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Crocheting Out of a Low.

What, you don’t have piles of scarves at your disposal, crafted in efforts to avoid over-eating?  Yes, yarn is part of my diabetes arsenal … didn’t see that one coming, did you?  (I didn’t.  Also, I’m old.  Also, speak up so I can hear you, young whippersnapper, and when you’re done, get off my lawn!)


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  1. Haven’t tried crocheting yet, but that’s a productively great idea! My recent distraction for lows has been organizing all the drawers in my kitchen. Boring. Yay for you only eating 15g of carbs!! 😉 And beautiful scarf!

    06/28/13; 12:53 pm
  2. ria #

    over the years, I have become a compulsive cleaner. (that, is mindless)
    When low, I treat with my recommended carbs, then I start dusting, or straightening, or wiping the counterops.
    Crocheting and actually being able to identify what you crocheted is a sign of genius.

    06/28/13; 3:01 pm
  3. Dan #

    Hi Keri,
    Thanks for your comments. I have found that the amount of carbs needed to return to a normal range brings into play different factor rather than using the 15 carbs for 15 min rule. How fast or which arrows were on your CGM? Is this a follow-up to an extended exercise period. Meanings walking around for the whole day. btw did you adjust your basal flow walking around at the conference? I find that the longer the exercise period the greater impact during the night. I have modified the 15-15 rule to a carb increase for the depth of the low blood sugar reading. Meaning how fast can you return and not hit the ceiling of a high. As always have a great day.

    06/28/13; 3:25 pm
  4. I love this! I really enjoy watching all of your videos, you input a great sence of hummor and I can alway relate. Great scarf by the way.

    06/28/13; 5:11 pm
  5. Wow, that scarf looks perfect! I see you have no lapse in coordination whatsoever when low.

    Ask me to crochet something with a BG of 50 and you’re bound to see a disaster in the making. (Then again, me crocheting with a BG of 104 would be equally disastrous!)

    06/28/13; 8:52 pm
    • LOL! Consider the challenge issued, then: make a scarf, Scott!

      06/28/13; 9:19 pm
  6. Gillian #

    I recently took up cross stitch, partly because I am a truly terrible knitter. In addition to making me feel like I’m 80, it makes me feel like I most certainly would have failed in my domestic responsibilities if we were living 300 years ago, as cross stitch was an important way for young girls to learn the sewing skills they would need in running a household.

    I know you’re a cat person, so if you tire of making scarves, there are animal welfare groups that accept knitted and crocheted blankets for cats and donate them to shelters and rescues.

    As far as treating lows, I hear you about how to treat without over treating. I’ve been on a pump for over ten years now, and have found that my blood sugar takes longer to bounce back on the pump than it did when I used insulin pens. It takes a conscious effort for me to treat, recheck and then treat again if necessary in order to avoid going to the other extreme and ending up really high.

    06/29/13; 11:27 am
  7. Sandy T #

    Oh my gosh, what a great idea. I have been wanting to learn, and now I have a great reason to do so. Thanks!

    06/30/13; 6:46 pm
  8. Jillian #

    “Angry Owl Moment” I laughed at that for a solid five minutes and rewatched it 10 times. Thanks for making another day with diabetes hilarious!

    07/1/13; 12:53 pm

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