for it. Oh well. My fave color? Uh… blue? (at this risk of sounding lame). No seriously, it is. Because it’s the color of the sky and only the sky is the limit we have. (now, even more lame, I’m going away…to look at the sky that isn’t blue today, but it’s a helluva lot cooler out there!)

    07/22/13; 9:36 am
  10. Lynn #

    Blue! I *think* I’ve figured out cereal and pizza with a little dual wave action, but totally screwed up with lasagna last night. My first roller coaster ride with the new CGM.

    07/22/13; 9:37 am
  11. BettyAnn #

    I love reading your blog and my favorite color is purple. I’m like you… if you want to see me whip up a dinner with veggies fresh from the garden and a scrumptious fruit dessert, watch the food channel. Okay, that’s not me, but we can dream! It’s called virtual cooking! Have a great day and try to stay cool!

    07/22/13; 9:39 am
  12. Love that you went all that way for a pun… definitely worth it!

    07/22/13; 9:42 am
  13. I know that as adults we don’t like it when we hear of a new PWD (just because we don’t like our numbers growing), but I think it’s wonderful when kids get excited about new PWDs. It makes me remember the good things diabetes has given me.

    07/22/13; 9:46 am
  14. Was it the best pizza ever?? I would assume that a diabetic pizza man somehow improves the pizza quality.

    And, blue!

    07/22/13; 9:49 am
  15. Check! Isn’t it funny how we feel like we have to explain our food choices to *other* diabetics sometimes? But pizza is awesome. I’ve loved it since BD (before diabetes) but like everyone else, has found it to be the Holy Grail of figuring out how to correctly dual-wave bolus for it. The day we do….wow! High fives to your pizza guy!! No judging 🙂

    07/22/13; 9:53 am
  16. Pam #

    Our most memorable PWD in the wild was while trick-or treating when my daughter was 5. She compared pumps with a teenage neighbor while taking handfuls of m&m’s from her. Similarly ironic!

    07/22/13; 9:55 am
  17. Lauren #

    Purple, just like my last medtronic before I switched to t:slim!

    07/22/13; 10:09 am
  18. Oh great, if the pizza man can’t even figure out the pizza bolus, we have no chance!!!!

    Also, hi!! What is your favorite color?

    07/22/13; 10:33 am
  19. Sarah #

    Yellow and periwinkle!

    I love that he was brave enough to make that connection with you. I’m always a little too shy or tentative if I see a PWD “in the wild.” Maybe now I’ll be inspired enough to strike up a conversation with the guy that makes my sandwiches down the road (I saw his tubing peeking out a few sandwiches ago)!

    07/22/13; 10:41 am
  20. Bright Blue (not robin egg blue though). No one should be judged on pizza alone. It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    07/22/13; 10:43 am
  21. Johanna B #

    Just checking in. Blue.

    07/22/13; 10:54 am
  22. Lisa #

    It’s nice to have someone not judge – especially the pizza man! Pizza is one of the hardest bolus ever. Now that Alexa is GF, it is even trickier! Love your blogs – every one! They make me smile or cry and often both!

    07/22/13; 11:10 am
  23. I can’t decide (news, right?) on what my fav color is.. either pink, purple, or blue. Though I’m leaning to teal these days. 😉

    Most awesome dwild encounter ever. (Can we use that as a short-term now? Dwild? Hmmmm)

    07/22/13; 11:11 am
  24. Blue! And no guilt about not having dinner ready all the time. You are already Supermom (or Bat Mom). Bringing in a meal or two just means you’re supporting a local business. Right?? 😉

    07/22/13; 11:13 am
  25. My favourite colour has to be purple – #dblogcheck

    07/22/13; 11:22 am
  26. Your pizza guy sounds awesome! He was friendly to Birdy and T1, I don’t think a delivery guy gets any cooler than that! Hope you enjoyed your pizza and had lovely bg’s following it. Also the first home my husband and I lived in had to central air or insulation it was miserable.

    07/22/13; 11:25 am
  27. The worst thing is when you’re certain you’ve spotted another PWD, ask, and they have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. It’s so much better when it turns out this way 😉

    Judging by my closet. my favorite color seems to be blue but my absolute favorite decorate-all-the-things color is green. (Yet, for some silly reason, despite there being a green option, I have the silver Ping too…I think at the time I figured it was more professional?)

