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Take Good Care of Me.

Hi, Sara(aaah)!

Early Bird art, circa April 2013. The Hello Kitty period.

“I’m going to draw a picture of Grandpa.”

“Okay, so where do you start?”

She put her finger to her lips, pondering.  “How about … a head!  With two eyes!  And a nose with nostrils.  And some cheeks.”

Birdy pressed her pen against the paper, painstakingly drawing a circle for the head, and then two eyes, and a nose.  Her attention to detail shows me how much of the world she draws in through her eyes.

“So then … a neck?”  She draws a nice, loooong neck.  (Her people sometimes look like the kin of giraffes.)  “And then some shoulders and a necklace?”

“Does Grandpa wear a necklace?”

“No …” She thinks again.  “He wears a watch.  And then … hmmm … what else he has on his body?”

“Well, people have lots of the same body parts.  Two eyes, two ears, nostrils, teeth, a neck.  Look at mommy’s body – what do I have that Grandpa also has?”

She surveyed my body closely.  “We already has the eyes.  And the nose.  Oh, knees!!”  Pressing the pen to her notebook with satisfaction, some knees were added to her drawing.  “But not a Dexcom.  You have a Dexcom.  You has one but I don’t have one. Or Grandpa doesn’t have one.  You have it.”

“True.  But what does it do?”

“It goes ‘BEEEEEP!’ when you need glupose tabs or if you need some insuwin.”

“Right.  It helps me do my job.  Because what’s my job?”

“To take good care of me,” she says, concentrating hard as she gave Grandpa a second nose.


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  1. What a sweet, sweet bird. Makes me smile! It always touches my heart when my eight year old niece knows details about my diabetes, prescribing me “insuline” during “check ups” 🙂

    05/29/13; 9:22 am
  2. When I started babysitting Mom always told me I needed to take care of myself in order to take care of the kids 🙂

    05/29/13; 9:44 am
  3. I love watching my girls draw. Audrey once drew without eyeballs, then she thought it was funny, Thanks for sharing.

    05/29/13; 9:47 am
  4. ria #

    so sweet !

    05/29/13; 10:19 am
  5. Birdy constantly makes my heart melt! There’s something about a child’s perception of diabetes that’s really touching: my godson knows that my insulin is “Auntie Vicki’s special medicine” he puts test strips into my meter for me. Unless of course, I’m hypo and need to check fast!

    05/29/13; 10:38 am
  6. Tracing your hand to draw turkeys and peacocks is much easier than drawing a face. She is a genius. Please have her start researching The Cure (not the band).

    05/29/13; 1:08 pm
    • LOL!!! She’s like Robert Smith, only not so freaking sad. 🙂

      05/29/13; 3:31 pm
  7. Lots of times, people type “LOL” and I don’t think they really mean it. But I just laughed so hard and so loud, I think my neighbors down the street heard it!

    Precious little Bird you’ve got there. Smart, too.

    05/29/13; 3:35 pm
  8. Jessi Panke #

    Priceless! That made me smile for sure.

    05/30/13; 2:09 pm
  9. Is that where Birdy gets her curly hair? 😀

    05/31/13; 12:48 am

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