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Batman Princess.

“So when do we go to the confwence, Mawm?”

“In two weeks.  And did you know there is going to be a big fancy dress-up ball?  Like a big party for princes and princesses?”


“Yeah.  And you get to dress up as a princess, if you’d like.  Would you like to dress up as a princess that night?”

“I would.  I want to be …”

And here’s where I expected a response of “Cinderella,” or some other generic Disney princess.

“I want to be a Batman Princess.  Can I be a Batman Princess?”

Oh hell yes you can.

My DIY craftiness is not a skill I’ve finely tuned.  It’s rarely indulged, and frightfully makeshift.  I’m not known for my Pinterest prowess, and the closest I’ve come to crafty is my insatiable urge to crochet while low.  But I can work the Google, so I set out to figure out how to make a Batman Princess costume for my curious little anti-princess.  It was a short, but laborious process going from “hey, that’s a dungeon ballerina” to “nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah BATMAN … PRINCESS!”

The glittery mask and the Batman dress.

  • First, we needed a mask.  Thank you, Amazon, for providing a cheapo plastic Batman mask that was perfectly sized for the Bird’s head.
  • And, of course, a black leotard (courtesy of Amazon once again) to put the Batman insignia on.
  • Then I had to pick up some black glitter, because it was time to bedazzle that mask.  I though it would be hard to cover the mask with glitter, but I used my finger to spread a thin layer of Elmer’s glue over the mask, and then I dumped black glitter onto it.  I did this in stages, and it worked out perfectly.  (I also used a pie dish to catch all the spilled glitter, which immediately made me want to make a glitter-goth pie.  Next time, Baker Kerri.)
  • Making the insignia for the leotard was a little trickier, because I’m out of practice with my freehand Bat Signal.  (As evidenced by the front of my chemistry notebook from high school.  Lots of really decent Batman symbols, but no solid and properly solved scientific equations.)  What I did was very simple:  I held a piece of printer paper to my computer screen, with the Batman logo on the screen, and traced it with a marker.  Then, I took the paper and traced over the outline, pressing down hard, against the paper side of a piece of bright yellow adhesive sheet of felt (found at a local fabric store), leaving an imprint.  Using the teeniest, sharpest pair of scissors in my sewing kit, I cut out the Batman logo from the sheet of felt and stuck it to the leotard.
  • Birdy tried on the leotard, and after wearing it for the briefest of minutes, the felt started to peel away from the fabric.  So, using offensively bright yellow thread, I reinforced the Batman logo.
  • And then I made the tutu.  A no-sew tutu which required like six yards of tulle and lots of cutting and tying and the blasted black satin ribbon that I used to tie a bow ended up getting lost in the massive folds of the bright yellow chaos.  (I followed this post as a guide.)  It was nice and full and looked fun, but my only regret is that it wasn’t soft enough, as about an hour into the Friends for Life banquet, Birdy was telling me that she itched and eventually ended up ditching the tutu skirt.
  • Just as a note:  The tutu ended up being so big and so insane looking that it took up most of the room in Birdy’s suitcase, and when I unzipped said suitcase in the hotel room, the tutu leapt out like the snake from a Snake-in-a-Can-of-Nuts.
  • Paired with some gold ballet slipper from the bowels of Target and we were off and running.

We didn’t get any photos from the FFL Banquet, but she didn’t mind putting her costume back on at home for a quick shutter snap.

And there you have it:  proof that not every princess needs to be plucked from a Disney movie.

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  1. I love this more than comments can say! (hey, when Birdy grows out of that, can you ship it down here for Penny? 😉 It may be a few more months before she stops calling Batman Spiderman, but we’ll get there! )

    07/17/13; 9:53 am
  2. Kim #

    Most badass pwincess ever. Nice work, you. 🙂

    07/17/13; 9:58 am
  3. abby #

    Sometimes I love the posts not about diabetes more than the ones about diabetes. Because I’m sick of diabetes. But I’m not sick of batman.

    Holy tutu batman!


    07/17/13; 9:59 am
  4. Dude.. you MADE that?!

    Wow! I’m super impressed! I thought it was a mashup of purchased stuff.

    I’m super impressed. 🙂

    07/17/13; 10:06 am
    • I did make it. Which means I could make one for you. S-C-O-T-T, you just say the word. 🙂

      07/17/13; 10:37 am
      • Dude, I will give you $5 if you make Scott a Batman Princess outfit for DSMA Live in Philly in August. 😉

        07/17/13; 11:30 am
        • Bring a fiver!

          07/17/13; 1:05 pm
          • You guys know that I’m up for a lot of shenanigans, but I’m going to need WAY more than five bucks to dress up in a batman princess outfit… 🙂

            07/17/13; 7:35 pm
  5. Damn impressive Kerri. It’s always good to have a life back-up plan. Batman/Princess costume designer? Sweet!