    07/22/13; 11:25 am
  28. ria #

    meaningful or not, I usually comment…
    You are so approachable…..=)
    favorite color depends on my mood , But love earth tones, and blue, sky blue, royal blue, turquoise, etc.
    oh, and deep, rose pink
    and yellow …………..

    07/22/13; 11:27 am
  29. Jenni Hattermann #

    The only pizza I can ever bolus right for is my homemade pizza. I make it with 2 parts white whole wheat flour and 1 part regular white flour. And that bolus has been in the works for about 10 years. Pumping for 17 years now, ‘betes for 27! Love your blog Kerri! Thanks for all you do to connect with us PWD.

    07/22/13; 11:40 am
  30. Jackie #

    I have never commented before but read regularly.. Dad had type 1 since early 20’s as did my uncle. My cousin’s son got it as a young kid. Favourite colour is purple.

    07/22/13; 11:47 am
  31. For some reason, pizza is coming up in conversations with my diabetes peeps all over the place in the last week. This was a neat pizza story for sure. Now I want pizza. I can’t remember the last time I had it. Hope you’re blood sugar was good afterward. 🙂

    07/22/13; 11:49 am
  32. Light coffee. Peach. Mixed greens (stone colors). All the colors we picked for the kitchen seem to be named after foods… Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    07/22/13; 11:55 am
  33. Oh, Pizza! Why doth thine delectable taste tempt me so?

    I eat pizza far more than I probably should, but I try to do thin crust as often as possible. And I ride the dual wave.

    My favorite color? Lavender or pink. I never can decide.

    07/22/13; 11:59 am
  34. I get so jealous when I hear about others meeting PWD in the wild! It seems like I never do 🙁 And there is absolutely nothing wrong with having pizza now and then! Even if it can be BG destructive!

    07/22/13; 12:01 pm
  35. Ann #

    Orange and a love reading your blog 🙂

    07/22/13; 12:02 pm
  36. Alexis #

    Purple is my favorite color!!! I found that if do a Dual wave bolus for ~1.5-2hours and give a little bit over half of it first, it works pretty well! Ps I love running into PWD, I get extremely excited and often have an awkward exchange… 🙂

    07/22/13; 12:03 pm
  37. Walter #

    Ok, checking in. I confess. I am a recovering T1D pizza man! Actually I called myself a pizza *dude* in the mid 80s. One shot of NPH a day and Testape (sp?). At that point I had been a PWD for about ten years and ate a lot of my meals at the pizza place during my first year of college(s). I didnt know any T1Ds then and didnt talk about it much. Oh yeah my fav color (colour) is green and has been since kindergarten, but back then I called it *greem* (my sisters still laugh at me). During three years of K I was greem, Johnny was blue, and Elizabeth was lavender (I really liked Elizabeth).

    07/22/13; 12:13 pm
  38. Tory #

    I don’t like your posts. I LOVE them. You capture diabetes so well, and I love your writing style!!!!!!

    07/22/13; 12:13 pm
  39. Kathy #

    Love the Birdy stories! And now I have a new favorite word: diabeedles!

    Oh, and favorite color? Changes all the time, right now it’s aqua blue.

    07/22/13; 12:16 pm
  40. Purple. Definitely purple. And I love meeting PWDs in the wild. It’s always so unexpected, and yet with so many of us out there, I wonder why I’m always surprised.

    07/22/13; 12:17 pm
  41. This post is so full of awesome! In just about every paragraph.

    Well, except for the part about the stove being broken … and the part about not having central air-conditioning … and the part about having diabetes.

    But when we call it “diabeedles”, it makes it all OK, right?

    07/22/13; 12:20 pm
  42. Yun-Mei Lin #

    Hello, I’m here. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now – and I adore you and your daughter! Let’s see, my favorite color is blue. Here’s a random story for you. The day my husband and I met, I was wearing a deep purple blouse and he was wearing a deep blue shirt. Turns out his favorite color is purple, and of course, as I said, mine is blue. So we knew it was meant to be, that we were each wearing the other’s favorite color.

    07/22/13; 12:22 pm
  43. Emily Rush #

    Happy #dblogcheck Day! 🙂

    07/22/13; 12:26 pm
  44. Katie #

    Check! Purple! 🙂

    07/22/13; 12:33 pm
  45. dargirl #

    PWD with pumps are much easier to spot in the wild. I have noted parents checking their childen BS while dining out.

