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“I really like Ironman.  And Superman.  And Spiderman.”  She paused.  “But not the Hulk, because he smashes things.  Why he smashes things?”

“He gets angry and that anger makes him turn into the giant green guy, and he smashes.”

My daughter, thanks to her father’s affinity for all-things superhero, has developed a taste for the slate of superheros and supervillains.  She rocks her Superman t-shirt at school, and her Batman pajamas at home with both encouraging regularity and vigor.  But that’s the nature of her being three years old – she is learning so much every day, taking in her surroundings and chewing on them until they make sense for her.

Part of what she’s hyper-fixated on, in addition to superheroes, is the location of  my Dexcom and insulin pump.  At least once a day, she asks me to show her my devices.

“Where is your Dexcom, mawm?” she asks me, patting my leg knowingly.

“Right here, on my right leg.”

“And your pump is right here, right?”  she asks, pressing her finger against the screen.


The other day, Birdy was troubled because she couldn’t find my insulin pump in the dress I was wearing.  “Mom, where is your pump?”

“It’s in the front of my dress, here,” I said, pointing to where the pump was clipped to my bra (disco boob style).

She contemplated this for a minute, and I could see the laundry list of information she’s been collecting in the last few weeks rolling around in the dryer in her head.

“You’re like Ironman, mawm.”


She laughed that wild, unfettered laugh of a toddler who just learned what “a joke” is.

“Yeah!  Ironmom!  You made a joke.”

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  1. Ironmom indeed. Love it.

    06/6/13; 9:42 am
  2. Now all you need is a theme song. Ironmom and sidekick Birdzone :].

    06/6/13; 11:28 am
  3. That is seriously adorable.

    06/6/13; 11:52 am
  4. Pam #

    That’s so cute! She is quite observant.

    06/6/13; 12:04 pm
  5. Tammy #

    See? We really are superheroes! This is just awesome.

    06/6/13; 12:19 pm
  6. Liz #

    Don’t you love when they’re so impressed (surprised even?) that you can actually be funny?

    06/6/13; 12:34 pm
  7. Yep, you’ve coined the phrase for all of us insulin pump cyborgs -Ironmom!! Love it 🙂

    06/6/13; 2:02 pm
  8. Melissa #


    I always wear my pump clipped there, and I constantly think I’m like Iron Man! Glad to see there’s a club I can join now.

    06/7/13; 5:22 am
  9. That’s awesome!!! I hope it is ok, I’m totally going to use that one. I wear my pump there all the time.

    06/7/13; 3:19 pm
  10. Julie B #

    My husband just calls me Bionic Woman…that’s good enough for me!

    06/8/13; 3:48 am
  11. Misty #

    Cute post. I just subscribed to your new blog after being a long-time reader of your other one. I read via RSS and I would like to request that you please allow the whole post to be viewed via RSS instead of just a snippet. I understand that you may be counting on ad revenue based on page views, but you can put ads in the feed too.

    06/8/13; 10:37 pm
    • Hey there! Thanks for subscribing. I didn’t realize the post was truncated in the feed. I’ll see what I can do about switching it over. (Also, ad revenue? Nope. I’m not that business savvy as of yet.)

      06/9/13; 6:18 am
      • Misty #

        Thanks! You seem to have fixed it already. 🙂

        06/10/13; 1:17 am
  12. Brilliant young woman! And hilarious.
    I just used the same line of reasoning to sell my four-year-old on his pump and Dex being “cool,” just like Ironman. Being a boy, he bought it. 🙂

    06/11/13; 2:30 pm
  13. I LOVE that!! You totally deserve a superhero nickname, too 🙂

    06/11/13; 8:53 pm
  14. Oh the joy of having a kid… I have a daughter and she is learning new words from her day care everyday and from the new words we teach her at home too. But that is a totally deserved nick name. IronMom…

    Sometimes my daughter calls me Mummy, not quite sure why.. perhaps because my wife is busy doing two jobs.

    06/17/13; 9:41 am
  15. Jeff Wills #

    Bionic? Not really- I think I’m more bi-ronic tahn anything else.

    Speaking of superheroes, check out who showed up at my work a couple months back:

    06/17/13; 11:18 pm
  16. I think we need to permanently trade in disco boobs for Ironmom, Ironbetic, Ironbetes… I don’t know about the exact terms. Let me keep thinking about that one…

    06/22/13; 4:09 pm

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