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Redefining “Diet.”

The concept of “diet” has been defined and redefined by diabetes throughout the years – is “diet” just tied to blood sugar?  Just tied to weight?  Can “diet” be healthy and consistent?  Why is my relationship with food so complicated by diabetes?

Yeah, there’s a video to follow.  Here it is, talking about the fact that diabetes has made me forever food-focused:

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  1. I swear, my food wires are so crossed up from the days of exchanges, NPH, and Regular insulin.

    The ice cube bit cracked me UP! Ha!

    Great post, Kerri. Great message.

    07/5/13; 7:44 pm
  2. I remember back to the days of NPH and regular (type 1 for almost 20 years now!) when my parents would set the timer on the microwave for how long I had to finish my dinner. I was a picky eater, and always wanted to be in control, not a good combination with diabetes, NPH and regular insulins… I would REFUSE to eat all my meal, they would set the timer, and say I HAD TO finish eating by the time the timer went off. Years later, I asked my mom what she would have done if I had chosen one day to just not finish eating and refuse all out, she just kind of looked at me and said … “you know, I don’t know what we would have done…”
    And I wonder now why I have a weird relationship with food and am still a picky eater… thanks Diabetes!

    07/6/13; 7:26 am
  3. Lynn H. #

    Yay, fast acting insulin and pumping, but sometimes it makes it sooo easy to give in to not good food choices (this past week…cough, cough, Lynn..). Diet for me means sometimes going through junk food craziness and then getting back to healthy choices. Here comes my wagon–have to jump back on.

    Thanks for this!

    07/6/13; 7:56 pm
  4. Did you really eat a pat of butter just to get that fat exchange in? I never really counted those (it was more of a yes/no than a how much). That was my first exposure to so-called “noncompliance”. And rice cakes… I thought my mom was just being mean by giving them to me.

    Switching to the pump (and even Humalog/Lantus before that) was a really weird experience for me. I still thought of my meals in intervals of 15. Going from an exchange diet where one starch or fruit exchange is 15 carbs, then an insulin pen with a 1:15 carb ratio (and no fractional units), and then even with the pump, it probably took a good year for me to not portion my meals in those 15-carb increments as I had done for so many years. It completely changed (ruined) the way I look at food…. fortunately I’ve finally been able to overcome it.

    07/7/13; 9:06 am
    • 15g carbohydrate exchanges?! I remember when I was first diagnosed it was 12g carbohydrate per exchange for the “diabetic diet” I was on, and then sometime I want to say in the 90s, it all changed to the 15g per exchange and we had to go back to measuring everything and re-calculating, etc.

      07/8/13; 10:15 am
  5. Having been so recently diagnosed with T1D, it’s so interesting to hear what “diet” was like for you as a child! I feel like I have had such an opposite experience, being diagnosed so “late” in life – being 23 at the age of onset, I was a foodie BEFORE I was a diabetic. In my refusal to change my lifestyles for diabetes, I have found ways around it. I still cook, I love to cook – but now my focus is on packing the most nutrient rich ingredients into my food to get the most “bang” out of my meals! I try to blog when I can, and have posted recipes with the nutrition information calculated via Take a look at my recipes! I would love to have your feedback!

    As always, thanks for blogging Kerri! It’s so wonderful to read about someone else’s experiences with T1D!

    07/7/13; 4:50 pm
  6. “I will admit a weakness for a good cheeseburger.” Favorite part, by far. Great post, Kerri!

    07/11/13; 8:20 pm

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