    07/22/13; 12:41 pm
  46. beth #

    Purple! I read your blog most days on my way home from work 🙂 you have been a total life-line as I started pumping just over 1 yr ago, and found you the same week 🙂 thanks sooo much… Just to know im not alone im dealing with stuff. Also, my fave of your posts ever is the droid one!

    07/22/13; 12:52 pm
  47. Favorite color is a hard one (I hate making decisions), but I’d have to go with like a turquoise or navy blue.

    I’m hoping I can meet more PWD in the wild. First I have to gain the courage to walk up to them…

    07/22/13; 1:07 pm
  48. k2 #

    I love purple, green, red, yellow & the way Birdy pronounces “diabeedles!’

    07/22/13; 1:09 pm
  49. Shannon #

    I love being asked out of the blue, “Do you have diabetes?” Because of a pump sighting. Or because someone saw me checking my blood sugar. 🙂

    07/22/13; 1:09 pm
  50. To go along with this whole P-theme (pizza, pump, [batman] princess) my favourite colour is purple :].

    Hope it’s cooler over there today! :]

    07/22/13; 1:37 pm
  51. Melissa E #

    Checking in! #dblogcheck

    07/22/13; 1:48 pm
  52. “Most complicated bolus ever.”

    Once, by some happy accident, I had beautiful bgs after pizza… I still can’t figure out what I did!

    07/22/13; 1:52 pm
  53. Pizza is so yummy but such a PITA! Especially since I’m diet/exercise controlled. 100,000 laps around the track anyone? Happy #dblogcheck day!

    07/22/13; 2:00 pm
  54. diabeedles. that’s the new name!

    type 1 = diabeedles
    type 2 can keep diabetes. and diabeetus.

    07/22/13; 2:00 pm
  55. As sweet as I find this post, I really wish it didn’t make me crave pizza! Oh and purple is my long time fave but white is quickly gaining (I blame the humidity).

    07/22/13; 2:06 pm
  56. When my grandson was four, he referred to people by what color he perceived them to be. He would say to me “Nana, I’m pink. But you and Daddy are purple and Momma is blue. But Aunt ZiZi, she’s pink like me, except when she turns red. We never did figure out what he was talking about. Still, I guess I’m purple because that is what Clifton tells me.

    07/22/13; 2:10 pm
    • LOL!! My daughter assigns colors, numbers, and sometimes scents (always a dangerous game) to people.

      07/22/13; 2:21 pm
  57. Abbey #

    Saw a guy wearing an OmniPod at the Minneapolis LifeTime Triathlon last weekend – Nearly ran after him to ask all about how he handles the race!

    So exciting to see another athlete rocking the swim-bike-run world despite all the extra fun that comes with Diabetes 🙂

    07/22/13; 2:26 pm
  58. Light blue.

    Your blog has been such a great resource to me since my 6-year-old daughter was diagnosed this past January.

    07/22/13; 2:28 pm
  59. “Diabeedles” — love it! I do love it when I meet other people with diabetes randomly like that!

    07/22/13; 2:29 pm
  60. My favorite color? The color of my daughter’s eyes.
    And pizza? It breaks my heart every time I eat it, but I just.can’

    07/22/13; 2:34 pm
  61. Ron #

    Checking in. And I do like this post.

    07/22/13; 2:56 pm
  62. BoulderBird #

    Favourite colour to look at are many shades of purple, favourite colour to wear is black.

    I’m looking forward to being part of the “spot the tubing” game in the near future, but thus far I’ve already enjoyed at least one conversation by virtue of bolusing in public.

    07/22/13; 3:14 pm
  63. Was hoping you would say the Pizza guy had some magic formula to bolus pizza. My daughter just had pizza for lunch today. She immediately plummeted after eating it and now is in the 200’s.
    Favorite color: aqua (i think that is what it is called)

    07/22/13; 3:20 pm
  64. Julie #

    Blue!!! Your blog gives me SO much strength and comfort in living with type 1 (38 years and counting!) When I read about your experiences (that you write about with such creativity and flair) it helps me feel almost “normal”. When you wrote about the symptoms of low blood sugar changing over the years, it was great because I have just experienced a huge change in them myself (like having NO symptoms at all!)
    You are such a blessing to us all-please keep it up! I LOVE hearing about your darling birdy, she is such a cutie! She reminds me of my little grandaughter (one of five, which I never expected to live to be old enough to have! What a gift and blessing!)
    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into sharing your thoughts and experiences with us all and making living with this illness easier for us all! You are one beautiful lady!