    07/17/13; 10:21 am
  6. When I saw Birdy with it on at the FFL Ball, I thought it was a Halloween costume! I agree with Scott – super impressed that you made it!

    07/17/13; 10:29 am
  7. This was one of the most smile-worthy moments at the ball that we had. Saw you both (Scott J may have been with you, or it was Karen, or someone…) and it was so great. And seeing Birdy at the conference and her curiosity was just awesome, in a world of awesome. Thanks for sharing all of this, and for snapping the great photo at home!

    07/17/13; 10:29 am
  8. ria #

    awesome !
    designing costumes for my daughter when she was growing up was one of my favorite things to do.
    We have a photo of her in a fairy costume we made for her for a parade, with huge wings that flapped made out of styrafoam and covered with yellow fabric.
    She had a yellow skirt as well, (not nearly as full as Bird’s)

    07/17/13; 11:05 am
  9. Jennifer #

    That costume is the best ever!

    07/17/13; 11:08 am
  10. Katie S #

    THIS. IS. AWESOME! Good job Mawm!

    07/17/13; 11:17 am
  11. Laddie #

    We can only hope that Mom looked half as good:)

    07/17/13; 11:18 am
  12. Too awesome for words. Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah poofy skirt!

    07/17/13; 11:32 am
  13. k2 #

    Super awesome costume for a super awesome Batman Princess and made by a super awesome mom!

    07/17/13; 11:34 am
  14. That is awesomer than awesome. Great job!!

    07/17/13; 1:28 pm
  15. I love that she wanted to be a Batman princess! You did a fantastic job on her outfit.

    This also sort of reminds me of the Halloween episode of the office when Pam is a princess/oncologist to set an example of positive female role models (picture here:!)

    07/17/13; 1:29 pm
  16. LOVE IT! I am a no-sew mom and have made fun stuff with cutting, glue, pinning, wrapping – you name it – I try to Macgyver it!

    07/17/13; 1:47 pm
  17. Tim Steinert #

    Batman: “A large, fresh orange juice please. I’ll drink it at the bar. I shouldn’t wish to attract attention.”

    “Your orange juice, sir. Batman special.”

    Cue “The Batusi” music…

    07/17/13; 5:21 pm
  18. That is awesome! but next time put on stockings. That will keep the tulle from itching.

    07/17/13; 5:21 pm
    • We had stockings, but then I realized I was in Orlando in July. The stocking option was out, due to excessive heat!

      07/17/13; 5:26 pm
  19. Laurie #

    Birdy needs a copy of “Olivia and the Fairy Princess” by Ian Falconer. Trust me you’ll both love it!!

    07/17/13; 6:25 pm
  20. Catherine #

    That is so adorable. and now that my 4 year old has looked over my shoulder I shall officially have to make it for her…:)

    07/18/13; 12:01 am
  21. This. Rocks.

    Can I just fist bump you for using sticky felt? I can’t sew worth a damn, so I usually end up hot glue gunning things that shouldn’t be hot glue gunned. That was pure genius.

    07/18/13; 1:26 am
  22. Lindsay #

    LOVE THIS! So awesome!

    07/18/13; 11:09 am
  23. Sheri #

    This is fabulous! I’m 29 weeks along with our first child, a little girl, and this post gives me encouragement that not everything out there for girls needs to be pink and flowery. I’m about the least girly pre-Mom of a little girl that you will ever know!

    07/18/13; 11:49 am
  24. Mousie #

    If she wants a nice soft tutu for her batman princess costume, I can fix her one. I have one billion squaredance crinolines I can alter for her…..all I need is her waist size!

    07/18/13; 6:15 pm
  25. Karen #

    This is insoaonely cute! I’m impressed not only with your craftiness but that you made this for her without question in the first place.

    07/19/13; 5:03 am
  26. I love your daughter’s costume! I had searched through all the pattern books at JoAnn Fabrics for ideas for a girl’s super hero costume. I didn’t find any. Not one! I thought it was shocking.

    Good for you for using your creativity and honoring your daughter’s wishes. She’s so very super!

    09/7/13; 5:53 pm
  27. I was in the Doctor’s office and heard myself laugh out loud when I saw this story about Batman Princess in the Lady’s Home Journal. I have a 6, and a 5 year old granddaughters, and there is a lot of princess talk. Thinking about them and me, Batman is so cool and who doesn’t want to be Batman, but I still want to be a princess!! What a wonderful little girl who could think “Ill be both”

    09/14/13; 9:24 pm
  28. Jenna #

    Your daughter inspired the staff at our library to dress up as superhero princesses too. You can see a picture of some of us on our facebook page. You can find us at Lake Agassiz Regional Library.

    10/31/13; 5:18 pm
  29. Andraya #

    I did this for Halloween and it was adorable…thank you for all the links. For the skirt I tied pieces of tule onto a very wide satin ribbon and tied a bow in the back…no sew!

    01/4/14; 7:15 pm

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