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You Want to Try Again?

“You want to try again?”



(Thanks for your comments and emails yesterday.  The support found in these kinds of patient communities help so many of us to keep trying … again and again and again.  Thanks for what you’ve done for me, and what you do for so many.  Now go outside and roll down a hill, because it’s pretty fun.  Just be sure to wear shorts under your dress.)

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  1. She does a somersault way better than I can! (and sidenote: could stores PLEASE offer up more superhero options for girls underwear? Or at least some options in NON-PASTEL colors? My daughter wanted the bright and primary-colored batman/green lantern/superman/ thor set, and all they had it in was boy’s briefs, so that is what we got. We do what we’ve got to do to encourage potty training!)

    07/2/13; 4:17 pm
    • DUDE. The underwear conundrum continues in my house. Birdy wanted Thomas the Tank Engine underpants for ages. They don’t exist “for girls.” So we bought boy underpants and she loved them … only asked, repeatedly, “what goes in the little window?”

      07/2/13; 9:09 pm
  2. I hope this doesn’t get sent to spam because of the link but your post reminds me of this video –

    Maybe it should be your new theme song?

    07/21/13; 1:53 pm

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