    07/22/13; 3:47 pm
  65. sky blue! And pizza men(and ladies) totally rock. (saving people from starving to death since 18(something?) love diabetes in the wild encontours!

    07/22/13; 3:49 pm
  66. Lindsay #

    Love this story! Can’t settle on a favorite color. 🙂

    07/22/13; 3:56 pm
  67. No shortage of comments — I love this check-in day idea!! You were one of my first “finds” in the DOC and I remain a very loyal reader. Your sense of humor is fabulous and helps me remember to laugh at all the ridiculousness in life in general and in life with T1. Turns out I work with someone who knew you at diabetes camp too so there’s kind of a six degrees of kevin bacon thing goin’ on. Hope you enjoyed the pizza!!

    07/22/13; 4:35 pm
  68. My favorite color has been purple for 70 years. Purple and white were my high school’s colors, and we lived in the vicinity of the school since I was about 4 until 18. And that was 6 years before I was dx. It’s only in the last 10 years or so that I have become an occasional pizza eater, but it’s worth the challenge.

    Thank you Kerri for your wonderful blogs.

    07/22/13; 4:38 pm
  69. Green!
    And on a post related note.. I’m getting a pump soon and I’ve already decided that I’m just not going to eat pizza again, because I’ve HEARD how hard it is to bolus for! Although its not like its easy to do injections for pizza either… cie la vie!

    07/22/13; 4:49 pm
  70. I get much more nervous around other PWD’s when it comes to sticking to my “diet” or whatever. Still it’s cool to make those connections!

    07/22/13; 4:59 pm
  71. Jenny #

    Hi Kerri! I met you at TCOYD in San Jose in the social media talk. My son is 8 and was diagnosed last October. He just started pumping today with the Omnipod!! (our nurse/educator says that you are good friends). He is so excited (me, too!). Thank you for your blog. I am really enjoying it. It makes me laugh and smile – how nice! I also love hearing about Birdy. Aren’t kids brilliant? Oh – his favorite color is dark purple and my favorite is blue/green – whatever color the ocean is… I hope we meet again some day.

    07/22/13; 5:05 pm
  72. Erin #

    I read your blog everyday. We eat mostly super thin crust pizza, which isn’t hard to bolus for. When we do order a thick crust pizza (from a separate pizza restaurant), we get the whole wheat crust. It’s a good thing to have a husband that’s super healthy.

    07/22/13; 5:08 pm
    • My husband is also super-healthy. Unfortunately, I can’t make the same claim for myself, but it helps that he’s so health-focused. Makes me rethink decisions, at times, in a good way.

      07/22/13; 6:02 pm
  73. Pizza is a complicated bolus…but a good slice of loaded veggie pizza is so worth it, every time.

    07/22/13; 5:09 pm
  74. Ingrid #

    Love your blog! Pink.

    07/22/13; 5:26 pm
  75. Mary M #

    Checking in! I am jealous of the pizza. Pumps in the wild, so much fun and sometimes so meaningful. I work at a college and try to visualize my little guy so self-sufficient and on his own.

    07/22/13; 5:43 pm
  76. Blue

    Our first house wasn’t air conditioned either – fixed that.
    Our NH house wasn’t air conditioned… fixed that, too.

    07/22/13; 6:38 pm
  77. Leanna #


    I have lived with a PWD T1 for almost 2 years now and your blog has really helped me understand where she is coming from and have empathy for what she is going through. She has had T1 for 12 years and has given herself thousands of shots. But she can’t bring herself to insert her CGM, so I have been recruited. (The CGM I convinced her to get after hearing you talk about it on your blog.)

    07/22/13; 6:47 pm
  78. Leah M #

    Ok totally off topic question: I am participating in a diabetes and driving study through the U of VA, and one of the things they recommend is putting a sticker on/in your car that identifies you as diabetic. Then they show you this awful video of a man being pulled out of his car and arrested for driving with diabetes (but the cops didn’t know ’cause he didn’t have his sticker on). I am totally uncomfortable driving in the wilds of Boston with a sticker on my car that says “Hey, I might be driving like an idiot because of my disease”. Thoughts? Oh, and my color is purple.

    07/22/13; 7:51 pm
    • My mom sat in on a session at FFL that talked about the “I have diabetes” sticker for your car. I’m thinking about getting one. Is there a way to be involved with the study from Rhode Island?

