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Check Yourself.

Sometimes it’s not about the actual “pricking of the finger” but more the “finding out what the number is.”  Here’s a new video post about the power of knowing your numbers, in efforts to not wreck yo self.

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  1. Great video but I am really puzzled why the image appears as if you were shooting into a mirror: the 150 blood glusose value is backwards and when you refer to your left and right hands it is backwards too (or better said, as if the viewer were watching your image in a mirror).

    06/20/13; 12:25 pm
  2. ria #

    cheesy is good, low carb…..

    06/20/13; 1:22 pm
  3. Tatiana #

    What a great post! And well-timed too… I was just finding myself in a testing slump, again… It’s so true! It’s amazing how easily the fear of one’s BG number can persuade one not to test and convince one that everything is fine… Off to test now!

    06/20/13; 1:47 pm
  4. Laddie #

    I love the juxtaposition of your post today with Diabetes Mine MikeH’s post on meter accuracy and the frightening changes coming to Medicare on what test strips are covered. You remind us how important testing is and then we see more low quality meter systems coming to the Medicare when many of the name brand meters don’t even meet the standards for accuracy. And as Mike reminds us, what happens at Medicare tends to trickle down to mainstream insurance.

    Maybe we should all follow the Diabetes Duo’s lead and get the Gluco-Lyin’ Talking Meter that always gives us a BG of 100 and tells us we’re doing great. Might not be worse than some Medicare meters.

    06/20/13; 2:39 pm
  5. I was just thinking along the same lines this morning. I hate checking when I think I’m high and love my dorky victory dance that I do when I’m right on target.

    06/20/13; 6:24 pm
  6. Love this! You bring humor to something that it’s easy to take for granted after so many years of doing ___ times a day…I like knowing my numbers too, and try to test even when I know it’s not going to make me happy, so I can at least make healthy, informed decisions.

    Re insurance coverage for strips and quality – I don’t have insurance (really looking forward to 2014 and getting coverage!) so I pay out of pocket and use the Relion meter and strips and find it quite accurate and reliable, and costs about 1/3 of all the name brands.

    06/20/13; 8:03 pm
  7. I so appreciated this video today. My 11 year old has hit a growth spurt, (puberty??) and the last few days we have been battling wicked highs. He told me today, “I just don’t want to check my sugar. I know the number isn’t anything I want to see.” So we sat and reviewed numbers and changed his basal rates, (again,) and then minutes later I ran across this. I had him watch it, and I know he appreciated your message too.

    Thanks, Kerri.

    06/20/13; 11:12 pm
    • It can be such a buzzkill to go through the motions of testing, just to see a blood sugar you know will add to the grumples factor. I’m glad the video helped, even a little. xo

      06/21/13; 9:00 am
  8. I love this video, Kerri. So honest, so authentic, and so to the point.

    I’m definitely there with you on this one.

    06/21/13; 10:45 am
  9. Ryan P #

    The: “ow… no blood, ow… no blood, ow… finally” is something I live through every single day.
    You’d think if there was no blood it shouldn’t hurt, but it almost hurts more sometimes. lol

    Just one of those things I guess. Interesting (and slightly depressing) that others share this same “ritual”. Yet we persevere. 🙂

    06/25/13; 5:35 pm
  10. omg – you crack me up. If all public service messages were as adorable, funny and entertaining as this no one would do drugs. (well maybe less people would do drugs – I mean if the egg and frying pan didn’t stop everyone … shoot never mind)

    I was about to move on to another post when you came back on. Like the avengers enjoying shawarma. Awesomeness.

    06/25/13; 5:43 pm
  11. Connie #

    Wow! As the mom of a 15 yo t1, you probably helped me more than anyone has in a long time. Sometimes testing seems to be such a struggle and I just don’t get it. He is very athletic and so he runs high (150-180) on purpose if he is working out, or not on purpose because he of adrenaline, etc. and sometimes, timing, food, just stupid diabetes, he is low. THANK YOU for helping me understand what he is feeling, but would never consider articulating as a 15 yo boy!! Thank you thank you thank you!

    06/25/13; 5:53 pm
  12. I think you need to change your lancet. 😛

    06/25/13; 6:14 pm

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