      07/22/13; 9:53 pm
      • I’m also involved in this study; however, not in the group that requires a sticker on your car.

        The study is here: Although I think they’ve already filled enrollment requirements.

        07/23/13; 4:01 pm
        • Leah M #

          I was put into the group with all the interventions…it has been a lot of work. Kerri, I’d be happy to send you my sticker(s)–I have two and don’t plan to use them. Send me an email with your mailing address.

          07/24/13; 7:30 pm
  79. Melinda #

    My favorite color is red…like my hair 🙂

    07/22/13; 7:59 pm
  80. Love it. Love you. Love Birdy.

    07/22/13; 8:19 pm
  81. Justin #

    Blue! Pizza can be such a nightmare!

    07/22/13; 8:26 pm
    • I read this as “blue pizza.” Props either way. 😉

      07/22/13; 9:01 pm
      • I also read this as blue pizza!

        07/22/13; 9:07 pm
  82. I know I loved when I met a man at Starbucks he spotted my pink ping and he pulled out his Medtronic pump. It was so awesome meeting him randomly. We both were getting our caffeine on and enjoying our weekend. I don’t have them happen often but is always fun when it does happen. Love Purple

    07/22/13; 8:32 pm
  83. Beth B #

    Purple – always purple. Your posts are great, Kerri — Thank you!

    07/22/13; 9:14 pm
  84. My sister’s fiance is the KING of puns, so I happen to like yours and I don’t think you can go wrong with a diabetes one.

    07/22/13; 9:21 pm
  85. I cannot imagine not having heat, although I live in NC. We were just without it (screw you, Sears) for a month – and a window unit just does not cut it. I feel your pain.

    Favorite color is green, I guess. All my stuff seems to be green.

    And yay pizza! Husband’s favorite food. Will be eating it forever.

    07/22/13; 9:33 pm
  86. Hi Kerri,
    Checking in. Great story. Sorry about your stove and even sorrier that your house is somewhat A/C deficient. BTW, If you find that you need to replace your stove, there are models that include a grill in place of two of the burners.
    I think you made a great connection with the pizza delivery guy. Kudos to him for noticing your car sticker and asking. I have a “I am diabetic” sticker on the driver’s side of the back window of my CRV. It’s from my enrollment in the University of Virginia diabetic drivers study. The sticker is meant to notify police in case they find me slumped behind the wheel or pull me over because I’m having a low and driving erratically.
    I use MDI. When I eat pizza (thin crust) I split my meal NovoLog, kind of a dual bolus. It actually sometimes works. Please give Birdy a hug from me. “diabeedles”, ha ha
    Oh, as a visual artist I can’t list just one favorite color. I wear a lot of blue, purple, black… but RED shoes are my favorites. Take care of yourself!

    07/22/13; 9:43 pm
  87. the color of my son’s eyes hazel-y-brown eyes and his sweet tan-ish freckles…

    Pizza may instigate rage bolus monster only to slap you down under a stubborn 50!

    enjoy ur posts, always.

    07/22/13; 10:44 pm
  88. Marla #

    Daily reader, here! Can’t tell a lie – I almost never comment. Will be thinking of you when I pick my daughter up from Clara Barton Camp on Friday. We live in Colorado but I found CBC through your posts. This is her third magical summer there. Best.Place.Ever!

    07/22/13; 10:52 pm
  89. Idk if its just that I’m tired, or cause I’m always so emo but this post made me cry! It was so awesome, I couldn’t stop smiling and tearing all at once. I love you guys with Diabeedles, I really, truly, do.

    07/22/13; 10:57 pm
  90. Karen #

    Happy #dblogcheck day! My favorite color is green:). Cool that he spoke up. I think it’s great to meet someone in the wild!

    07/22/13; 11:00 pm
  91. Jen #

    #dblogcheck Favorite color is blue! I never know what to say when I see other pumpers in the “wild.”

    07/22/13; 11:04 pm
  92. Meredith #

    Thank you so much for your blog! First time to comment, but check your blog every day! What a blessing you are to a mom of aT1D!

    07/22/13; 11:20 pm
  93. 1Bolus@ATime/Click #

    I’ve met one other pumper by chance at my bank. I was just a few months in being T1 and pumping and we spoke a bit but nothing like I probably would do now. She was super nice and has a sister who is also T1.

    Two things:
    1-Absolutely LOVE Birdy’s Batman Princess costume. Well done indeed!
    2-You ever notice that we have a tendency to apologize for enjoying foods like everyone else? I mean we are all about telling everyone that we CAN have anything we want, but we decide to eat pizza, cupcake or whatever and we apologize? I need to work on that for myself bc I can’t see myself standing tall against the negative naysayers when I feel like I should apologize for enjoying dinner/treats out with my family. We’re LIVING life! 🙂

    I enjoy your blog very much Kerri as it was the first I found when I joined the DOC. Thank you for sharing so very much of yourself with us all, I appreciate you!

    07/22/13; 11:53 pm
  94. Blue!

    … but, but that was true even before I got the ‘betes.

    07/23/13; 12:15 am
  95. Love hearing about birdie growing up!

    07/23/13; 12:16 am
  96. Hi Kerri,
    (possibly robin’s egg blue)

    I also love meeting other pumpers in the wild. But sometimes I get ahead of myself:
    A few weeks ago, I’m at a party, sitting across the table from a man I don’t know. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out what I’m sure is a pump –
    – Oh! Do you have diabetes, too?
    – What?
    – Is that a… oh, never mind. I thought for a second that was an insulin pump…
    – Nope, it’s a pager. I’m on call.

    Ha! I thought it only happened the other way around.

    Anyway, thank you for writing a terrific blog. I have been reading your blog pretty regularly for about a year. I appreciate everything you are doing for the PWD community.

    07/23/13; 12:19 am
  97. Bryan #

    Too funny – I just had a similar story happen today too. I am starting a new Diabetes blog – and diving into the DOC and when I was on the phone with hosting support – she asked…”What is this site gong to be about?” Followed by “Do you have diabetes?” Then followed a 15 minute conversation with a fellow Diabetic. Awesome.

    I agree, it’s like spotting a friend you never knew you had.

    07/23/13; 12:45 am
  98. My favourite colour is blue, like my Ping pump. 🙂

    I feel like if I were a diabetic pizza delivery person, I would never stop reflecting on the oxymoron quality of my job.

    07/23/13; 2:44 am
  99. Probably blue! Also, I want pizza.

    I’m here….bad at posting lately and even worse at commenting. Life and all that.

    07/23/13; 7:12 am
  100. Sandy T #

    Huh, I never thought about it, as I’ve never had pizza (I know GASP, I’m allergic to milk, and dough covered in cheese never sounded appetizing) but now I’m kind of thankful I don’t have to think about bolusing for it.
    Oh, and blue.
    PS… I like your post.

    07/23/13; 8:11 am
  101. It’s indeed a small world, and all it takes is for someone (in my case, it’s usually the other person) to start the conversation. And my favorite color is red, then it’s a toss up between orange and purple.

    07/23/13; 9:01 am
  102. Anne H #

    1. I love the Batman Princess Costume!
    2. I love pizza and hate that I never get it right. I’m so glad that we can all agree on that!
    3. I am commenting away today.
    4. I love me some bullet points!

    07/23/13; 9:29 am
  103. Judi #

    Hi Kerri,
    Just posting to say I read your blog, which I always do, even tho it’s a day late.

    07/23/13; 10:56 am
  104. Sheri #

    Couldn’t help but check in even if it’s a little late (yesterday was crazy!). My hint for pizza is 60 carbs for two pieces of normal crust or 50 or thin crust. No dual bolusing necessary. Works almost every time. Have a great day!

    07/23/13; 1:36 pm
  105. John #

    Midnight Blue. Great story. I love seeing/meeting others with a pump. And I love pizza – no apologies!

    07/23/13; 2:14 pm
  106. Eve #

    Love your blog! Green.

    07/23/13; 7:39 pm
  107. I love your blog! I read it from my inbox, and never skip over one. Thank you for your honesty, your humor, and your authenticity!

    Lucia Maya
    color: periwinkle blue

    07/23/13; 8:10 pm
  108. Yay diabetes in the wild! Or on your doorstep. Same thing. 😉

    07/23/13; 11:19 pm
  109. Dawn #

    A little late to the party but my favorite color is purple (my pump is purple too!). Funny thing… pizza (and rice) the hardest for me to bolus for too :-\

    07/24/13; 4:52 pm
  110. Love this story. There’s something cool about diabetes encounters in the wild.


    07/24/13; 10:35 pm

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